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Chapter 1677 - : I am sure. Do you trust me then?

Chapter 1677: I am sure. Do you trust me then?

Ji Ziming narrowed his almond-shaped eyes. A different emotion dyed them as he looked at Pei Ge. Not going to look for the three children tonight was right to his taste. He would be able to do the things they could only do alone in their room.

“I support your decision. Let’s not look for our kids tonight and just rest in your room.”

He inched toward her as he spoke, and his warm temperature was instantly felt by her.

Before the woman could understand what was going on, she was already hugged and carried by him.

“What are you doing?! Let me down!”

Startled, she hurriedly grabbed onto his clothes, only to realize that he was carrying her toward the bed. His voice was cool as he said, “I promised not to go see the three children, but I didn’t promise that I won’t see you tonight. You are already in my arms, so you can’t go anywhere.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Hurry and let me down.”

Pei Ge was still in the air, but no matter how she struggled, Ji Ziming still tightly held on to her.

Dropped! She was pressed onto the bed by him. Their breaths got closer and closer, and just when their lips were about to touch, the man’s phone suddenly rang.

It was an emergency call from He Yun.


Having been interrupted, Ji Ziming’s temper was at its worst. He loosened his tie as he answered the call.


He Yun was frightened by his fierce voice and could not help but feel wronged inside. It was him who had given instructions before to call him if there was an emergency no matter the time or location was.

Now, it became his mistake for following orders.

“You’d better have something important. Hurry and tell me. Otherwise, you can go to the finance department to receive your severance pay tomorrow.”

Ji Ziming’s temper was no joke. His deep eyes were filled with fury. Meanwhile, being pressed on the bed, Pei Ge looked at him and knew that he would not actually let the guy leave the company.

“Boss, I found news regarding Miss Tang Xiaoyu’s whereabouts.”

The man’s subordinate felt fortunate that he truly had important and urgent news to report. Otherwise, tonight would be his death anniversary. Forget about receiving his severance pay tomorrow at the finance department, he would not even live to see the next day.

“Oh? Just that?”

The man loosened his tie entirely, revealing his Adam’s apple, but below him, the woman was not at all willing to see this. She was more concerned about the news.

“Yes. After our investigation, she appears to be within our borders.”

After spending so much effort, He Yun finally found a trace that Tang Xiaoyu had secretly purchased plane tickets. However, Ji Ziming merely replied ‘oh’, then the call was hung up.

“Why did you hang up the call? He might have news about my best friend. I wanna know if he’s found any clue on her whereabouts.”

Pei Ge suddenly started panicking. She frowned at how he still acted as though nothing had happened after hanging up the call. What is this man thinking?

“I understand my subordinate. He will say the most important thing first. He said that he got news about your best friend but didn’t tell me where exactly she is. It means that that’s the most valuable piece of information he had for me. All the clues are here, so what else do you want to hear from him?”

His voice was cold as he regarded her. His eyes had slackened a little.

“Are you sure? What if he still has something else to say?”

Indeed, she did not understand He Yun as well as he did, but because Tang Xiaoyu was her best friend, she could not just sit by and watch her best friend enter their country’s borders without her knowledge.

It made no sense.

Who exactly was hiding from whom? Who exactly was purposely leaving whom?

“I’m sure. Do you trust me?”

His voice became even colder. His eyes were ice-cold as he regarded the woman beneath him. The buttons on his white shirt were already open. Only her clothes were totally intact.

“I do. I have always trusted you.”

She unknowingly dropped into his trap and did not even feel anything.

“Since you trust me, then don’t ask me so many questions about if He Yun has additional information about Tang Xiaoyu anymore.”

Right after saying that, he pushed her, who had already sat up, back onto the bed again. His large hands rested on her peaks and involuntarily rubbed and squeezed them. Soon, both were baring themselves to each other.

After a night of intimacy, and before the three children woke up from dreamland, Pei Ge, who finished dressing, was standing in front of the study desk and checking the three children’s homework.

Although they had chased the teacher away, she had to admit that the three children were naturally smart. It was good enough that they were able to complete the questions the teacher had gone through in class. Even the picky her could not find any mistake. The only weakness here was probably Ran Ran’s messy handwriting. It was so messy that if Pei Ge did not read carefully, she would be unable to read it at all.

“You’re still here?”

Ji Ziming pushed open the half-open door and immediately spotted her standing before the three children’s study desk. He involuntarily slowed down his footsteps and lowered his voice next to her. “Let’s go. Today is the day you go back to your company and settle the remaining trouble.”

“Okay, I understand. Wait for me downstairs. I will be down soon.”

She nodded gently.

The man eyed the three children sleeping on the bed, then nodded his head in acquiescence.

Once he left the room, Pei Ge retrieved a pen and paper from the table and wrote down her current feelings, which she had thought through multiple times, in a mild manner. She also wrote down her wishes for the three children.

When she was done writing her message, she forlornly walked toward the three children. She felt warmth fill her heart at the sight of the three soundly asleep. It was these three children that had allowed her to survive so many years in the US.

Especially Ji Chi, after losing his memory and being hypnotized, he was finally more affectionate with her. Still, it was fine. She believed that she would one day be able to call up his memories.

As long as there was time, as long as there was love, she was willing to do it and willing to try.

After looking at the kids and leaving her message on the table, she left their room and made her way downstairs. Madam Ji was currently on the first floor, watering the money tree. The bright-green leaves were very lovable.

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