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Chapter 1679 - I am afraid you cannot handle this person.

Chapter 1679: I am afraid you cannot handle this person.

“She’s a good woman. I know what to do, so just relax and go to work with your partner. I’ll try not to be a nuisance.”

Qu Xiujie turned to look at the door of the dining area. He knew that that old woman was currently pruning plants in the living room. Compared to those boring plants, he very much preferred exchanging banters with her.

Pei Ge felt more at ease upon her uncle’s repeated promise.

A meaningless breakfast ended amid this silence.

Once the couple was gone, Qu Xiujie hurriedly made his way to the three children’s room. Through acting familiar and friendly with them, he managed to understand Madam Ji’s habits and hobbies.

He had a rough understanding of her by now.

His lips curled up. In this way, she would not have a chance to find his niece to pick on him.

He was clearly living under someone’s roof but was able to wrestle the authority of the host easily.

Ji Ziming drove Pei Ge to the company. There were already people awaiting them at the entrance by the time they reached the office building. Pei Ge’s secretary was waiting for her at the door. When the man stopped the car, the secretary ran forward to open the door for Pei Ge and said, “You’re finally back. Hurry and get in the office. An elderly person called Sire Nine is waiting for you in the meeting room. He’s been here for almost two hours now.”

Noticing the secretary’s nervousness, Pei Ge realized that several people were affected by Ji Miao’s death.

She hurriedly retrieved her bag from the seat and was just about to enter the company building when Ji Ziming said behind her, “Don’t panic; I’m here.”

“Sire Nine is here to see me. Something is bound to happen if I don’t go up now.”

Although she looked calm, her expression already revealed her timidity.

It was only because he was with her that she could be this calm. Still, she was afraid that that elderly CEO would create a ruckus in her territory. She was, after all, not Ji Ziming who had a powerful background and strong influence.

“What are you afraid of? I’ll go with you. I want to see what trouble he can create.”

The man passed the car keys to the security at the entrance and ordered, “Just drive my car into the first lane.”

He knew inside that, since Sire Nine spent so much effort in looking for Pei Ge, he must have a trump card at hand. How could that old bloke not know that he was backing her up? Still, he would rather use these two hours to exchange for a chance to have the couple come together.

“I’m afraid you can’t handle this person.”

He held Pei Ge’s hand. He had a graceful posture, with his grey suit accentuating his tall stature, and handsome features. His expression was as calm as snow. Standing beside him, the woman looked every bit of an intelligent career woman.

“Ziming, do you know the background of that person?”

They walked in from the entrance to the meeting room with hands intertwined. The two stopped in front of the door but did not enter immediately. Instead, the man turned to look at her with his deep eyes. “When we enter later, just listen to me.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

She nodded with a calm expression. There was no longer any sign of nervousness from her body now unlike when she heard earlier that Sire Nine had been waiting for her for two hours. In fact, her graceful and calm demeanor could fool even herself.

As long as he was by her side, she could properly use all of her confidence to face the seemingly bloodthirsty person inside.

“My intuition is telling me that Sire Nine is no simple person.”

Ji Ziming’s voice was clear as his eyes shone with certainty.

His intuition had always been right. He had forgotten to investigate Sire Nine when the latter had sought him before.

Still, he did not expect that, before he could investigate the elderly man, the latter would appear before them again. This time, he even brought with him a card that he did not know of.

“Let’s go in to look so we will know what he wants. Don’t worry; I am with you.”

His voice was low and persuasive.

Pei Ge could only follow him into the meeting room. Inside, the atmosphere was very different from the last time. It was so tense that she almost lost her calmness.

“Young Master Ji, Madam Pei, what a coincidence that you’re finally here. I was just about to leave. Look; I’ve just stood up. It looks like I will have to sit down again.”

Sire Nine’s eyes were filled with taunting. The eyes he regarded Ji Ziming with were filled with fury.

“You’re truly humorous. We’ve only arrived. If we knew that you came over to look for us, we would come two hours in advance to wait for you.”

The latter’s voice was clear yet authoritative. He was like a king—cruel, merciless, and resolute.

Sire Nine seemed to have expected his response and was totally unaffected by it. Instead, he smiled at Pei Ge and said, “Madam, I came today to ask about Ji Miao. After all, we are considered half a family, so I want to know at the very least if she’s doing well in prison.”

The elderly man’s eyes, which were as sharp as daggers, struck Pei Ge hard. She spoke. “What you are saying isn’t exactly right. Ji Miao is in prison, so you can totally go visit her there and see for yourself how she’s been doing. Why would you come here to ask me?”

Pei Ge pulled out a chair and sat down. There was none of the timidity she had before. Instead, she gave off the air of a capable and powerful career woman.

“Oh? Go to prison? The whole capital knows that it isn’t a place anyone can come and go freely. You guys are so powerful and influential, so how can a small fry like me go there easily? Madam, you truly like to joke with me.”

The elderly man directed his sharp eyes on her.

Ji Ziming had glimpsed his motive for coming here today. As long as Sire Nine spoke a few more words, he would know for sure what power this man had which would not place even him, the capital’s top dog, in his eyes.

The last time they met, it was out of respect for an elder. This time, he was this aggressive in interrogating Pei Ge. Ji Ziming’s eyes glinted as he pressed the recording button on his phone, which was in his pocket.

While Sire Nine’s voice was being recorded on his phone, He Yun was already investigating on another end.

There had to be a powerful being backing such an aggressive person. Still, this was unexpected to him.

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