Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 397 - Trinity - Journals Part 3 (VOLUME 3)




The journal continued and I wanted to know more, so I saw no reason not to. I turned the page and read on.

July 22, 1513

I am just over halfway through my pregnancy now. I have settled into a village that is not far from where the battle took place. To me it feels like I am somewhat closer to my love here. There is a wolf pack, but I have not been granted entrance yet. They are still weary of me.

August 29, 1513

I was run out of town by the locals. They do not take kindly to the fact that I was pregnant and unmarried. They did not believe the tale that I was married and widowed. It may not be completely true, but Rhinum wanted to marry me, and he gave me a ring.

October 31, 1513

I was due a little over a week ago but I willed my body not to go into labor. I wasn’t somewhere safe just yet. Today though, I found an abandoned cottage on the cliffs. I admit that I am stealing this home, but I cannot help it. I need to have this baby somewhere.

October 31, 1513

I am writing again today. The baby came quickly, and he is sleeping. His name is Fynn, and he is my light of hope. He looks just like Rhinum, except for the hair. He has my red color instead of the colorful blues of his father.

November 15, 1513

I cannot keep my baby in this house. The winter is not yet upon us, but it is too brutal for him. I fear that I will need to flee the country so that no one finds out who my baby really is. I plan to take a ship to England and raise him there.

January 3, 1514

It wasn’t easy, but we got here. It is cold, but I will do what I can to protect my son.

Following that quick entry I can see where several pages had been either cut or torn away. The next entry was in the following year.

April 30, 1515

It has been two years now since Rhinum died to save me and the baby he didn’t even know about. I wish he was here with me now. I had to change my name so that no one could find me. I fear it is the first of many name changes. I am now calling myself Ravina. Thankfully, Underhill is a common enough name. I will not need to change that at all.

The entries came fewer and fewer now. They were spaced out and it was like she only wrote from time to time because she was either too busy or had nothing to report.

October 31, 1518

Fynn is five today. He is strong, smart, and honorable just like his father. He wanted to know so much about his dad, but I just don’t have enough to tell him.

April 30, 1523

Ten years now. Fynn will be reaching the age where he can shift into a wolf, if he has one, very soon. I cannot believe it has been this long already. And I have never loved another man since. My heart still yearns for my mate that I barely got to know. And even though it’s been ten years, I have not aged a day. I still look twenty-one; however, everyone else continues to get older around us. I think we will need to move again soon.

September 19, 1526

Fynn shifted today. He has a wolf that is strong and powerful. It is red, like his hair, but I can see so much more to the color. Is that just my imagination, or is his father still there with him in spirit?

January 22, 1532

We stayed too long in this village. I should have left long ago. Fynn is almost eighteen now, and I still look the same. People have noticed that I am not aging. I think they will accuse me of being a witch soon.

April 30, 1540

Twenty-seven years. That is how long it has been. My son is a grown man, and I have just now told him what he really is. He seems to have his father’s longevity, his extended life. And somehow I inherited it as well. I continue not to age, and Fynn stopped aging long ago.

April 30, 1550

I have changed names again. I am going with Patience now. I have to have patience with the people of the world, or I will lose my temper with them. Fynn changed his name as well. He now goes by Beacon. I also notice now, that I am only writing on the anniversary of my lost love’s death. Not every anniversary, but some of them.

April 30 1560

Ten more years and another move is coming for us. It seems ten years is the max we can stay somewhere. And I have had to resort to referring to my son as my brother or cousin. Otherwise people get suspicious of us right away.

I skimmed the rest of the entries. It seemed they moved around Europe and Asia and then eventually came to the ‘New World’ sometime at the beginning of the eighteenth century. They didn’t have an easy life. Ellyria went through several names before having the one that Gabriel had first found: Ellyria, Ravina, Patience, Joselyn, Josephina, and finally Jazmin. She reused some of the names apparently, but not for long. Gordon, my great grandfather, had been born Fynn then went through his list of names: Beacon, Eleazar, Kiran, Raiden, Toivo, Truman, and then finally Gordon.

My family, on both sides, had suffered so much tragedy. By the time that I was done, I couldn’t help it, but I was sobbing for them all. And to know that Gordon had met his mate, found his love and gotten married only to be shipped off to war and die before he could meet his daughter. He suffered the same fate that his father had. It broke me.

“Shhh.” Reece shushed me over and over. I couldn’t stop crying for a long time. I do actually believe that I fell asleep in his arms before the tears stopped, and neither of us said a word the whole time, it was just Reece’s shushing noises.

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