Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 256 - Battlefield II

Koushaku Ch 256 – Battlefield II

I have cold sweat running at my back from the pressure emitted by him.

“Protecting him? Have you protected those who attacked your territory?”

“At first, of course, I captured him as a prisoner of war… But when you became king … It was hard for him to survive. -I really depend on you- he said while in tears. So understand my position. My country and territory could be made responsible if something happened to him.”

“I’m just afraid of the power you hold with him in your hands Ms Iris”

“No, no … Be at easy… You mentioned earlier that you are now the king of the Acacia kingdom … Why did you become king? There are still successors to the throne.”

For the first time, Kaadir changed the complexion.

“… It’s better to stop pushing me to the edge. I’m willing to move my country against this territory if not.”

“Oh dear……”

I smiled deeply.

At last he seemed to have had a fun reaction, and it seemed that he was finally breaking his charade.

“You are terrible … Do you immediately appeal to obtain what you want in such ways?”

I stopped there, but my intention was communicated to him.

“My previous words… Don’t take them into account … It was not my intention to attack your territory.”

I don’t speak directly. This is a negotiation. So there will be no further pursuit on the issue.

“If  I’m honest, it doesn’t matter to me which king rules your country. Regardless of whether the first prince who favored me takes the throne. Regardless of being our neighbor country across the sea, it doesn’t matter if you create a situation where you move the army. I’m ready to defend my territory until the end, try it if you want. ”

The elder man behind moved slightly.

Tanya’s face had no expression.

My mother next to me still had a beautiful smile.

When I asked him what decision has he made, he suddenly laughed out loud.

“… No, it’s scary after all… I won’t fight with you.”

He moved his hand to stop the elderly man from moving.

“In other words, is it okay for me to be a king then? What do you want?”

“… double the amount of money presented. Non-aggression and trade treaties with this country, Tasmania Kingdom”

“Let’s approve the amount then.”

If we look at those who attacked the Duke of Almeria this time, their attitudes

looked like those of the Second Prince entourage in our country. … so, it’s better for us if Kaadir takes the throne.

In other words, if you say that what happened was good, it was a good thing, but the culprit behind the attack has been uncovered, and their goods have been confiscated.

It seems that he was trying to pay compensation for the confiscated assets and the war scars on the territory, but the confiscated items alone didn’t amount so little. He offered around the 40% of their price.

The amount I asked for would be acceptable if I were in his position, due to the current circumstances of the Acacia kingdom that I had asked Tania’s subordinates before.

To see his reaction, my prediction was probably correct.

“And then the national non-aggression treaty and the trade treaty … rudely asking, do you have the authority to sing the treaties?”

“To be exact, I’m an acting lord”

“… excuse me. So you have the authority?”

“Would you please sign immediately Kaadir?”

“… I can sign it depending on the content.”

“Now please confirm the documents.”

At the same time I say so, Tanya gives them three documents.

One is a master’s book of this country that has been signed by Dean and Leticia. It’s like leaving me full power in discussions with the Kingdom of Acacia.

The second and third pages are written about the non-aggression treaty and trade treaty.

“… I was surprised. No way they gave you the documents of the country.”

He laughs with a muffled voice. He was not so upset.

“Well, negotiating with Kaadir was good…. Because there was not much rudeness.”

“Hahaha … My apologies for my jesting before. My real intention is be on good terms with this country and territory. Now I’ll check the terms here and sign if there are no problems.”

He immediately read the book from start to end and signed it on every page.

“… So fast.”

“Because it’s reasonable … If It had something strange, I would immediately call off this treaties.”

“Thank you”

I also sign the documents he signed.

And I handed one of those documents, signed by both of us to Kaadir, and handed one to Tanya to store here.

“Now, let’s pass on to the following demands”

“Oh … I haven’t said all my demands yet.”

To those words, Kaadir was stunned for a moment and then exhaled.

“It’s pretty stupid to protest. So what is it you want now?”

“One more thing …. I would like you to reduce the taxes over my products by 5% and that would be only for my territory’s products”

“This is … this is also a big blow to our current situation financially.”

“Is that so? If your country agrees, this side will reduce the taxes on the imported items.”

Kaadir closes his mouth and meditates with his eyes.

A momentary silence came.

No one in this place spoke to avoid disturbing his thoughts.

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