Cultivation Online

Chapter 337 Abandoned Valley

Inside the Mystic Realm, Yuan and the Lan Family gathered outside the cabin.

“We’re going to invade the demons today. Are you all prepared?” Grandpa Lan asked them.

Once everyone there nodded, Grandpa Lan continued, “I’ll carry all of you in my beast form.”

A moment later, he transformed into a massive white serpent, and compared to Lan Yingying, he was at least ten times larger— large enough to wrap around an entire mountain with ease!

Yuan was slightly surprised to see Grandpa Lan’s beast form, but compared to the Great One that was literally countless times larger than a star, it wasn’t too shocking.

When everyone jumped onto his back, Grandpa Lan suddenly levitated off the ground and began slithering in the air!

A flying snake— it was a sight to behold.

“L-Look at the sky! What on earth is that?!” One of the participants— a player stared at the sky in shock as he witnessed a massive snake slithering through the clouds like a dragon!

“Heavens! Is that a dragon?!”

Many of the participants mistook Grandpa Lan as a dragon.

“No, that’s a serpent! It’s a magical beast! But I have never seen anything like that before!”

“Since it’s flying it must be at least a Spirit Grandmaster, right?! There are such powerful beings in the Mystic Realm?!”

Half of the participants in the Mystic Realm saw the flying serpent in the sky because of Grandpa Lan’s massive size and the distance they traveled.

Of course, the spectators outside the Mystic Realm also saw the massive snake in the sky.

“What kind of magical beast is that? I don’t recall ever seeing such a magical beast before in the Mystic Realm.” Senior Nie asked the people on the other side of the crystal balls.

“No idea. I don’t remember seeing such a magical beast before, either.”

“Well, the Mystic Realm is still filled with mysteries even though we’ve explored it many times.”

“Actually… Rumor has it that there exists a Divine Beast somewhere within the Mystic Realm… Could that be it?” One of them suddenly said.

“What? A Divine Beast? As if that’s possible!” Another voice scoffed.

A couple of hours later, Grandpa Lan landed in a desolate area and transformed back to his human form.

“We’re going to be traveling by foot here since we don’t want to alert the demons that are hiding deep within the Abandoned Valley just yet.” He said to them.

As they walked, Grandpa Lan continued, “Once we confront the demons, I will be dealing with the Demon Lord, leaving the other three demons in your hands. I’d like to take on another one, but I’ll have my hands full with just the Demon Lord.”

“I can take care of two demons by myself since they’re nowhere near as powerful as the Demon Lord. Young man, Yingying, the both of you will take care of the last one. Once you deal with that one, I’ll need you to help me kill the other two demons since I don’t have the ability to kill them.” Grandma Lan said.

The two of them nodded.

“Yuan, I’ll distract the demon while you strike it with your demon sealing technique. They have no idea that you know such a technique, and we’re going to use that fact to our advantage.” Lan Yingying said to him.

“Okay.” Yuan nodded

After navigating through the dead valley for another three hours, they reached the deepest parts of the valley.

“It’s weird how we haven’t run into any magical beasts,” Yuan mumbled.

“That’s because the demons hunted them all.” Grandpa Lan said.

“Demons don’t care if they are humans or magical beasts— they will hunt them as long as it increases their cultivation. Hell, they will even hunt other demons if necessary.”

“Their aggressive nature and insatiable hunger for strength is the main reason they’re a danger to all living beings and why they were eventually hunted.”

“How are demons born?” Yuan suddenly asked.

“Honestly, I can’t tell you since I don’t know. Demons have been around since ancient times and not much is known about them. Perhaps you’ll find such information in the upper heavens, but in the Lower Heavens, I doubt anyone knows.”

“I see…”

Sometime later, Grandpa Lan said, “I can sense them.”

And he continued, “However, they can also sense us. I’m going to distract the Demon Lord first.”

After saying such words, Grandpa Lan turned into his beast form and immediately flew into the sky.

“Hahaha! I didn’t think you’d come here on your own accord, sparing us the effort of breaking into the Divine Forest!” A deep voice filled with malice suddenly echoed, followed by a powerful aura that immediately made the atmosphere suffocating.

A moment later, Yuan could see the figure emitting this powerful aura flying towards Grandpa Lan in the skies.

“That’s the Demon Lord?” Yuan mumbled with a dazed look.

This demon looked almost like the demon he defeated, except that he was much more muscular and the red crystal in its chest was much larger and had a deeper color than the previous demon. Of course, it was also much more powerful and more dangerous.

This Demon Lord reminded him of someone— that red-haired cultivator who was fighting in the skies right before Xiao Hua became his servant— the same person he learned the Bloody Sword Strike from, as they both emitted an evil-feeling aura.

A moment later, three more demons could be seen flying in the sky, but they were not looking at Grandpa Lan. Instead, their gazes were directly on Yuan and the others.

“You brought a human here to assist you? Hahaha! How desperate are you?!” The three demons laughed for a moment before landing a few meters away from them, each of them emitting an aura more powerful than the demon Yuan killed previously.

“It’s been many years since I last tasted human blood! How fortunate! I’ll take care of the human and the little princess! The two of you can take care of that granny!” The demon in the center spoke with a massive grin on its face.

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