Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 313 - Kidnapping (3)

Chapter 313 Kidnapping (3)

Su Yaya was convinced by Zhou Peiyun’s long speech, when she thought deeper into this, it was true. After seeing all of the other’s tragic experiences, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of danger for the future.

“Sister Zhou, what type of advertisements are we talking about?” Su Yaya felt that Zhou Peiyun was right. Who’ll ever complain of having too much money? Shen Xiuqi’s money is Shen Xiuqi’s. If she can earn with her own ability, that’s her own achievements too!

When Zhou Peiyun heard that she was interested, she knew that there was a chance, so she told her who the client was, “It’s an advertisement for XXX brand milk powder and an advertisement for XX diapers. There is also an advertisement for brand X children’s clothing.”

Su Yaya heard that they were all big brands, and their reputation and quality were also all top notch. It just so happened that she was also pregnant now, it seemed appropriate to take the job, but she still didn’t immediately agree to Zhou Peiyun so as not to appear too impatient, she said: “I’ll have to think about it, can I give you an answer in two days?”

Zhou Peiyun said: “Okay, you can tell me your decision after you give it some thought.”

With everything discussed, Zhou Peiyun ended the call.

After the phone call, Su Yaya went on to cook dinner. She quickly prepared the food and waited for Shen Xiuqi to return home so that they could have dinner together.

Su Yaya finished the task on hand and felt she had nothing to do, so she took out her phone and continued to play games.

After more than an hour of her game session, Su Yaya was surprised to find that it was already dark outside, but Shen Xiuqi wasn’t home yet. She found it strange, so she picked up her phone and called Shen Xiuqi. The phone rang for more than a minute and automatically ended the call, Shen Xiuqi didn’t answer his phone.

Su Yaya curled her lips and murmured in dissatisfaction, “What could he possibly be doing, he can’t even answer the phone!”

Su Yaya called Shen Xiuqi again after a while while complaining, but this time Shen Xiuqi picked up.

Su Yaya felt slightly unhappy, and asked Shen Xiuqi on the phone, “What are you up to? I have already prepared dinner, why are you still home?”

Shen Xiuqi’s voice came through the phone, she couldn’t feel his emotions through his voice. “I will be back in a while. If you’re hungry, you can eat first, don’t wait for me.”

Su Yaya thought he was busy, so she said okay, then hung up the phone and went to have dinner by herself.

Shen Xiuqi glanced at his darkened phone screen and let out a sigh of relief.

Half an hour ago, Shen Xiuqi brought some people along to look for An Yutong in a remote warehouse in the suburbs. When they found her, she had already been raped by several men, and there were bruises all over her body.

At that time, he rushed in with a few of his men, and was shocked by the scene before him, he couldn’t bear to take another look.

Upon seeing An Yutong’s miserable appearance, Shen Xiuqi couldn’t help but froze in the spot. He stood there blankly, as if he had been bewitched by an evil spirit. It was clear that in front of him, An Yutong was the one who was violated, but a very strange picture flashed in his mind, just like the dream he had, he actually saw Su Yaya in the same abandoned warehouse and was raped by a few men.

Su Yaya was crushed to the ground, crying miserably, Xiu Qi, save me, Xiu Qi,save me. As if he was struck by lightning, he involuntarily walked two steps forward, eagerly wanting to rush ahead to save her, but he couldn’t save her……Finally, he watched her walk out of the dark space, and was hit by Yuting, who was driving a car and killed her……

The reality in front of him and the instances in the dream intertwined. His whole body trembled, it felt like he had experienced these two similar events, and cold sweat slid down the corner of his forehead.

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