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Chapter 225 - The Hurt Caused Back Then

Chapter 225: The Hurt Caused Back Then

Pfft, that was…

From the beginning to the end, a certain little guy had been clinging to his grandmother’s arms and had no intention of clinging to his grandfather.

But Father Mo was so envious that his eyes turned red.

“Mom, you spoil him too much,” Jiang Tingxu said helplessly after she stepped in.

Everyone in the Mo family, from the old master to the servants in the house, had especially doted on this little guy. He could have whatever he wanted at the old residence.

Now, with Father Mo and Mother Mo doting on him as well, she was worried that he would become too spoilt!

Mother Mo and her eldest grandson placed their foreheads together for a while, before she answered:

“This is considered nothing. We have already held back a lot.

Otherwise, look at the other families, the Li family, the Liu family, and the Wang family. That’s what I would call pampering.”

Speaking of those families, the entire circle knew.

That little grandson of the Wang family was only in the third grade of primary school, yet he was already bullying his classmates in school.

Every time the parents were summoned, the Wang family never felt that there was anything wrong with their child. Once, that child even smashed a hole in his classmate’s head.

In comparison, her son couldn’t be more obedient.

Father Mo could not wait for his obedient grandson to pounce on him. He coughed awkwardly and said,

“Tingxu. This is Uncle Gu and Auntie Gu.” His tone was not warm, and even carried a hint of coldness.

“Uncle Gu, Aunt Gu.”

Father-in-law had already opened his mouth to introduce them, so Jiang Tingxu went along with it.

After all, the two of them were indeed guests.

Mother Gu’s expression was very stiff, and her smile was very unnatural:

“This is Tingxu? She’s already grown so big.”

Mother Mo, on the other hand, was the first to reply:

“Yeah, the last time you saw her was when your Shiyu hurt our child. Time really flies, it’s been a whole ten years.”

Mother Mo ridiculed them in her heart. How shameless were they? Back then, they did that kind of thing to our child, but now they were acting as if nothing had happened and had just turned up at their residence.

If not for the many years of friendship between her family and the Gu family, she would have really driven them away.

Mother Mo did not know that the couple had already come over a while ago and had even told the old man that they wanted to have a marriage alliance.

Tsk tsk, how thick-skinned could he be?

They were simply shameless!

Jiang Tingxu had some misgivings before. After all, her mother-in-law’s family and the Gu family had been friends for many years.

But now, those misgivings disappeared in an instant.

The Gu couple couldn’t be more embarrassed when mother Mo brought up the incident from the past:

“Cough, Mu Ling, it’s been so many years. Can we not bring it up?” After saying that, Mother Gu looked at Jiang Tingxu:

“Tingxu, I’m sorry again for what that child Shiyu did back then. She was young and impulsive. She didn’t consider many things thoroughly. All these years, I’ve been strict with Shiyu. That child knows that she was wrong back then.”


It would be a wonder if Gu Shiyu were truly as contrite has her mother claimed!

From the way she addressed her at the banquet the last time, and the way she looked at that stupid man, it was likely that she not only did not feel that she was wrong, but had even taken it for granted.

Also, to paraphrase a common saying on the internet, “If an apology is useful, why do you need the police?”?

What Gu Shiyu had done back then was not something that could be compensated with a mere apology.

If Mo Boyuan had not arrived in time, the consequences would have been…

In the end, Gu Shiyu’s grandfather personally went to Mother Mo’s house to plead for mercy and to beg the old master of the Dai family to fly back to Yun City from abroad so as to apologize to the Mo family. Only then was the matter somewhat resolved.

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