Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 1997 - The World is Huge, But Home is Wherever You Are (Part Seventeen)

Chapter 1997: The World is Huge, But Home is Wherever You Are (Part Seventeen)

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Her actions aroused the suspicions of Young Master Yan. “Wen Xuxu, did you do something wrong?”


He deserved a slap for doubting his wife. Xuxu’s slap landed hard and firm on his gorgeous face.

“Damn you.”

She angrily shoved him away and shunned her face.

Yan Rusheng frowned as he studied Xuxu’s face. She was usually so docile and quiet, and she didn’t seem like her usual self.

‘Who cares about that right now? Making love is more important right now.’

Young Master Yan was ready to coax Xuxu when she turned around. “Ah Sheng, I want to discuss something with you.”

She blinked with an innocent expression on her face.

Yan Rusheng sneered coldly as he watched Wen Xuxu. “Say it. I knew you have a request.”

He had never seen her taking the initiative before.

“I met and had a meal with President Ji in Shanghai.”

Wen Xuxu continued to act sweetly.

Yan Rusheng raised an eyebrow. “So?”

That damn Ji Chicheng. How dare he ask his woman out for dinner? He vowed to meet him someday.

“He gave an excellent proposal,” replied Xuxu, looking excited.

Proposal? What proposal? Yan Rusheng frowned as he snapped impatiently. “Be clear.”

“They want to build a holiday resort on their island. But their focus is on couples and weddings. He wants to work with Flourish & Prosper to build a bridge to connect both islands.”

Xuxu tugged at Yan Rusheng’s arm as she stroked him.

She was very obvious in her attempt to pander to him.

“Bridge?” Yan Rusheng smirked coldly.

He seemed to mock the idea.

Wen Xuxu nodded. “Mm.”

Yan Rusheng snorted once more as he raised his eyebrows. He was annoyed. “Did he purchase the sea area? Does he think that he could build a bridge at any time?”

Xuxu replied, “His company has bought it.”

Yan Rusheng was startled. “When?”

“The beginning of this year.”

“Why wasn’t I aware at all?”

His island and Ji Chicheng were just next to each other. How could he be unaware that he had bought that sea area?

Xuxu blinked in confusion. “Su Yan and I both know. Didn’t Su Yan inform you before?”

Yan Rusheng was speechless.

Su Yan informed him? Why didn’t he have any recollection?

Yan Rusheng decided not to dwell on that matter any longer. He raised his eyebrows and scowled at Xuxu. “I assumed you have already decided, and you’re just informing me right now.”

Xuxu denied it furiously. “No! I invited Su Yan so that we can discuss it together.”

She suddenly thought of him and she widened her eyes in horror. “Oh no! Su Yan!”

She pushed Yan Rusheng away and straightened her back. After swiftly adjusting her clothes, she ran out.

“Su Yan, you’re here.”

Xuxu spotted Su Yan sitting on the couch with a magazine. She wondered how much of their conversation had he overheard. She walked over awkwardly. “How long have you been sitting here?”

Su Yan grinned. “Not too long. When you said that it was ticklish.”

Xuxu blushed red and she felt her body heating up. She bowed her head and cursed at Yan Rusheng under her breath.

She had regretted her question. She should have just asked about work.

She diverted the topic hastily. “Why isn’t your Xiaomi here?”

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