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Chapter 579 - Jiang He Strikes the Enemy Base, Flattening Godland

Chapter 579: Jiang He Strikes the Enemy Base, Flattening Godland

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Fighting Pan Gu?

Even in the midst of their fearsome battle, the Saints’ attention was focused on Taishang Laojun, the God Emperor, and the Demon Emperor.

How powerful was Pan Gu the Great?

He split the skies and earth to created the universe, and his ability must have reached Transcendence, beyond all Saints.

Even if he was not Transcendent before Creation, he most certainly was the strongest Saint.

As such, would the Demon-God that fought him be weak?

“Spying on the past? You’re quite something!”

The God Emperor and the Demon Emperor spoke in sync, their qi melding while their bodies gradually fused.

Coldly, he said, “I was born in the Chaos, and Creation was my birthright. Pan Gu is no more than a burglar who stole my right—on what grounds is his name to be mentioned in the same breath as ours?”

It was an ancient mystery that had occurred before Creation.

The Saints were all stirring inwardly.

The legends claimed that Pan Gu had died from exhaustion after Creation… but now, it did not seem to be the case.

There was nothing but Chaos where all worlds stood before Creation.

Pan Gu arrived upon this Chaos and fought a great battle against the Demon-God before coming out on top. He hence created worlds out of the chaos, and thereafter, he was gone without a trace.

On the other hand, the Demon-God who lived was forced to split in two due to his extensive injuries, and hid himself among the heavens to rest and recuperate.

Then, the expected happened.

His split bodies developed different thoughts, and created the separate races of Gods and Demons!

It was only on this day that the God Emperor and the Demon Emperor were one!

Surging auras erupted from his body. God Qi and Demon Qi interweaved and combined in his body, and ultimately became a singular form of black-and-white energy once again.

He waved his hand, the black-and-white energy shooting out of his palm and striking Taishang Laojun.

Both of Taishang Laojun’s clones had to use all his strength to stop the blow. The flow of time was altered endlessly around them, and that application of Temporal Dao completely nullified the striking force of the palm.

“The Primordial Demon-God?”

The old Daoist smiled faintly. “Guess that’s all you had!”


Both clones fused into one just then, while another dull glow streaked toward them.

A black-robed elder was within that dull glow, and his face directly resembled Taishang Laojun’s.

He entered the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness then, and the three became one.

In that split second, the world quaked as the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness’s aura climbed.

The Primordial Demon-God’s eyes narrowed, while the True Lord of Morality smiled. “Let’s fight in the beyond!”

For them, all the worlds in this universe were Realms Proper, whereas ‘the beyond’ referred to the depths of Chaos.

With that, both figures left consecutively.

The Daoist of Guidance, the Grandmaster of Heaven, and the Primeval Lord of Heaven soon recovered from their shock afterwards, and resumed their battles against the gods and demons.

That was when the stars quaked and Jiang He stepped out from the world in his body.

“Jiang He!”

All the Demons and Gods were as stunned as the Daoist of Guidance, the Grandmaster of Heaven, and the Primeval Lord of Heaven at the sight of Jiang He. They were just about to make a move and paused immediately to turn toward Jiang He.

Right now, World Strength swirled around Jiang He’s body and warped the dimensions. The flow of time around him seemed to change weirdly, too.

“You’re a Saint now, Jiang He?”

The Grandmaster of Heaven and the other Three Realms Saint were astonished, just as the God and Demons appeared caught in utter disbelief.

Jiang He, becoming a Saint?

That sight was even more shocking than the God Emperor and the Demon Emperor fusing into one, or even the three clones of the True Lord of Morality and Nothingness combining!

Jiang He nodded lightly and smiled, “I’ve cultivated for more than ten years in both martial arts and immortal arts, and finally became Saint in immortal arts after doing so in martial arts.”

On the other hand, the Gods and Demons communicated telepathically for a while before turning to leave.

Jiang He quickly shouted, “Brothers, stop them!”

The three Saints hence charged again to intercept the Gods and Demons.

On the other hand, Jiang He waved his hand to tear through space and time, strode inside while saying seriously, “Just hold them there. I’m going for a base strike!”

A base strike?

The trio of Three Realms Saints had yet to wrap his head around what he said, just as the six Gods and Demons Saints did a double take.

However, when they realized what Jiang He was saying, they were all held back by the Daoist of Guidance, the Grandmaster of Heaven, and the Primeval Lord of Heaven. Unable to free themselves at all, they had to bellow, “You are a Saint now, Jiang He! Are you breaking the Saints’ agreement?!”

“The Saints’ agreement?”

Though Jiang He already disappeared from sight, his voice resounding in the air as he sneered, “Your brains are almost blown up, and you would still talk to me about the agreement? And what does agreement you people come up with have to do with me?”

Meanwhile, he had already arrived dozens of thousand light years away.

Jiang He, who had become a Saint in both immortal arts and martial arts, cast Esoteric Word: Dimension, crossing a planetary system with just a thought.


Meanwhile, the God Realm, being home to one of the hegemons of all worlds, naturally occupied a massive territory of nine constellations.

In the center of those constellations was a colossal continental plate the size of a planetary system. Its name was Godland, and the God Emperor himself had altered the physics around it with his magnificent techniques. Any Gods from the nine constellations who cultivated up to the level of Sky God would be able to cross the God Realm and fly up to Godland.

Sky Gods were equal to the humans’ Heavenly Immortal-tier.

And now, up in the skies above the Godland…

Lord Swelling Sky stood upon the horizon, anxiety showing on his face.

Before the God Emperor and the other God Saints left, they had him stay to guard Godland… mainly because he was too weak to be of use even if he joined them. On the other hand, keeping him in Godland would allow him to become a stronger combat force, thanks to certain setups in the city.

The Demon Realm was guarded by a Demon Saint.

It was normal, since over at the Three Realms, the Lesser Saint of the Western Sect and Lady Nüwa were not making a move either.

Home and base must therefore be guarded by an elite—the path of retreat must never be cut off.

“Who is it?”

Lord Swelling Sky’s face twitched and he raised his palm, firing a divine light up into the air.


The dimensions split, and a figure stepped out from the opening.

His body shone with immortal radiance and a vague light flickered around him. With a nonchalant point of his finger, the dimensions destroyed by Lord Swelling Sky were restored to stillness.

“Stopping time and accelerating it?!”

Lord Swelling Sky’s pupils narrowed and he cried out involuntarily, “You’ve become a Saint, Jiang He?!”

Jiang he frowned and said unhappily, “It’s just becoming Saint—is there a need to overreact?!”


Lord Swelling Sky exclaimed in shock, “Even if you’ve reached that level, there’s no way of becoming a Saint across all worlds now! I myself had searched for 380,000 years to obtain a faint strand of Blessed Violet Qi after venturing into the depths of Chaos and became a Saint. How did you become a Saint if all you did was loiter in the Three Realms?”

“Are my methods something that you could fathom?”

Jiang He waved his hand.

The Yuan Killer Sword and the Infinite Pain Sword flew out over his head, and the silhouettes of the seven God-Killing Spears materialized…

Then, he waved his hand again.


A legion of silhouettes descended upon the God Realm.

They included the forty-five Demi-Saints led by the Stoner Patriarch, three frightening Chaos beings, Dumbo, Trumbo, the Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers, the Nine Wise Rock Monkeys, as well as the Cloudscraper Vine, which assumed the form of a 450-kilometers tall girl once again.

“Go forth and flatten Godland.”

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