Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 361 - Baiting

Chapter 361 – Baiting

“Rawu! Rawu! Rawu!” (How dare you run away human!?”

The two Kobolds angrily roared in their language as they chased after Shadow through the thick forest, where there’s a lot of overgrown roots because of the massive trees.

Others would have been mistaken that Shadow is escaping from the clutches of the Kobols, but if one were to look closely. They would quickly notice that he’s actually baiting the monsters somewhere as he is even controlling his speed and would slow down if he notices that the two monsters are slowly getting out of the aggro range, and would speed up again, keeping a minimum distance between them.

’Almost there’

Shadow thought while looking at the map hovering at the corner of his eyes. Then he lightly ducked his head as a fist size stoned flew past over his head and struck a nearby tree.

And that attack came from the Kobolds that’s chasing him, who kept picking up things on the ground to throw at him. Even those poor fruits quietly sunbathing under the rays of the sun weren’t spared from their dirty hands!

[You have received 127 damage!]

“Heok! This is madness!”

Having only over a thousand health, Shadow couldn’t help but curse when a stone struck his back, and dealt him a lot of damage, especially when there’s only a three level difference between him and the two monsters.

A few seconds later, Shadow could finally see his destination and the scheme that he had concocted all this time.

Then Shadow hurriedly took out three small daggers from his [Storage] and threw it towards the front.

“Krwak! Krwak! (Ba..bastard! Enemy attack!)”

The power behind Shadow’s throw was so powerful that the three flying daggers flew forward for almost a hundred meters and struck the head and body of the unsuspecting Hobgoblin who was just about to gobbled up his meal.

The Hobgoblins companion quickly threw their meal aside and stood up in a haste as they grabbed their weapons and prepared for a fight!

“Krwak! (Kobolds)!”

“Krwaaak! (How dare you!?)”

While Shadow on the other hand quickly used his grappling hook and made a quick escape on top of the tallest tree, and the two Kobolds who suddenly lost sight of their target were confused for a second before their attention was quickly attracted towards the group of Hobgoblins charging towards them!

“Rawu! Rawuuu! (Stinky Goblins)!”

“Kwrak! Kwrak! Kwrak! (How dare you step foot in our territory!?)”

There was a short verbal battle between the two groups before they collided together, and the Kobolds have seemed to have forgotten the culprit who had killed their brethren earlier and just focused their attention towards their rival that they are currently facing.

“Strong, but easy to trick”

Shadow who was watching the battle atop the trees couldn’t help but snicker.

Earlier, when he saw those groups of Hobgoblins and Kobolds earlier who were just a couple of hundred meters away from each other. He quickly formulated the plan to make them kill each other as he already knew that both races have deep grudges towards each other because of territorial wars.

Don’t underestimate these Kobolds and Hobgoblins, because they are far more stronger and dangerous than those same monsters that low level players would meet when they are Level 20.

But just as Shadow had said, they are strong but quite easy to trick when you manage to put those two groups against each other as they would quickly kill each other on sight.

They probably wouldn’t even care even if there’s a whole army of orcs in front of them!

Klang! Klang! Klang!

The sound of metal against each other rang out in the surroundings as the two groups of monsters clashed together.

The three Hobgoblins quickly suppressed the two Kobolds and started pushing them back as the latter two started sustaining injuries.

Of course, Shadow doesn’t want to see the Kobolds getting defeated and dying in vain, so he quickly started giving the two Kobolds support from the dark, and started distracting one of the Hobgoblins by throwing daggers towards its head.

Which irritated it as it would stop attacking the Kobolds and would look around in confusion before getting his attention grabbed by the battle in front of it.

“Kwraak! Kraaak! (You despicable Kobolds)!”

The Hobgoblin roared angrily when another attack landed on his back. So he turned around and ignored his companions and charged towards the shrubbery.

“Kwrak! (Come out)!”

Shadow had already gotten on the ground long ago, and was hiding behind a tree, and saw the Hobgoblin charging towards him which made him smile coldly when he saw his plan worked by directing the aggro of one of Hobgoblins towards him.

“Kw-kwraak! (Hu..human!)”

When the Hobgoblin saw Shadow, its eyes quickly lit up in excitement as it wasn’t expecting that his hidden attacker is actually a human and not a Kobold!

“Kwraak! Kwraaak! (Human, become my meal!)” roared the Hobgoblin as he slashed down his sword towards Shadow, planning to cleave him into two!


A large sword quickly appeared in Shadow’s hands, and he quickly raised it as he blocked the attack from coming from above him while holding his sword horizontally with his two hands!


The two weapons collided and Shadow slid along the ground for a couple of feet as he got pushed back, and made a groaning expression on his face when he felt how heavy the attack was.

[You suffered 53 damage]

[You are suffering from a Stun effect]

[You have resisted by successfully blocking the attack]


Shadow couldn’t help but click his tongue when he heard the sound of notification.


Shadow gave a shout before he pulled his arms back before pushing it forward, and the Hobgoblin couldn’t help but stumble backwards because of it, as Shadow successfully disengaged from the monster.


The Hobgoblin started speaking the common language of the continent while looking at his large sword, then at Shadow with a grin on his face.

“But..me…still…eat…you. Human meat…good”

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