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Hello, Heir

Hello, Heir




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Plot Summary
He’s the heir of the Imperial Group, ruthless and calculating. Yet, he dotes on his wife so much.
“Hubby, I’m thinking of getting a pet. What do you think is good?”
“You are the pet.”
“Hubby, is a rose or peony prettier?”
“You are the prettiest.”
Zhuang Nainai: …Can you say something constructive?

One day, someone asks him, “Why are you always the one bowing your head first when you quarrel with her?”
Si Zhengting: “Because I’m 185 cm, and she’s 165 cm. When am I not the first to bow my head?”
In short, this is a black-bellied CEO who dotes on his wife in every way you could think of and tries his best to build a family after marriage by baking a little bun baby.

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