His Genius Wife is a Superstar

Chapter 1193 Naughty Wife

Iris continued to lie on her back on the bed with her eyes closed, enjoying her husband’s gentle body massage. Jin Liwei’s hands moved from her shoulders down to the sides of her breasts. His thumbs flicked her soft mounds.

At first, she didn’t think too much about it, believing that it was by accident. When it happened a couple more times, however, her nipples couldn’t stop from reacting. They hardened underneath her nightdress.

She opened her eyes and saw that her husband was watching her face intently. His expression was deceptively calm yet she could see the desire burning in his eyes. Her breath caught in her throat.

While continuing to look at her straight in the eyes, he deliberately cupped her breasts through her nightdress and gently played with her hard nipples. She gasped and whimpered. The warmth of his hands transmitted into her chest and converted into a familiar heat, spreading throughout her whole body, before collecting into a hot ball of pure desire in her lower abdomen.

“Is this okay?” he asked, his voice low and husky. “Does it hurt?”

“It’s fine,” she replied in a breathy voice. “I can handle this.”

Then she watched him knead her breasts a little harder and roll her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs. She cried out and arched her back, indicating that she wanted more.

He leaned down and caught a nipple with his mouth, sucking lightly, before moving to the other nipple, making sure that he was fair to both. His saliva wetted the thin material of her nightdress, making it sheer so that he could see her areolas and the hard nipples on top. The sight made his mouth water even more.

Shifting upwards, he trailed wet kisses along his wife’s soft and delicate neck. His tongue swirled on her fragrant skin.

“I want to leave a mark on you, love. Can I?”

Iris looked dazed so he repeated his question. She pondered about it for a few seconds before nodding. It should be fine. She had limited her public appearances anyway. It was also now the winter season. She could cover up her entire body without looking too out of place.

Jin Liwei smiled and immediately sucked hard on the skin of her neck. He took a look at it and decided that it wasn’t enough so he once again sucked hard on the same spot. He only stopped when he felt satisfied and spent a few moments admiring the kiss mark.

“You haven’t kissed me here yet,” Iris complained while pointing at her lips.

His eyes twinkled with amusement. “Ah, how neglectful of your husband. Don’t worry. He’ll remedy the issue as soon as possible.”

Her chuckle transformed into a moan when he gave her one of the hottest kisses that he had given her since their marriage. At least, that was how she felt.

He removed his hands on her body. His upper body was leaning over her on the bed, not touching any part of her except for her mouth.

The kiss was slow yet powerful, gentle yet intense, and teasing yet also dominating.

It was making her crazy. She tried to pull him down, wanting him to press his body on top of hers, but he didn’t budge. A whine of complaint escaped from her mouth that was filled with his erotic tongue. However, he still insisted on keeping his position.

Annoyed, she bit his lip, not hard enough to draw blood but painful enough to make him inhale sharply and pause kissing her.

“Why does my wife look so angry?” he asked, pretending to be clueless, when it was clear from the look in his eyes that he also wanted exactly what she wanted. “Tell your husband.”

She pouted. He wanted to play first, huh? Well, she could do it, too!

With a snort, she rolled to her side and hugged a pillow. “Good night!”

He touched her shoulder but she slapped his hand away.



Jin Liwei watched his wife turning her back on him. He couldn’t sense any anger from her. This wasn’t one of her mood swings. If it were, she would’ve already kicked him out of their bed. Observing her body language, he knew that she wanted him to coax and seduce her. He inwardly chuckled.

His wife was so cute. If she wanted him to coax and seduce her, then that was what he was going to give her and more. Oh, so much more.

He pulled out a mental calendar and scanned it in his mind. Impatience and frustration flashed in his expression upon confirming that today wasn’t safe for his wife yet. Vaginal penetration was still out of question. They had to wait for a few more days.

Iris felt the shifting of weight on the bed. Curious, she looked over her shoulder and saw her husband climbing off. Her anticipation quickly turned into anger. He didn’t plan on touching her tonight?!

Before she could explode on him, she saw him starting to unbutton his pyjama shirt. His movements were slow, deliberately seducing her. She went into a daze while watching him undress in front of her. He pulled down his pyjama pants including his underwear.

When he stood upright again, her sight immediately zeroed in on his erect manhood jutting out from his groin. She swallowed hard.

She waited and waited…and waited….

“Are you not coming to bed?” she asked with a confused and impatient frown.

“You want me to?”

She looked at him like he was the most stupid person in the planet. “If I don’t want you in bed, then where do you think I want you? Outside the house so that everyone in our household staff can see you freezing your butt and dick off—”

He lunged to the bed and covered her mouth with his own mouth in another open-mouthed kiss. His body finally pressed on her body but he still made sure that he wasn’t putting too much of his heavy weight on her. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as their legs intertwined. Their glistening mouths separated when they couldn’t breathe anymore.

She smirked at him.

He laughed and rubbed the tip of their noses on each other. “Naughty wife.”

“But you love it when I’m naughty.”

“En, I do. Very much.”

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