I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 400 - We Can Cooperate (2)

400. We Can Cooperate (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

 “Holy shit, who is this man? Why can’t I foretell who he is?”

Suddenly, Yue Qian sensed that someone was approaching them, his face changed and he immediately said to Si Ze, “Someone is coming.”

Ji Shi and Shi Ze also heard the footsteps and then it stopped outside the place where they were hiding.

“Xiaoyi, I know you are inside, come out.” Said the man outside.


Si Ze and his companions gave each other a look.

Yue Qian said through sound transmission, “Someone who knows Rong Yi?”

Si Ze, who had made a divination for himself earlier today, said, “That’s Rong Yi’s father Rong Weiyi. He knew I am no longer the original Rong Yi.”

“How did he know?” Asked Yue Qian.

“Someone wrote to tell him that I am in Guiling, and also told him that his son’s body has been possessed. The worse thing is when I did the divination, I only saw a blurry figure of the one who told him that. I can’t tell who it is.” Then he pounded the table angrily, “Since I have possessed this body, I have nearly spent all the time integrating our souls. I even did not have time to improve my cultivation.”

“Shall we go out to see him?” Ji Shi asked.

“Yes, of course, he is not like Yin Jinye who is so cold-blooded, who would fight me every time we met.”

Si Ze then got up and opened the door, asking, “Immortal Rong, what are you here for, please?”

Rong Weiyi stared at his face, “I know you take possession of my son’s body and what you came here for.”

Si Ze picked his eyebrow, “Oh? Then you tell me.”

Rong Wei said quietly, “You want to open some seal.”

Si Ze narrowed his eyes.

Rong Weiyi then continued, “We share the same aim.”

Si Ze and his two companions were very surprised.

“So, before the seal is open, I’m not going to kick you out of my son’s body, and we…” Rong Weiyi took a few steps foreward, “…can cooperate.”

The division chooses slightly one zheng, the hand under the sleeve stealthily calculates a, wait to calculate a result, smile way: “good, welcome you this’ father ‘to join us.”

thousand and ji ten to take a look, to Rongweiyi made a please gesture, invited him in.

Rong Wei did not hesitate to enter the room.

Ji Shi-yin asked Si Ze, “Can this man be trusted, Aze?”

Si Ze said, “I can trust him for the time being, and I have just made a fortune. Only he can find the place I want to find.”

Yue Qian and Ji Shi asked no more questions.

On the other side in Guiling, Xiu Zhuo had spent three days searching the whole town but couldn’t find any trace of them, so he immediately issued the WANTED, and also informed other towns that as long they caught them or killed them, there’d be a big reward.

Unfortunately, the one they to Xunyi Pavilion also told him there was no clue there.

After Rong Yi heared the news, he gave a cold snort, “As expected, someone who could foretell things is so annoying.”

Yin Jinye said, “Rong Weiyi also disappeared.”

Rong Yi, “…”

At this time, a guard went to the door of the hall and reported, “My Lord, there is a man outside who claims to be Min Liangying asking to see you.”

“Min Liangying?” Rong Yi turned his head to Yin Jinye to ask, “Your uncle?”

Yin Jinye nodded, “Let him in.”

“Yes.” The guard turned to leave then. In a short while, a surprising tone came out of the yard, “Wow! Wow! Dad, mom, we are going to live in such a big house in the future?”

“This is your cousin’s hmansion.” one woman snapped. “Don’t make such a fuss. We’ll talk about it after we see your grandparents.”

“Hmm, OK.”

As Rong Yi and Yin Jinye heard the voice, they exchanged an eye and got up, then walked out of the hall, and saw that not long Yin Jinye’s uncle Min Liangying came, even his wife and two kids were here.

As Min Liangying saw his nephew, his eyes glistened and he instantly strode over, “Xiaoye, long time no see.”

Yin Jinye looked at his undisciplined uncle, slightly frowning. In his memories, his uncle had already been a well-behaved person. Who changed so much now?

“Uncle…” Having not seen his uncle for a hundred years and not knowing what to say, Yin Jinye directly took them to Suqian Courtyard.

Min Pinjie, Min Yingliang’s daughter who was following behind, said to her mom shyly, “My cousin is so handsome.”

Yuan Yingying whispered, “Do you like him?”

Min Pinjie nodded.

Rong Yi frowned.

Arriving at Suqian courtyard, Min Pinyou, Min Liangying’s son, rushed into the hall immediately. “Grandpa, grandma, aunt, here we are.”

As soon as he entered, he picked up the pastries on the table and began to eat.

Old Lady Min and Old Lord Min stood up happily, “You are all here.”

Old Lady Yin invited them to sit down, “Big rother, sister-in-law, I’ve been expecting you for so long.”

Min Liang went up to the old mna, “Father, do you have any spiritual stones? Lend me a thousand top-quality ones.”

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