I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 508 - "They Didn't Budge"

Ainsley wanted to make a full map of the whole church, but unfortunately, her radar range wasn’t that wide. 

That’s why, when she used her radar ability, she could only create a 3D map of the church’s front area, which included the main hall where they usually received the guests and several praying altars. 

So far, she didn’t see anyone at those places. Thus, she had to sneak in first before expanding her radar range. 

And this is where her luck armour played a part. With her luck getting a significant boost, Ainsley managed to find a window near the church’s main hall with a rusty lock. 

Ainsley tinkered with the lock for a bit, and she could immediately open the window. The window was large enough to fit a child, and it was also located near the ground, typical of windows in this world. 

From the 3D map, Ainsley knew that the main hall was on the first floor, yet there are the second and third floors. 

She couldn’t see the detail, but since the church’s shape was getting narrow toward the end, the second and the third floor didn’t seem to be as big as the first floor. 

Though…that must be where the priests resided. 

Thus, Ainsley immediately opened the window she just unlocked and stealthily entered the building. 

The moonlight seeped into the building with her, shining upon the baby’s purple hair, yet no one was there to see this. 

It was late at night, close to dawn, so how could there be anyone still awake? 

Ainsley entered without a hitch, and she immediately closed the window to avoid anyone spotting this. After making sure the window was closed tightly, Ainsley began to explore the main hall, heading to the second floor. 

She didn’t forget to keep using her radar ability to update her map. 

“Pyak. Pyak. Pyak. Pyak.” 

By now, Ainsley’s map already showed the stairs leading to the second floor. Ainsley ignored everything else on the first floor since her target was the people. 

The baby tiptoed to climb the marble stairs even when she wouldn’t make any noise due to the stairs’ material. 

Alas, Ainsley was pretty alert. 

Thus, she didn’t mind looking like a dumb little thief while climbing the stairs. 

After a few minutes climbing the stairs that were quite steep for a toddler like her, the baby finally arrived at the second floor…and the map showed the second floor was actually a dorm. 

In the dark night with no light except for the moonlight since no one turned on the lamp, Ainsley could only rely on the shining 3D map that only she could see. 

In this range, she could finally envision half of the second floor…and she finally spotted her targets. 

The priests! 

By now, the map has formed several rooms with four people sleeping in each room. The people were all wearing a white nightgown despite being male, typical of fantasy-like priests. 

Upon further observation, all the people on the second floor seemed to be male priests. The female priests should be on the third floor! 

The higher-ups should be sleeping in the room on the third floor too. 

Ainsley rubbed her chin as she carefully used her map to determine the number of priests on the second floor. 

She walked down the corridor to complete the map that had limited range…and in the end, she found 40 priests on the second floor. 

There were five rooms on the left and another five rooms on the right side of the corridor. Each room had 4 people sleeping on bunk beds…

40 priests. That’s quite a lot. 

Ainsley suddenly thought that she didn’t need to kidnap all the priests. She only needed 20 at most, right? 

If so, things would be easier…

Ainsley immediately targeted the first three rooms on the left side of the corridor since the sign on the door was golden, compared to those on the right side with silver door placards. 

Those with the golden boards should be the senior priests…they would be more useful. 

After making her pick as if picking fresh fish at the market, Ainsley tiptoed to the first room, trying to sneak into the room. 

She thought that the door would be unlocked…who knows that the damn priests never forgot to lock their dorm doors too. 

The poor Ainsley had to tinker with the lock for a while before sneakily opened the door. 


The door gave out a squeaky noise despite not being that old yet. Ainsley had to stop her movement for a few seconds before sneaking in. 

Her small body was definitely an advantage here since she could enter the room without opening a big gap between the door and the wall.

Once she’s inside, Ainsley didn’t wait for too long and immediately used her charm ability. 

Her pink aura spread from her body onto the four priests just like a wave crashing into the shore. 

Once Ainsley was sure that her charm ability had seeped into the priests’ body, the baby instantly whispered in a low tone. 

“Get up and follow me!” 

Ainsley expected the priests to wake up with hearts inside their eyes, looking crazed with affection for her. However, to her surprise…

The priests didn’t budge! None of them moved…and they peacefully continued their sleep. 

One of the priests snored loudly. Another one kicked their quilt. The third priest yawned while rubbing his cheek to the pillow while the last priest slept like a dead log. 

They…weren’t affected at all! 

Ainsley instantly broke in cold sweat. 

Did they consume anti-charm potion beforehand? Or are there anti-charm talismans here? What is it? Why isn’t the charm effective?! 

Something is wrong! 

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