I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 146 - This Is the Eighth Rank?

Chapter 146: This Is the Eighth Rank?

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Andrew stood on the roof and didn’t dodge at all.

He wanted to use the full-strength attack of a demon king at the peak realm to test how strong his body was now.

Louis was already dumbfounded.

The other ninth rank experts were also stunned on the spot.

There was such a person?

One had to know that this was the attack of a demon beast that had a dao shadow of two thousand meters.

Even Louis didn’t dare to use his physical body to resist it so brazenly.

Only Clayton didn’t show any reaction.

But his expression also became much more serious, and a wave of energy was accumulating in his body.

If Andrew was in danger, he would act immediately.

He had already made preparations.

No matter what, nothing could happen to Andrew!

Even the phoenix that launched this attack was stunned.

He didn’t expect that a small eighth-grade golden body realm human would actually dare to use his physical body to withstand its attack.

Was this human stupid?


The flaming feathers enlarged in an instant and directly hit Andrew.

A series of crackling sounds intermixed with a huge collision.

“Damn it!”

“It hurts too much!”

From the raging flames came Andrew’s miserable cry.

Clayton heaved a sigh of relief and felt a little relieved.

Since he could still scream, it meant that his life was not in danger. Otherwise, he might not even have the strength to scream.

The flame feather was very sharp and had pierced into Andrew’s skin.

It even reached his bones.

However, the attack of an Ultimate realm monster king failed to penetrate his bones. Instead, it was stopped by his shoulder bone.

“This is too painful.”

Andrew suddenly regretted it. He should not have used his physical body to withstand this attack. Now, the right side of his right arm was badly mutilated.

But he had also calculated the limit of his physical body.

It was easy to put it this way.

If he faced an opponent like the Anaconda King again, Andrew was confident that he could stand here and let his opponent attack him however he wanted. At most, he would only break some skin.

He looked at the wound on his right shoulder.

Andrew took out the equipment that he needed to heal his wounds.

Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide!


Andrew applied these two kinds of medicine on his shoulder and cleaned the wound.

Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, he took out a bandage.

He carefully bandaged the wound.

Finally, Andrew took out a mineral water bottle and gulped down a few mouthfuls of transparent liquid.

This was the vitality liquid.

It could help him recover faster from the wound.

Soon, Andrew was alive again. He jumped up and down as if he was not the one who was hit just now.

“Big bird, can you tell me how much strength did you use just now?”

Andrew’s intention was very simple. He just wanted to know how strong his body’s endurance was.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Including Clayton.

If he was beaten, then he was beaten. Why did a powerhouse at the pinnacle level take out alcohol and bandages?

Was there such a simple medical method?

And even more shocked than them was the phoenix flying in the sky.

He obviously knew how much strength he used.

An eighth stage golden body realm human in front of him actually took his attack and even humiliated him here.

This was something the Phoenix King couldn’t endure.

The flames on his body were much stronger than before.

He directly dove down toward Andrew, wanting to unleash an even more violent attack.


A loud sound came from between heaven and earth.

It was Clayton.

He swung his fist, directly shooting out a river of stars that covered half of the sky.


The phoenix didn’t expect Clayton to come here and attack him.

After all, the phoenix was a flying demon beast, and its speed was faster than ordinary beasts. At this time, it sensed that its life was in danger, so it turned into a streak of light and fled into the distance.

“You are a peak demon beast, and you actually attacked an eighth-grade human warrior. This time, you crossed the line.”

Clayton said coldly.

He punched towards the distant horizon.

The phoenix, which had already flown ten kilometers away, suddenly exploded.

Along with his spiritual energy, it disappeared from this world. A peak-level demon king had died on the spot.

Andrew’s mouth twitched twice.

He originally wanted to see if he could kill this big bird with his own strength.

In the end, once Clayton made a move, he finished the battle with two punches.

This made Andrew very speechless.

However, this kind of terrifying fighting strength made him very shocked.

Two punches to kill a peak-level demon beast, this was something that Andrew was far from being able to do now.

At least he had to enter the Golden Core Stage after his Qi Formation stage to be able to possess such terrifying fighting strength.

“Chief Clayton, you stole my big bird!”

Clayton was speechless.

What did he mean by stealing his big bird?

What he said was a bit ambiguous.

Besides, if he hadn’t killed this phoenix, he would’ve beaten him up.

But in his heart, Clayton was still very happy.

He had finally found an opportunity to kill an Ultimate realm demon beast. This was something he had always wanted to do.


Another loud sound came from the horizon.

The residents of Alaska were all dumbfounded.

What on earth was going on today?

In just a few short minutes, it was as if the sky was falling and the earth was splitting, like the world was about to descend into an apocalypse.

This angry roar came from the nine-headed demon snake.

Although its main body was still 500 kilometers away in the Arctic Circle, its enormous shadow could already be seen in the sky.

“Clayton, do you know what you’re doing?”

The nine-headed demon snake was furious this time.

There were strong and weak in the pinnacle realm.

The nine-headed demon snake and Clayton belonged to the same level.

Louis and the phoenix belonged to another level.

Clayton actually attacked the phoenix. This was also something that was not allowed in the agreement they had previously drawn up.

“Clayton, are you trying to start a war between the humans and demons?”

The nine-headed demon snake was really angry. It was the humans who had destroyed the Anaconda King, and now they were actually looking for trouble.

Behind the nine-headed demon snake, three huge phantoms rose up.

These were the other three demon kings of the arctic circle. At this moment, they all revealed their phantoms to support their leader, bursting out with terrifying power.

The combined strength of these monster kings was already very terrifying. If all of them attacked, the Alaska base wouldn’t be able to withstand them.

“Hahahahaha.” Clayton laughed loudly.

“Before I attacked phoenix, why didn’t you ask it the reason it attacked an eighth-grade human warrior?

“You guys obviously violated the agreement first, so phoenix deserved to die!”

Although what he said was the truth, he was also clear that Andrew was actually not an eighth-grade warrior at all.

He looked like an eighth-grade warrior, but his strength was even more terrifying than an ordinary peak powerhouse.


The nine-headed demonic snake suddenly roared angrily.

“Clayton, do you really think that all of us demons are blind? This is f*cking eighth-grade?”

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