Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 192 - Hope to Become Stronger 1

Chapter 192: Hope to Become Stronger 1

Di Lingtian’s tone was cold. “Humph, those people should be killed.”

If Jun Mohuang hadn’t forbidden him from killing these people, he would’ve killed all of them just now.

Forget it. His little girl was too weak. The demonic aura in the Ninth Netherworld would corrode her body. He couldn’t take her back yet.

These people would be her stepping stones for the time being.

On the harbor, after the royal family and the Su Family left, the people from the other major families waited stubbornly.

They were still hoping that their teams heading to Green Spirit Island might be able to bring back a Jade Spirit Core.

Not to mention an Earth-Level Jade Spirit Core, even a Human-Level Jade Spirit Core was good enough.

After half an hour, the ships of the major families returned one after another, bringing them disappointing news again.

All of a sudden, the major families hated Jun Mohuang to the core and had no choice but to return to Huan City in disappointment.

Huan Yun, Huan City.

Less than half an hour after the people from the royal family returned to Huan City, the news that Jun Mohuang and Su Yuanhang were going to compete in refining medicine in three days spread like wildfire throughout the city.

The first reaction of those who heard this news was disbelief. After all, Su Yuanhang was the only seven-star apothecary in Huan Yun, and Jun Mohuang was trash who couldn’t even recognize all the medicinal materials.

In terms of refining skills, one was up in the sky while the other was in the ground.

If these two people wanted to compete in medicine refinement, it would be like a mosquito competing with a swallow to see who could fly faster. Who would believe that?

After finding out what had happened at the harbor, it all made sense.

As the families who returned from the harbor personally confirmed this news, the residents of Huan City had no choice but to believe it.

They were in disbelief at first, but after hearing that Jun Mohuang had hoarded the Jade Spirit Core alone and destroyed Green Spirit Island, they became extremely angry.

Then, when they knew that Jun Mohuang shamelessly said that she could refine a higher level pill than the Star Transcendence Pill, they felt that Jun Mohuang was courting humiliation and would definitely lose in three days.

In short, everyone in Huan City treated this as a huge joke.

Everyone was laughing at Jun Mohuang in their hearts.

At the Wu Family’s house.

When the Head of the Wu Family, Wu Yingxiong, returned home, he called his second son, Wu Wuran, over and reprimanded him fiercely.

The reason was that her second son had once mobilized the Wu Family’s guards to help Jun Mohuang catch the thief.

Now that Jun Mohuang had destroyed Green Spirit Island, the Wu Family did not even have a single Jade Spirit Core. Wu Yingxiong naturally had to vent his anger on Wu Wuran.

Wu Wuran was extremely furious after being reprimanded. After being reprimanded, he ran to the ancestral hall and gave Wu Qianyong a good beating.

Ever since Wu Qianyong brought the Wu Family’s guards out to help Jun Mohuang catch the thief that night and returned to the Wu Family, he had been punished to kneel in the ancestral hall.

And suffered beatings every now and then.

Because of this, he couldn’t even go to the Ghost Market to pick a magical beast egg with Jun Mohuang.

This time, Wu Wuran was furious and directly broke one of his legs.

In the ancestral hall of the Wu Family, Wu Qianyong was injured all over as he dragged his broken leg with difficulty.

He wanted to find a tree branch outside the ancestral hall to stabilize his broken legs.

Every time he moved, the new and old wounds on his body hurt together, and his newly broken leg throbbed in pain.

After a few steps, his thin face was covered in cold sweat and his frail body was on the verge of collapse.

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