Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 702 - Old And New Shall Work As One! II

Chapter 702 – Old And New Shall Work As One! II

When looking at the current number of Summons he held, one might be asking themselves how exactly he planned to utilize them when besieging a Galaxy?

The effect of [Plot Armor] would only apply to him, not his pets. If he wanted it to apply to them as well, this would only be possible while utilizing the skill, [One Body, One Soul] to merge with them!

But that would mean that only two pets would be able to be utilized by the bodies of Noah and Alexander…that is if he didn’t have clones that could exhibit 100% of his strength for both of his identities.

This meant that was his domineering raid mission began, all four pets would have a body they would merge with as he would release for combatants that each carried power capable of reaping the lives of QUASAR Realm experts, and in the case of the bodies merging with the Void Serpent and the Calamity Bear- two of him would even be able to match Lower Tier GALAXY Realm experts!


Two of his main bodies and two of his clones, each one merged with an Animus Summon as all of them had the status effect of [Invulnerability] as they wreaked havoc in the Burning Domains Galaxy! Can one even f.u.c.k.i.n.g imagine this sight?!

It would be an event for the ages as Noah finalized his plans and monitored things on both Galaxies before moving out.

The Novus Galaxy continued its Era of Peace as the Chosen Extras were rapidly forging their stars in the Nebula Realm.

Noah didn’t know if they would have the talent of forming 100,000 stars even with all the Effulgent Star Pearls given to them, but all he cared about was that they already passed the average benchmark of many beings as they garnered above average strength!

They could break through into the Black Hole Realm whenever they wished, and Noah was already thinking of ways of getting his own people to step on the path of the Dao early.

He could pass down is [Dao of Summoning Traverser] and the [Animus Summoner Trainer] skill tree as they were normal skills, but the Absolute Skill <<Archaic Void Summoning>> that summoned forth the pets in the first place could not be passed down through the Library feature. He would have to possibly create another skill that would have the same function if it wasn’t insanely expensive so that the strength of his subordinates can explode even more!

But aside from those in the Novus Galaxy, preparations were getting even busier in the Nexus Galaxy as the Imperial Adjudicator felt a sense of impending loss, not finding any options to save him and the two women he could not live without.

They reinforced their defenses as they prepared, the genius Imperial Ruler known as Alexander being given time to consolidate his rapidly enhancing strength as they hoped he would soon be able to stand as a pillar for the Nexus Galaxy.

Yet they didn’t know that at this moment, the being in question was finishing chugging Cores at the Black Hole and QUASAR Realm as he brought himself to his optimum strength!

The body of Alexander rose in the hidden star in the Starry Sky Galaxy as around him, a shimmering Three-Legged Fate Crow plucked its fiery golden feathers while an enormous 500-meter tall Void Serpent literally vibrated with strength as its scales shone with a terrifying l.u.s.ter.

His eyes shone as the image of a stat panel that could only be seen from the Noah in the Novus Galaxy reflected on his eyes, checking this panel after what seemed like a long time even though it had only been over half a month!

[Noah Osmont][Title(s): Infernal Lord(Variant), Grand Controller(Fate),Grand Controller(Chaos), Grand Controller(Aether), Controller(Fire, Water)]

[Trait(s) : Infinite Mana, Protagonist(Incomplete)]

[Dao(s) : Dao of Summoning- .008%]

[Bloodline(s): Vampyre Progenitor]

[Primeval Tree of Old- Yggdrasil : Young Tree Stage]

[Primeval Tree of Death: Young Tree Stage]

[Aether Particles(s) : 10,000,000]

[Karma Line(s) : 6,353,924]

[Fate Line(s) : 10,000,000]

[Chaos Particle(s) : 10,000,00]

[Origin Core(s) : Light-7, Dark-7, Fire-10, Water-10, Earth-9, Air-9]

[Domain(s) : Life, Death, Aether, Karma, Fate,Chaos, Light, Dark, Space, Time, Fire, Water, Earth, Air]

[Vitality: BLACK HOLE]

[Focus: ∞ ]

[Strength: BLACK HOLE]

[Law(s) : Life-31%, Death-13%, Aether- 100%, Karma-63%,Fate-100%,Chaos-100%, Light-75%, Dark-75%, Space-78%, Time-69%, Fire-100%, Water-100%, Earth-98%, Air-98%]

[Authority(s) : Aether Lord, Fate Lord, Chaos Lord, Karma Lord, Space Lord, Time Lord, Light Lord, Dark Lord, Flame Lord, Water Lord, Earth Lord, Air Lord]

Many laws were nearly fully comprehended as he would soon be able to follow the shocking methods laid in the Page of Ruination he obtained to begin the process of Assimilation for all his laws simultaneously!

He had become a Grand Controller in the Law of Aether as this law was fully comprehended, and planned to see the extent of the help of the |Intents| of the combined Supreme Laws would be in the coming battles as he chained multiple words. He would be able to freely do this without worrying about those watching, which was the reason he still somewhat held back while taking care of the Fiends in the Stellar Sky Galaxy.

He had laws, boosts from numerous skills from <<Absolute Sin>>, which had especially potent abilities when it came to matching those a realm above his own…he just had many things he would be using as he would try to go all out for his siege mission!


His Summons were taken into the swirling Rift on his chest as the enormous snake and shimmering young Golden Crow appeared within his Origin, his figure teleporting away from the hidden Star in the Stellar Sky Galaxy.

When he reappeared, he was in a region of the chaotic void that wasn’t too many light years away from his target- the Burning Domains Galaxy!

Around him, a clone from the body of Alexander appeared as a second later, the body of Noah and his clone also made their appearance in the chaotic void.

Four bodies, a single being!

As he looked at his four bodies, a deadly smile filled with wild excitement could be seen appear on each of them, their thoughts one as they prepared to do something grand!

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