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Chapter 376 - Bear-san Holds A Summer Tradition (Day 7)

376 Bear-san Holds A Summer Tradition (Day 7)

After eating curry rice, it will be the last afternoon to play in the sea. Yet, the children started cleaning the bear building. I don’t know who said it, but it seems that everyone decided to clean the bear building before we return.

I wanted to say, <you don’t have to clean it>, but I couldn’t say it since the children said, <we’re grateful to Yuna-oneesan>. I will obediently accept the feelings of the children.

The children started cleaning the large rooms, then the bathrooms, the toilets, and the backyard. Noa, a noblewoman who saw such a figure, also said, <I am grateful to Yuna-san> and started cleaning the rooms and the hallways they were using.

Fina is also cleaning with Shuri, Tirumina-san, and Gentz-san.

The cooking group cleans the kitchen, dining room, and the rest of the first floor. Seeing the children’s energy, the adults also participate in cleaning together. I was surprised to see Lurina-san and Eru magically washing the Bear building’s body.

When I tried to help with cleaning, I was told, <Don’t do it Yuna-oneechan>, <Yuna-oneechan, no!>, and <We’ll do it, so Yuna-oneechan should go outside>…

It feels awkward to be alone while everyone is working. I was kicked out of the room they were cleaning and came back to my room.

I sleep on the bed with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, who have become cubs for the first time in a long time.

For some reason, I’ve been busy this month. I was fighting Scorpion in the desert just about 15 days ago. But it felt like a long time. Then, when I came back from the desert, the busy days of preparing to go to the sea began.

Even when I came to the sea, a lot of things happened. Playing in the sea, fishermen rushed in to make lunch for us, and we also boarded the boats. Above all, I was surprised at the moving island, Targui. I didn’t think there was such a creature existing to this day.

And when I took Fina and the others to the island, I encountered the Wyverns and they were tough. I was able to deceive Shia by putting them in a hidden room, even though I often said that if I was prepared, there’s nothing to be worried about.

And most of all, I was mentally tired because I had to wear three different swimsuits. Choosing a swimsuit was the hardest part of coming to the sea.

We’ll be returning tomorrow, although I thought some of them wouldn’t like it, unexpectedly most of them seem to be eager to head home early.

Among them, Most of them were saying that they want to go home as soon as possible because they were worried about the kokekko. The shop group also wants to go back to work as soon as possible. Many children are anxious that they are not working.

Did I take them out for a little too long?

Though, if you think of it as Golden Week, it’s just right. For those who don’t have a concept of long holidays, having a long vacation seems to be anxious. Morin-san and Karin-san said they want to return to the store, but Anzu’s group wanted to go to Dega-san if they had time.

Thinking about the last few days, I’ve been sleeping and napping.

So tonight. I will do a summer tradition, hoping that it will leave a good memory of the sea.

I took everyone to the roof of the Bear building. Among them are Cliff and Gran-san. Some children are sleepy because it’s late in the night, but please do your best.

[Yuna-san, do you want to see the stars?] Noa

[That’s fine as well, but it’s something a little different.] Yuna

The atmosphere in the starry sky of this world is clear, so the stars look very beautiful. It’s a beautiful sight especially for me who lived in Tokyo, but it’s a normal sight for Noa and the others who live in this world, and it’s a sight that can be seen anywhere when looking up at the night sky. But I prepared something else.

[Cliff, enjoy it too.] Yuna

[I don’t know what you’re planning to do, but don’t just do stupid things.] Cliff

What “stupid things” are you talking about? I’m just doing my best to make everyone happy.

There is also the matter about cleaning the Bear building, so I am very motivated.

[You can have free drinks and food. I’ll just prepare a little, so please wait. Oh right, focus your attention at the sea. Fina, I’ll leave the rest to you.] Yuna

The only person I can ask was Fina, who knew what I’m about to do. And since it’s troublesome to use the stairs, I jumped off the roof of the Bear Building.

They screamed at my actions, but I landed cleanly.

[Yuna-oneechan is amazing.]

[So cool.]

They’re cheering on me in the middle of the night.

[Everyone, don’t imitate that.]

[I can’t do it ~~~~~]

[I can’t do that ~~~~~]

[Don’t be surprised.]

I can hear the voices of Noa and the children from above. I saw, children wanted to imitate, please be careful. But then, we’re talking about jumping here. And the moment I jumped, the thought of some of the children seems to want to imitate it, so it can’t be helped.

After paying attention to the children, I started running toward the sea.

Turning back the time a little. Last night (6th night). After finishing the meal, I called out to Tirumina-san and Fina who’re returning to their room.

[Can I borrow Fina tonight?] Yuna

I asked Tirumina-san, who’s the guardian, for permission to lend Fina to me.

[Fina? Of course, it’s okay.] Tirumina

When I said that, Tirumina-san pushed Fina’s back and gave her to me without asking for Fina’s permission, so I’m grateful.

[Mom!] Fina

Fina yells at Tirumina-san. Then Shuri looks at me.

[Only oneechan?] Shuri

[Yeah, it’s going to be a little late after all.] Yuna

[Only oneechan, that’s unfair.] Shuri

I can tell that Shuri wants to come along.

[It’s getting a little late. And you look sleepy. You and I cannot be a substitute for Fina. So let’s sleep together, okay.] Tirumina

I picked up a bear cub on the floor and gave it to Shuri.

She shouldn’t be lonely if she’s with Hugging Bear. When Shuri looks at Hugging Bear and me alternately, she nods a little.

[Next time, take me along too.] Shuri

[Sure, let’s go together next time.] Yuna

Then, Gentz-san, who was listening to the story next to them, said in a small voice, <Why didn’t you ask me?> After all, Tirumina-san seems to have more decision-making power. I was able to get Fina without actually getting permission from Gentz-san.

I took Fina, whom I borrowed, and went to my room.

[Yuna-oneesan, what are you doing with that?] Fina

[Well, I can’t do it alone, so I’d like to ask Fina to help me.] Yuna

I opened the other door in my room. There is a bear transfer gate there.

[Are you perhaps going somewhere?] Fina

Yes, I am. Fina, you can tell just by looking at the bear gate. It’s good that you’ve guessed it. I opened the door of the bear gate. I took Fina through the door. Swaying Bear, who turned into a bear cub, followed us with a trotting sound.

Beyond that is the bear gate of the bear house in Targui. I took Fina outside the house.

Fina looks around with Kyoro Kyoro. (neck turning sfx)

[Yuna-oneesan. Where is this?] Fina

Fina asked anxiously. Fina has a lot of questions since earlier, but I can’t help it because I haven’t told her anything. She doesn’t know where this is because there are trees around us.

[It’s the moving island that we went to earlier.] Yuna

[Why are we here? A monster… And a house on top of that…] Fina

[It’s okay because it’s not a monster. And this house is the one you used for evacuation.] Yuna

Fina looks at me with a frightened face.

[But what do you want to do on this island? It’s dark and you can’t do anything.] Fina

It’s certainly dark here. I used light magic to bring out the bear light. It illuminates the area around us.

[I’m thinking of making hanabi (fireworks) with a little magic, but I don’t know if it can be done properly by myself, so I’d like to ask Fina to check it.] Yuna

[…Hanabi? What is Hanabi?] Fina

Fina tilts her head on the side.

Of course, she doesn’t know it if I suddenly say fireworks. How should I explain this?

[Well, I’m going to launch the magic of light into the sky and make flowers?] Yuna

[You’re making a flower in the sky?] Fina

Fina again tilts her head slightly and thinks.

Uu~~~~, it’s difficult to explain. It’s complicated to explain something that the other person doesn’t know or haven’t even seen before.

I picked up a fallen branch, I explained the fireworks on the ground.

[Well, I’m going to launch the light magic from the ground into the sky, so I want Fina to tell me what it looks like from a distance.] Yuna

I drew the person who portrays as Fina on the ground, then drew the person who portrays as me at a distance. And then I drew a picture of the magic that was shot upwards.

[Somehow I understand. Yuna-oneesan draws a picture of her casting light magic.] Fina

Well, will that happen though?

I turned Swaying Bear into his normal size, then Fina and I rode on Swaying Bear. We moved towards the front of Targui, where the Kryna-Hark’s monolith was located.

[Then, put out the bear phone, that’s right. Look at the sky over there.] Yuna

Using my bear puppet, I pointed to the sky. Fina takes out the bear phone as told.

[Then, Swaying Bear. I’ll leave Fina to you.] Yuna


I ran in the direction where I pointed at and move away from where Fina is.

Is it okay around here?

I also take out the bear phone and talk to Fina.

[Fina, can you hear me?] Yuna

{Yes, I can hear you.} Fina

[Well then, look at the sky.] Yuna

I shoot light magic toward the sky.

The light magic shoots up in the sky and pops in a circle.

[How was it, Fina? Was it round?] Yuna

{No matter how I look at it, the light spread in a horizontal line. Is this hanabi?} Fina


[Not round?] Yuna

{U~n, it doesn’t look like a long circle.} Fina

That’s right. Even if I’m seeing a circle from below, it’ll be a line or an elongated circle from Fina’s point of view. I’m an idiot. Instead of making it into a sphere, I made it into a ring. Moreover, it is in the state viewed from below.

I launched another light magic.

{This time it’s a circle! It looks like it spreads from the center.} Fina

Fina’s voice can be heard from the Bear Phone.

Alright, it’ll be the advanced versions from here on out.

This time, I created circles in multiple layers, and when I turn around, I shot the light magic as if I were drawing a picture in the sky. Originally, the fireworks have the same shape when viewed from 360 degrees, but I’m only focusing in the direction that can be seen by Fina. Because it’s a hassle.

But every time, Fina asked, <What is this?>, <You’re not…>, <You’re not done yet?>, <I can’t see…>, and I received a lot of unclear reactions.

…………But in the end.

<It’s beautiful>, <I can see it!>,  <Yuna-oneesan is amazing!>, <It’s flowing down like a river.> I heard an excited voice from the Bear Phone.

Yeah, this looks okay. With the help of Fina, the magical soundless fireworks were completed. But fireworks sound strange even though they don’t use fire. That being said, I can’t think of any other name.

However, the bottleneck is that there is no sound. No matter how much I play with light magic, there is no sound. And there is no sound even if I mixed it with flames.

Actually, I also wanted to use electric shock magic to make it flashy, but I stopped using electric shock magic.

Going back to the present.

When I came to the beach, I launched a fireworks display into the sky.

{Something shined!}



{It went up again!}

Children’s voices can be heard from the bear phone. Fina is holding the bear phone and delivers real-time reaction voices from the roof of the bear building.

Of course, I was going to cut the call if an unpleasant word came out, but it seems that there is no such tension in the air.

I launched continuously, jump high on my own, and fly lightly to the left and right. I’m dressed as a black bear. Even if I jump, I just blend into the darkness, and they can’t see my figure from the Bear Building, so I should be fine.

From the spreading fireworks to the fireworks that look like a meteor. From the middle, it feels like drawing a picture with light magic instead of fireworks. And I thought that the children would be happy, so I decided to make a bear firework. I thought this was the most difficult. However, when I imagined it, I couldn’t do it with other animals, but I could easily do it with a bear. This may be one of the bear abilities as well as bear house and bear magic.

The finished bear’s face spreads in the night sky. From the bear phone, I can hear the happy voices of the children.

The soundless fireworks ended with great success.

However, it appears that some of the residents of Mereera were watching it. It seems that they thought something was wrong, though when they saw the last bear fireworks, they knew it was me and was relieved. By the time they saw the bear and thought of me, it looks like the <I = Bear> formula had been set in stone in the whole town of Mereera. I want to deny it, but I’m sad because I can’t.

The next day, we prepared to return to Crimonia. Meanwhile, various people came to greet me.

First is Jeremo-san.

[Miss, I’ll manage the waterslide properly, so don’t worry about it.] Jeremo

The result of consultation between Cliff and Jeremo-san. I decided to leave it only during the summer. He thought that if Cliff advertised it in Crimonia, he would get a lot of tolls for the tunnel, so he told Jeremo to leave it for a while. Jeremo couldn’t resist Cliff and agreed.

At that time, he lamented, <I have more work now…>.

Sorry. I didn’t mean that.

Instead, I put a door at the entrance of the bear waterslide to prevent anyone to enter without permission. It cannot be used in places where no adults are supervising. And various conditions were set up.

The fishermen were also trying to see me off, but they were stopped by Kuro-ojisan. Atora-san also showed up and said, <I’m going to Crimonia next time>.

Dega-san was so busy that he couldn’t leave the inn, so he left me a message to Anzu. <Next time, I’ll treat you to some delicious food>, he said.

Finally, the local children saw us off. It seems that they played together and became friends.

[So why are Cliff and Gran-san here? Going to see us off, maybe?] Yuna

[I’m thinking of seeing the bear carriage you made.] Cliff

Apparently, he asked Noa and the others.

When I put out the bear bus, I thought they would be surprised, or have a stunned look on their faces.

Instead, Cliff said he will ride the bear bus home.

[What about your carriage?] Yuna

[I’ve asked Masrika, so there’s no problem.] Cliff

In the end, Cliff and Gran-san also got on the bear bus and went home together with us. Then, among Marina’s party, they have to decide who will return to Crimonia in the slow carriage on which Cliff and Gran-san are riding earlier.

Masrika and Itia are the escorts for Cliff and Gran-san, while Marina and Eru are escorts of Misa. Then, Masrika and Itia, who had never ride the bear bus before, will get on the bear bus, and the carriage that Cliff and Gran-san have been riding will be returned by Marina and Eru.

The two were sad, but this is also a part of their job.

The bear bus departs from Mereera and it will arrive in Crimonia a few hours later. The employee trip was completed successfully.

Author’s Note:

This marks the end of the travel arc. When I wrote about the 6th day, I found out about fireworks, so it became like this.

It will be a new arc in the next chapter. (The Dwarves.)

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