Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 402 - No Next Time (2)

Chapter 402. No Next Time (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Min Pinyou, “…”

Rong Yi smiled at all four of them.

Min Liangying opened his mouth wanting to rebut Rong Yi’s words. But Old Lord Min said at this time, “Xiaoyi has already seen all of you through. Stop pretending.”

Min Liangyin’s whole family immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Old Lady Min covered her mouth and smiled, “I told you not to test Xiaoyi again. How could their performance deceive Xiaoyi’s eyes? Xiaoyi, I hope you don’t mind, your grandfather is to see your performance in all aspects.”

Min Liangying threw Rong Yi an embarrassing smile.

When Old Lord Min wrote them a letter asking them to embarrass Rong Yi, they really felt it too hard as they had never done anything like this before. It took them a whole day to come up with such an idea, but Rong Yi didn’t fall for it at all. But fortunately he didn’t fall for it, otherwise they really didn’t know how to perform next.

Old Lady Yin looked apologetically at Rong Yi, “Xiaoyi, we shouldn’t have done this. Sorry. But you got believe that we have already believed that you are a good kid.”

Originally she did not agree with her father to do so, but in order to let his parents know Rong Yi is a good child, also in order to let her parents rest assured, she had to agree.

Rong Yi smiled, “Grandma, mom, I can understand grandpa’s intention, he is doing this for the good of Jinye and his mom.”

Once his second brother often took his boyfriend back to meet his parents, he had seen too many such scenes. They only tried to test if the other side was really good to his second elder brother.

Old Lord Min nodded with satisfaction, “You know I don’t have much time left. I worry about Jinye and his mother the most, so I don’t want anyone to hurt them after I pass away.”

He looked at the grave face of Yin Jinye, picked his eyebrows, “Xiaoye, you are not happy about what grandpa did, right?”

Rong Yi elbowed Yin Jinye, “Grandpa is asking you!”

Yin Jinye then said grimly, “There’s no next time!”

Even if everything was false and it was for his own good, he did not want others to say any bad words about Rong Yi, for he believed in his own eyes.

With his back against them, Min Liangyin flattened his clothes and resumed his usual graceful appearance, then said to Rong Yi with an apologetic face, “Xiaoyi, sorry about that. I was being rude.”

Yuan Yingying took out two gifts, and smiled to Rong Yi, “Xiaoyi, this is our gift for you. Hope you’d like it. And this one, dad asked us to prepare it for him. They came in a hurry this time, and did bring any gift, so he told us to bring it for him.”

It was inappropriate for Rong Yi to refuse her, so he could only say, “Thank you, grandpa, grandma, uncle and aunt.”

“Wait…” Ming Pinyou ran before Rong Yi, “I also got a gift for you. Cou…”

He stopped in the middle and turned to look at his parents, “What should I call him?”

Everyone was stuck by his question.

Old Lady Yin said, “Just call him cousin.”

If you call him sister-in-law, people will laugh at Rong Yi.

Yin Jinye also agreed with this appellation.

“Cousin, this is my gift for you.” Min Pinyou gave his gift to Rong Yi.

Min Pinjie also hurriedly took out her gift and gave it to Rong Yi, “Cousin Rong, I hope you wouldn’t mind about what we just said. It was all false, not some words from deep of our heart. And, you and Jinye are perfect for each other.”

Rong Yi liked listening to the latter part of her words, and also gave them his gifts he had prepared.

Seeing that his gift was a medicine bottle, he felt curious and opened it, dense spiritual qi instantly overflew, and others also got attracted by it.

He poured it out and saw that it was a level nine spirit-nourishing elixir, but its quality was even better than the divine level nine elixir. He was amazed “Xiaoyi, you know clearly that my body is in exhaustion, why did you send me such a valuable elixir? Isn’t it a waste?”

Rong yi explained, “If you still act like before, no elixir works on you. And I will never waste anything on you. But now you have resumed your original appearance, and can absorb some elixirs. So why not try to improve yourself and overpower your doom and ascend before the end of your life-span.”

Old Lord Min sighed, “That’s easy to say.”

Others were also very worried about his health.

“It’s not up to us whether it’s easy or not, but heaven and the heavenly path! I once had an old ancestor. Like you, he was also at the last of his days, but he didn’t give up, or anxiously tried to cultivate. Like usual, he just did as what he usually did. Let nature takes it course. On his last day of exhaustion when half of his hair grew white, his doom thunder came.”

“Did your old ancestor succeed in his doom overpowering?” Old Lord Min hurriedly asked.

Rong Yi blinked at him, “I will tell you the next part when your doom thunder comes.”

“You are a bad boy,” Old Lord Min said angrily, “trying to tantalize me!”

Old Lady Min agreed with Rong Yi, “Yeah, tell him the latter part when he meets his doom.”

Old Lord Min sighed, “Fine, fine. But, when that day really comes, you got to tell me!”

Rong Yi smiled, “I will!”

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