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Chapter 1769 - Caught in the Crossfire

Chapter 1769: Caught in the Crossfire

‘Always heard? Heard from whom?!’

Ling Han gazed at the young man, and said, “Oh? I seem to be fairly famous.”

“I’m not praising you!” Fu Zhengtong couldn’t help but shout. For some reason, he was easily triggered by Ling Han.

“Who’s always talking about me?” Ling Han asked with a smile.

Fu Zhengtong chuckled coldly. He then stared at Ling Han for a while before answering, “The Holy Son of the Lunar Sect!”

‘Bei Xuanming?’

Ling Han involuntarily said a silent “oh” in his mind. There was no such thing as random love in this world, and there was similarly no such thing as random hate. Even a profligate disciple like Fu Zhengtong wouldn’t randomly block the entrance to the academy for no good reason.

However, if he were an acquaintance of Bei Xuanming, then everything would make perfect sense.

Bei Xuanming had suffered at the hands of Ling Han before, so he was now encouraging Fu Zhengtong to block the gate to the academy. As for Mao Dai, he was simply someone who had been caught in the crossfire. Anyhow, it was unclear whether Fu Zhengtong had decided to have some fun first, or he had purposely targeted Mao Dai because he knew about his good relationship with Ling Han.

In any case, Mao Dai had definitely been dragged into this mess by Ling Han.

Ling Han rubbed his nose upon thinking of this. Since this was the case, he would simply beat Fu Zhengtong to exact revenge for Mao Dai—this was only a beating, so it wouldn’t matter too much, right? To say nothing of his relationship with Fu Gaoyun, just his relationship with the two great alchemists was enough for him to act arrogantly in the Fu Clan. Of course, this arrogance naturally came with a limit.

“Are you Bei Xuanming’s lackey?” he asked with a smile. “He was pummeled by me, yet he doesn’t dare to challenge me face to face, so he encouraged trash like you to cause trouble for me?”


Fu Zhengtong almost jumped up in fury. He was a member of the Fu Clan! What did this mean? This meant that everyone in the surrounding 10,000 or so cities would need to respectfully refer to him as “Young Master Tong”, even if they were Dividing Soul Tier elites!

‘You have no background, and you’ve only just advanced to the Severing Mundane Tier. Yet, you actually dare to act so wantonly before me?’

“Ling Han, do you think you can act arrogantly and wantonly just because you have the support of Fu Gaoyun?” Fu Zhengtong asked with a cold chuckle. There was a strong sense of disdain in his voice. However, his eyes suddenly lit up when he saw the arriving Empress and Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

More precisely, it was because he had seen the Empress. Although the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was also stunningly beautiful, one could still find around 10 similarly beautiful women in any one city. Moreover, she hadn’t reached the Severing Mundane Tier yet, so she wasn’t overly attractive to Fu Zhengtong.

However, the Empress was completely different. Although her true appearance was concealed, her figure was far too shapely and perfect. Combined with her mysterious and noble aura, as well as her Severing Mundane Tier cultivation, Fu Zhengtong’s heart instantly started to thump in excitement.

With his power and status, he didn’t only consider a woman’s appearance and figure when he toyed with them. More of the time, he would focus on their aura, disposition, status, and cultivation level.

When taking a female companion, those at the Genesis Tier would be nothing more than mere decoration. However, a female companion at the Severing Mundane Tier would be completely different. Everyone would be envious.

For example, Fu Zhengtong was extremely envious of Ling Han right now. This was because even he didn’t have a Severing Mundane Tier dao partner.

“Oh,” Ling Han replied. “So, Fu Gaoyun isn’t the successor of the Fu Clan?”

“He’s only one of the potential successors!” Fu Zhengtong said in disdain.

“Oh, so you’re another potential successor then?” Ling Han said with a chuckle. He was naturally saying this to mock Fu Zhengtong. He hadn’t even performed flawless severances, so the Fu Clan would definitely be mocked to death if someone like him were to become the future clan leader of the Fu Clan.

However, Fu Zhengtong wasn’t enraged upon hearing this. Instead, he said with an expression of yearning, “I naturally don’t have the right to become a potential successor. However, Young Master Hai does! He’s the future hope of the Fu Clan. If Fu Gaoyun, trash who only knows how to play instruments, becomes the future clan leader of the Fu Clan, then it will be utter humiliation for the entire clan!”

By the looks of it, the Fu Clan was also divided into many different factions. Moreover, the position of clan leader was far too attractive, so much so that it caused division between the clan members. Everyone supported their own leader.

Ling Han came to a sudden realization. Fu Zhengtong hadn’t come here to target him simply because of the animosity between him and Bei Xuanming. It was also because he had become far too friendly with Fu Gaoyun. As such, he was being targeted by the faction of Young Master Hai.

As it turned out, he was also someone who was caught in the crossfire. Mao Dai had been caught in the crossfire because of him, and he had been caught in the crossfire because of Fu Gaoyun.

“I don’t care about the Fu Clan’s internal matters. I don’t care about who becomes the clan leader of the Fu Clan, either.” Ling Han shook his head, and continued, “However, since you’ve provoked me, I can’t let this slide unless I give you a beating.”

“Hahaha! You’re only a measly first severance cultivator! Who do you think you are?” Fu Zhengtong roared with laughter. Did this person truly think that he could act wantonly just because he was slightly more talented?

Ling Han grinned, and said, “Why speak so much nonsense? Hurry up and fight me. It’s my hobby to pummel people like you!”

“Impudence!” Fu Zhengtong roared. He immediately charged forward to attack Ling Han.


Countless Regulations erupted from his body, transforming into lengths of black chain that arched up into a net that looked much like a hunting spider.

Ling Han dashed forward to meet Fu Zhengtong’s attack.

The Empress’ battle prowess was slightly inferior to his, and at this moment, she could only rival elites at the third severance. She couldn’t rival those at the fourth severance. However, if she advanced to the peak stage of the second severance, she would most likely be able to rival those at the early stage of the fourth severance.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden naturally couldn’t rival those at the Severing Mundane Tier.

Ling Han reached over, and he immediately grabbed one of the Chains of Regulations. With a powerful pull, Fu Zhengtong couldn’t help but stumble forward. Meanwhile, Ling Han borrowed this momentum to dash forward, throwing a punch as he did so.

Fu Zhengtong was greatly astonished. It looked like Ling Han was grabbing a chain, yet in reality, he was actually grabbing onto Regulations. The great dao was formless, so how could it be grabbed? Moreover, this had caused a backlash to strike his body, making him involuntarily stumble.

Ling Han was an absolute freak!

“Second severance!” Fu Zhengtong yelped in astonishment. Since Ling Han had unleashed his aura, he could naturally determine Ling Han’s cultivation level. What kind of first severance was this? If this was the first severance, then he would hack his head off and use it as a football!

That f*cking Bei Xuanming was far too unreliable! And he had even said that Ling Han had only just advanced to the Severing Mundane Tier in the Severing Mundane Pool! He had clearly advanced to the second severance there!

Perhaps Ling Han had advanced from the first severance to the second severance in these past few years? Even if he were beaten to death, Fu Zhengtong would still refuse to believe this!

After all, did this make any sense?

However, he quickly composed himself, saying, “So what if you’re at the second severance?”

There was disdain on his face, and he immediately raised his fist to throw another punch at Ling Han.

Even king tiers were only invincible against those at the same cultivation level. For example, king tiers who had reached the peak stage of the second severance could indeed surpass the barrier in cultivation level and rival those at the early stage of the third severance. However, they would definitely be pummeled by those at the middle stage of the third severance.

Right now, Fu Zhengtong was at the early stage of the fourth severance, so what did it matter even if Ling Han were a king tier at the peak stage of the second severance?

Before Fu Zhengtong, he was nothing but trash!

Ling Han couldn’t help but chuckle, and say, “You’re the one who’s faltering and being astonished, yet you’re also the one who’s saying that there’s nothing wrong. It’s such a shame that you’re not an actor. It’s an absolute waste of your talent!”


Their fists collided, and both of them instantly stumbled back in retreat. After stabilizing themselves, they couldn’t help but stumble back several more steps. Only then were they finally able to completely stabilize themselves.

They were evenly matched in this exchange.

An expression of astonishment spread across Fu Zhengtong’s face. This was far too terrifying. Ling Han was only at the second severance, yet he was already able to rival him? Although he was only at the early stage of the fourth severance, he should have still been far more powerful than Ling Han, who was only at the peak stage of the second severance at most.

‘F*ck! What kind of freak is he?!’

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