Life, Once Again!

Chapter 620 - : The Premiere Begins

Chapter 620: The Premiere Begins

Those groups might have known that Wu Feng was in the group, hence they were quite polite to him. However, they did not have a good impression of Su Yang.

‘It hasn’t been easy for Brother Wu to make this movie. In the end, it’s being messed up by the producer, causing the industry to be abuzz currently.’

‘That’s right. Brother Wu initially wanted to make a comeback, but now everyone’s laughing at him.’

‘However, that producer is really confident. What kind of masterpiece has Brother Wu created that has caused him to be so confident?’

‘No matter how confident he is, 500 million yuan is too much, isn’t it?”

“There are a bunch of people in the industry who seem to be watching a comedy show, especially those from Hong Kong. They have always been at loggerheads with us and now they’re even more eager. They’re prepared to kick us when we’re down if the box office earnings does not exceed 500 million yuan.’

‘Sigh, 500 million yuan… That’s a lot. I’ve filmed three movies, but they’re not even worth 100 million yuan combined.’

Su Yang scrolled through a few groups and realized that the comments were similar.

The only difference was whether they were mocking Wu Feng or not.

However, regardless, Su Yang was considered to be famous in every group.

Su Yang scrolled for a while before reaching the last group. When he opened it, he let out a soft gasp.

‘Why is this group different from before?

‘Most of the previous group chats were treating me as a joke while a minority of them just mentioned Wu Feng. However, most of them here are talking about Wu Feng.’

‘Is Wu Feng crazy? Could he have been infected by his producer?’

‘I think so. He actually insulted Brother Gang.’

‘That’s right. He also said that the box office earnings would not only be 500 million yuan, but 600 million yuan.’

‘Mad, that’s nuts.’

‘Let’s just wait for the comedy show.’

Su Yang looked at the group name curiously. The group’s name was “Xida Alley”. ‘Judging from the group name that has a strong Beijing smell, I’m guessing this should be a group consisting of Beijing people.’

He clicked on the group members and realized that they were indeed all from Beijing, where most of them were celebrities and directors above the B-Rank.

Su Yang scrolled through the group. There was only one person called Liang Gang in the group. ‘He’s probably that Brother Gang they were talking about.’

Su Yang flipped through the records and soon saw the conversation between Liang Gang and Wu Feng.

Just like the other groups, this group was discussing Su Yang’s matter. Wu Feng was obviously more familiar with the people in this group, so he replied with a few sentences and explained.

Unexpectedly, Liang Gang appeared out of nowhere and mocked Wu Feng and Su Yang, saying that the two of them were dreaming and actually had the guts to declare an ultimatum that they would make 500 million yuan at the box office.

One had to know that Liang Gang was also a director and he was a famous director in the industry. He had filmed many masterpieces. However, within the industry, he was also known for shooting his mouth off and commenting on other people’s matters.

Once he spoke, no one dared to respond.

Initially, Wu Feng merely laughed and tried to change the topic.

However, Liang Gang refused to let it go. He said that Su Yang did not respect his seniors. The atmosphere in the industry was created by those new investors who did not follow the rules.

He also said that Wu Feng was biting off more than he could chew. The previous movie had been so miserable, yet he dared to film a new movie so quickly and even doubled his investment capital. He claimed that Wu Feng was practically cheating his investors of their money, ruining the reputation of the industry.

Initially, Wu Feng was still tolerating it, but when he saw that Liang Gang was getting more and more overboard, he couldn’t take it anymore.

It was normal for the matter to be controversial, but since they were all in the same circle, they would not go overboard. At most, they would just sit back and watch the show.

However, Liang Gang’s direct ridicule was a slap in the face.

Wu Feng was also a person with a heart. Previously, he was willing to live it down since Liang Gang was his senior. However, since Liang Gang was being relentless, Wu Feng was no longer willing to rein in his temper anymore!

He was not the kind of person who would pretend to be weak just because the other party was of a high status and a power, hence he directly confronted Liang Gang.

Just as the two of them were talking, Wu Feng threw down a vicious sentence. ‘There’s no use in talking so much now! Let’s wait for the movie to be released and see the results!’

Liang Gang gave two “sneer” emojis. ‘Let’s see how you’re going to get 500 million yuan.’

Unexpectedly, Wu Feng rebutted, ‘No, it’s not 500 million yuan, it’s 600 million yuan! Now that I see someone like you who likes to talk big can get a few hundred million yuan at the box office, my expectations for the box office have increased.’

Then, the two of them exchanged a few more “trash talk” and left.

After the two of them left, the group fell silent for a while before they started to talk about their verbal war.

From the start, the topic had been leaning towards Liang Gang. After all, Liang Gang had been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years. He had filmed many popular movies, won the year’s box office championship and won various large domestic and international awards. He was a true big shot.

On the other hand, Wu Feng was only a B-Ranked actor, a rookie director and one who had just failed recently.

It was obvious who they would choose.

That was how the one-sided criticism against Wu Feng which Su Yang had just seen came about.

After looking through the group chat records, Su Yang returned his phone to Wu Feng and said with a smile, “Brother Wu, you’ve literally taken my s*it to boast around.”

Wu Feng smiled and said, “Brother Su, I was angry first of all. Secondly, I thought about it for a long time when I went back that day. If even a producer like yourself is so confident in our movie, why shouldn’t I be? This is the best movie I’ve ever made. I believe that you won’t make both myself and yourself disappointed!”

The two of them clinked their glasses and downed their drinks. Su Yang said firmly, “Definitely not!”

Back at the hotel, Su Yang entered the virtual space and called Little Hus out so that it could sniff “Wolf Warriors” again.

“How is it? Are you sure it can exceed 600 million?” Su Yang asked.

Little Hus’s husky dog looked hesitant. After a while, it widened its eyes and looked at Su Yang. “How should I know?”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Wow, someone’s grown a pair!’

Su Yang then said, “Jan…!”

Little Hus hugged Su Yang’s leg and said obsequiously, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Su Yang kicked its furry body and said, “Hurry up and tell me.”

Little Hus lets go of the dog’s paw and then says, “Actually… I’m not sure either. I feel like I have been disconnected for a while just now. After all, I can’t smell it that accurately. It’s normal to have tolerances. Anyway… About 600 million yuan.”

Su Yang slapped its head. “I can’t have tolerances now! I didn’t care before, so it’s just a prize. Now, it has to pass 600 million yuan! It mustn’t be under, only over!”

“Now, it’s two people’s honour on the line.”

Little Hus waved its left paw and gave Su Yang a husky stare. “You’re just making things difficult for me. I can’t change the fragrance.”

Su Yang frowned and pondered. “How about this? I’ll ask Wu Feng for his recent publicity plans and you’ll see if they can increase the box office.”

Little Ha nodded. “Sure.”

Once the matter was settled, the little puppy scratched Su Yang’s leg and said, “Su Yang, I’ve got something to discuss with you.”

Su Yang lowered his head and asked, “What is it?”

The puppy looked conflicted. “When there’s a problem between us, can you stop calling Janet casually? Isn’t that cheating?”

“Let’s resolve our problems on our own. What’s the big idea in involving family?”

At this point, Little Hus had a solemn expression on his face. “Whatever we do outside, we don’t involve family!”

Su Yang was speechless.

“Janet! Take Little Hus away, it’s too annoying!”

Little Hus was speechless.

In the afternoon, Su Yang gave Wu Feng a call and told him that he wanted to take a look at the publicity and distribution plans. The two of them were currently on their honeymoon period, so Wu Feng did not feel that Su Yang was asking for too much. Hence, he sent the publicity and distribution plans to Su Yang’s email.

After Su Yang received the plans, he told Wu Feng that he had a big shot in this field and asked him to make some adjustments. If Wu Feng was not anxious, he could wait for a while.

‘I’ve known Su Yang for a long time, so I should have known that Su Yang is extremely resourceful. I suppose it’s only normal for such a big shot to appear.

‘In any case, Su Yang has taken up almost half of the movie’s investment, so there’s no way he would mess it up on purpose.’

In the next ten or so hours, Su Yang and Little Hus used its ten times a day of [Opportunity Sniffing] to reorganize the plan. After eight tries, they chose the plan with the strongest fragrance.

After choosing his plan, Su Yang asked Little Hus, “Can it stably pass 600 million yuan now?”

Little Hus hesitated for a moment. “It’s slightly stronger than before.”

‘Stronger… That means there’s still a possibility that it might be less than 600 million yuan.’

Su Yang pondered for a while and tore a piece of paper. He wrote down a line of words, [Promote it on Findme app, as well as Su Yang, Han Yi and Lin Jiali’s Weibo and Tik Tok.] and threw it onto the plan. “How about this?”

Little Hus’s eyes lit up. “This should be enough.”

Su Yang nodded. ‘It’s settled then!’

At that moment, Little Hus asked, “Why don’t we try putting Mei Yue up there?”

Su Yang hesitated for a moment and asked curiously, “Why Mei Yue? Mei Yue is just a trainee. She doesn’t even have any fans on Weibo. What’s the point?”

Hesitation was written all over the little husky’s face. “I don’t know. But it just feels like… Like it could work.”

Su Yang hesitated before adding the word “Mei Yue”.

Little Hus suddenly jumped up. “Damn! It works! It actually works!”

Su Yang was shocked. “What do you mean?”

Little Hus said happily, “The fragrance has suddenly increased dramatically! It’s definitely able to surpass 600 million yuan at the box office now, maybe even more!”

Su Yang was stunned.

‘What the h*ck?

‘There’s no one on Mei Yue’s Weibo… Is she actually able to get more people to look after she’s sent out a post on Weibo?’

Su Yang felt that it was unrealistic just by thinking with his toes.

‘What else could it be then?

‘She has a huge fortune built into her?

‘As long as she’s involved in the project, the success rate of the project will be increased?

‘Then… Is she the legendary “carp”?

‘Then… she’d be a treasure.’

Su Yang immediately decided that Mei Yue had to be held firmly in his hands. Things that could increase one’s luck were priceless treasures!

After Su Yang and Little Hus came up with a plan, Su Yang sent it to Wu Feng.

After taking a look, Wu Feng felt that it was indeed just a slight adjustment. Coupled with his trust in Su Yang, he agreed.

Very quickly, two days passed. On Monday, the small-scale pre-screening in the five cities for “Wolf Warriors” officially began!

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