Lust Knight

Chapter 244 - Great Wall

Chapter 244 – Great Wall

The great army of the Light Empire…

Whether in a group of five hundred, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, or the new record, two hundred thousand soldiers, they have a high rate of victories, only losing sometimes to Alliance’s troops.

That high rate of victories is not only due to the number of soldiers in their groups, but mainly due to the individual strength and excellent discipline of Light Empire troops.

With most of its troops being in B and A-rank, many of them in S-rank, while their generals are even in SS-rank, the Light Empire army is really incredible by the standards of an inferior world.

And the Light Empire soldiers know how strong they are. They are proud to be part of such a force.

Now, these soldiers look proudly at the sky, watching the incredible coordinated attack of twenty thousand experienced, powerful, A, and even some S-rank, Light Empire mages, heading towards a small group of soldiers who have no chance of winning that battle, even though the devil himself leads them.

Never before has such an absurdly incredible attack been seen. Those twenty thousand mages not only cast any spell, but they charged their most powerful spells for a minute, and now they can’t even describe how powerful this attack is.

Then, the moment that everyone was waiting for happens. The rain of destruction cast by the Light Empire army strikes the humble magic shield of the enemy troops, creating a tremendous explosion.


Fire, ice, rocks, and lightning create a wave of force and light that forces the Light Empire soldiers to protect their eyes with their arms while their ears even hurt a little because of the loud sound.

The soldiers of the Light Empire can’t help but think they already won.

“It’s over.”

“They can’t have survived that, right?”

“Did we really need such a big army for that?”

“Dawn was crazy when she gathered so many soldiers to deal with that group of idiots…”

One of the generals smiled as he tries to see what had happened to Lucien’s army barrier. “This is the power of our Light Empire!!”

A soldier from the front asked in a still worried tone. “The devil… he died, right?”

Another soldier slapped his friend on the shoulder. “Of course he died, their barrier is o-.”

That soldier cannot finish his words as he notices that the magic barrier is still standing while the mess caused by ashes and rocks from the mages’ attacks falls to the ground.

As the vision of the other soldiers becomes clear, they all begin to realize that their mages’ attack did not break down the barrier as they expected.

“No way!!”

“No f.u.c.k.i.n.g way!!”

“It cannot be…”

The soldiers are shocked. The attack not only failed but caused just minor visible damage to the ice and stone barriers while the bright barrier in the middle appears untouched.

Lucien, who continues to fly behind the transparent barrier, cannot help but smile, proud of his girls.

L.u.s.t, in his arms as usual, also smiles as she comments. “Your demonic energy never stops surprising me.”

They already expected that result. Still, the coordinated and charged attack of twenty thousand mages is not now that simple even though they are of the Zero Realm.

The barriers of Angela, Marie, Lena, and Rose only suffered some damage because one person only did them.

And of course, although they are girls from the early stages of the Mortal Realm, they have equivalent power to someone of the middle or even late stages of the Mortal Realm because of Lucien’s demonic energy.

And while the barriers of Lucien’s wives can quickly regenerate, the barrier of his troops has not suffered any damage. That was due to the fact that their barrier is made by several girls, which despite being still in SS-rank, thanks to Lucien’s boost, are comparable to people from the early stages of Mortal Realm.

L.u.s.t gives Lucien all the credit, specifically his incredible demonic energy and his capabilities to give girls pleasure, thus generating more and more of that incredible and powerful energy.

But Lucien knows that it is only possible because the girls accepted him with open hearts. They not only follow his orders obediently but also trust him enough to enter a battlefield to face troops with numbers many times theirs.

“I want to kiss each one of them and tell them how amazing they are,” Lucien comments as he looks at his wives and female troops.

L.u.s.t laugh. “Of course you do. That’s one more reason why they all love you so much.”

Lucien knows that the battle is just beginning, and there will be much time for him to reward his girls later.

He looks at the Light Empire troops while speaking loudly with his boosted voice to his girls. “Keep the barriers up. They’re going to attack again.”

Just as Lucien said, the mages of the Light Empire army began to prepare another charged attack as the main general ordered.

The general aimed his sword again at the barrier of Lucien’s troops. “MAGES… FIRE!!!”

Again, the incredible wave of spells made a shadow on the battleground and a visual spectacle in the sky above it before hitting the magic barrier.


That time the soldiers of the Light Empire just wait in silence, with worried expressions on their faces as they hear the loud noise of the explosions, very similar to the previous attacks.

Although many of them are again confident that the new attack broke the barrier of Lucien’s troops, none of them wants to celebrate before seeing the destroyed barrier with their own eyes.

“No…” A soldier from the front speaks in a sad tone, making it clear to the other soldiers beside him what has happened.

The other soldiers began to realize that the ice and rock parts of the big barrier have suffered almost no damage while the central barrier remains intact again.

The main general shakes his head as he doesn’t understand what’s going on. “That… how… it doesn’t make any sense.”

He looks at the lines of mages behind the front lines. All the mages have expressions of shock on their faces.

They understand well how powerful their coordinated attacks are, and it really doesn’t make sense for the barrier of Lucien’s troops to resist them that way.

The general gaze at the big barrier, specifically at Lucien, flying behind the central transparent part. “Twenty thousand mages… what kind of magic is this devil using?!”

The general’s assistant, who is always by his side, speaks in a respectful tone. “Sir, he must have some magical treasure. Though, that must be already at Its limit. We must attack again, but this time we should also use the flanker troops and the mages of the sh.i.p.s.”

The general tries to recover his focus. He was chosen to be the principal general because he is the strongest among them, but no one is really prepared to lead so many troops as they trusted Dawn entirely for that. Now, everything is complicated for the main general and his mates.

“Yes, he is using a treasure. Our next attack will destroy that!” The general tightens his sword’s grip while trying to sound confident.

Then he orders his assistant to activate the rune that sends the signal for the ship’s mages to attack along with the next coordinated attack of the other mages and for the troops flanking Lucien’s troops to attack them.

Lucien continues to focus his hearing on the generals, listening to their orders, and thus tells his girls to keep the barrier up.

Although his wives are maintaining their barriers alone, they have not yet used even twenty percent of their mana, as Lucien’s boost in their bodies is much more significant than in the girls without his tattoo.

In the case of his mage troops, they have the advantage of sharing the responsibility of making the barrier, in addition to the fact that Lucien has given a more significant boost to them than to his other troops; after all, the mages will defend their group all the time from spells and arrows.

So, the girls keep the barrier without problems while Angela increases the size of her barrier, which now defends not only the front lines but also Lucien’s male troops, as well as the mercenaries and adventurers from the attacks that will come from the mages on the sh.i.p.s.

Considering that Angela will attack with him in addition to having to defend more troops than the other girls, Lucien flies to her side to help her recover mana with kisses and caresses, which she loves a lot, of course.

While hugging Angela’s waist, Lucien warns Olivia and Scarlett about the Light Empire troops that will attack them from behind.

Then again, the main general of the Light Empire raises his sword.

This time, it is possible to see that his hands are shaking as he speaks in a not very confident tone.

“Mages… Fire!”

Those twenty thousand mages push their bodies to their limits, using all their remaining mana in an incredible wave of spells together with the ship’s mages, creating an attack significantly more powerful than the previous one.

Simultaneously, the ten thousand flanker troops attack Lucien’s troops from behind with spells and arrows as their vanguards advance against mercenaries and adventurers.

Olivia and Scarlett led their groups, using not only the adventurers and mercenaries mages but also four of Lucien female troops’ mages that he has sent to be always by his wives’ side.

While they manage to defend the back lines, the girls’ big barrier stands firm even under the incredibly powerful attack of the Light Empire’s mages.

The central part of the magic barrier is still consistent, though some of the female troops start to sweat while focusing their mana fully on the barrier.

The parts of the barriers made of ice and rock, now suffer visible damage in its external parts, but no attack manages to penetrate through it because there are a few meters of solid ice and rock inside.

Some parts of Lena’s barrier began to crumble from her side, causing Marie to smile at her provocatively.

“Hump!” Lena pouts while quickly repair the small parts of her barrier that have fallen.

She was never really good with barriers as she easily loses concentration, but that little lapse did no damage to the troops as she quickly repaired that.

Lucien smiles at Marie and Lena as he sends them mental messages. ‘You are both incredible, my dears. I am very fortunate that you are by my side.’

Both sisters blush while their hearts are filled with happiness because of Lucien’s love. He always manages to make them feel incredibly special.

Lucien also smiles at Rose. ‘As expected of my Rose. Perfect is insufficient to describe my cute little vampire.’

While Rose also blushes because of Lucien’s loving words, Angela doesn’t receive compliments but tender kisses on her neck as well as Lucien rubbing his nose on her hair in a tender way, which she loves so much.

The light Empire troops suffer another blow in their morale as they see Lucien’s barrier still standing. Many of the mages fall to their knees because they are exhausted and still suffer such a shock.

The main general is desolate, and his assistant declares him incapacitated, passing the overall leadership of the troops to another general who is not very motivated but quickly orders the mages to retreat while the archers take position behind the front lines.

The focus of the Light Empire’s army is melee troops, while their mages are only for initial ranged attacks and their archer troops are really few. Still, the general expects to cause any damage, even minimal, to Lucien’s troops before starting the melee fight.

But Lucien’s big barrier is still there, blocking anything that the Light Empire army throws at them, leaving the soldiers shocked and the generals without knowing what to do.

So the new main general does the only thing he can by ordering the troops to march towards Lucien’s troops.

Lucien tells his girls to lower the big barrier and now focus just on defending their groups, which begins to proceed slowly towards the middle of the battlefield.

The girls start to move their floating platforms towards the ground so that the girls who are going to fight melee take their position.

Mia quickly hugs Lucien’s waist. “How about a good luck kiss, hubby?”

Ella quickly hugs the other side of Lucien’s waist while he laughs. “Why not, my dear?”

Cassidy and Aria also start to laugh while commenting at the same time. “Spoiled girls!!”

Lucien finds it amazing how the atmosphere between them and his girls can remain so loving and happy even in such a situation where they are about to participate in a bloody battle where they will kill so many people.

Well, maybe things were destined to be that way; after all, he and his family are partners with demons who are the personification of the sins.

Even if Lucien doesn’t want to, he will always be influencing his wives, and that’s not exactly a bad thing.


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