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Chapter 2304 - Chapter 2304: Being a husband 104

Chapter 2304: Chapter 2304: Being a husband 104

Author: The first love of a rainy dayMachine Translation

Ai Yuan disguised herself as night star soul and followed Nangong Ye, Gong Mochen, William B, and Xin Gesi out of their secret base.

Nangong ye held onto Xin Gesi the entire time. When they were about to reach Ye Wei’s villa, he handed Xin Gesi over to Gong Mochen to take care of. He and William B brought Ai Yuan into ye Wei’s villa.

The servants in the villa were busily preparing dinner. The servants walking around weren’t the least bit surprised to see Ai Yuan. Ai Yuan’s Ye star soul was too similar to the real ye Xinghun Everyone thought that they were looking at Ye Xinghun.

When they entered the room, Willam had already seen them. He shot a glance at Nangong Ye, telling him to act quickly. William B and Willam understood the situation and exchanged positions. William B stood guard at the door in place of Willam while Willam followed after Nangong ye and Ai Yuan.

Xin Ba had been waiting in the living room for Nangong Ye’s return. When he saw Nangong ye, he ran to Nangong Ye’s side.

There wasn’t enough time. If it was any later, Ye Wei and ye xinghun would have brought Qin Sheng out after dinner.

Willam walked down the basement with ease and opened the door.

Nangong ye walked at the back while Ai Yuan walked in the middle. There were two bodyguards guarding Qin Sheng in the basement. When they saw Ye Xinghun walking over, they stood up straight and bowed to Ye Xinghun.

“Hello, clan leader. ” The bodyguard said.

Ai Yuan snorted coldly, “en. ”

She didn’t dare to say anything. She was afraid that her voice wasn’t as good as Ye Xinghun’s and that she would be discovered by these two.

“The two of you, bring Qin Sheng out. ” Willam said.

The two bodyguards looked at each other. “Clan leader, it’s not time yet. Didn’t you say that you would only bring Qin Sheng out at seven o’clock? ”

“Does the group leader still need your permission to bring Qin Sheng out at what time? ” Willam asked.

The two bodyguards immediately didn’t dare to speak.

“That’s not what we meant. Clan leader can bring Qin Sheng out at any time he wants. I’ll release Qin Sheng right now. ” One of the bodyguards hurriedly said. The other bodyguard opened the cell door and brought Qin Sheng out.

Qin Sheng looked at the few people standing outside. The space between her brows sank. He had seen too many clones here, so he was completely unable to tell who these people were?

“where are you taking me? ” She asked.

“Cut the crap. If the clan leader wants you to leave, you better leave obediently. ” The bodyguard stretched out his hand and pushed Qin Sheng’s shoulder.

Willam walked over and grabbed Qin Sheng’s arm. He lowered his voice, “mother-in-law, your daughter asked me to rescue you. ”

His voice was very soft, and Qin Sheng was the only one who could hear it.

Qin Sheng’s eyes flashed when she heard these words. This time, she was certain that this man was the real Willam. Otherwise, no one would dare to say such words to her.

She didn’t say another word as she obediently followed Ye Xinghun and Nangong ye out of the basement.

Ai Yuan nervously looked at her surroundings. As long as they walked out of Ye Wei’s villa, they would be safe.

However, just as they reached the entrance, a voice suddenly rang out from behind them.

“Who told you to bring Qin Sheng out? ” Ye Xinghun questioned.

He walked out of his room and went to the dining hall to eat. He didn’t expect to see Qin Sheng’s back view.

Willam didn’t need to turn his head to be able to recognize Ye Xinghun’s voice. He immediately pushed Qin Sheng forward and ordered Nangong ye in a low voice, “quickly bring your mother and Xin Ba away. ”

Nangong ye grabbed his mother’s arm and ran out of Ye Wei’s villa. Gong Mochen was waiting for them at the side of the villa.

Ye Xinghun could only watch helplessly as a person who looked very similar to him took Qin Sheng away.

“CAPTURE THEM! CAPTURE THEM! Someone is impersonating me! ” He shouted.

William sent a flying kick towards Ye Xinghun, blocking Ye Xinghun’s path. He didn’t allow Ye Xinghun to catch up to Nangong ye and the rest.

Ye Xinghun watched as William sent a flying kick towards him. He was certain that this person was the real Willam. “As expected, all of you are here. ”

Willam snorted coldly and continued to fight with Ye Xinghun. “It’s already too late for you to know now. ”

“that might not be the case. The entire underground city belongs to me. If you have the life to come, you don’t have the life to leave. ” Ye Xinghun replied.

“You’re thinking too much. This lousy place of yours, I can come and go as I wish. ” Willam and Ye Xinghun got along well.

When ye Wei heard Ye Xinghun’s voice, she brought her men and ran out. “capture the fake Ye Xinghun in front. That person is fake. Capture Qin Sheng as well. ”

She immediately ordered the bodyguards in the villa. The bodyguards all ran out of the villa to capture the fake ye Xinghun and Qin Sheng.

Gong Mochen was at the side of the villa to receive Qin Sheng. When he saw Qin Sheng, he immediately pulled Qin Sheng into his embrace.

“leave quickly, all of you, leave quickly. ” He instructed his son to bring Qin Sheng away.

“Father, you and mother leave first. I’ll stay here to receive Willam. ” Nangong ye said.

“You dare to disobey my orders! I’m your father. I want you to bring your mother, Xin Gesi, and Xin ba out as soon as possible. ” Gong Mochen ordered.

“No, father, it’s too dangerous for you. ” Nangong ye said.

“I have a debt to settle with Ye Wei. You guys should get out of here. If you disobey my orders again, you won’t be my son. ” Gong Mochen ordered his son. He watched as ye Wei ran over with her men.

Nangong ye had no choice. He brought Qin Sheng, Xin Ba, and Xin Gesi to the secret passage.

Qin Sheng wanted to stay and help Gong Mochen, but looking at the cute Xin ba beside her, she finally chose to listen to Gong Mochen. She knew that in Gong Mochen’s heart, his daughter and grandson were the most important.

She followed Nangong Ye and brought Xin Gesi and Xin Ba to the secret passage. Nangong ye escorted them out of the underground city through the secret passage.

Ye Wei watched helplessly as Qin Sheng ran away. She also saw Gong Mochen standing in front of her.

Her gaze lingered on Gong Mochen’s face. Even if she created many of Gong Mochen’s clones, no one could replace Gong Mochen’s position in her heart.

No matter how much the clones looked like the real person, their auras were different. Gong Mochen’s powerful aura was something that no one could replace.

“Gong Mochen, you’ve finally come to see me. ” She walked towards Gong Mochen.

Gong mochen grabbed Ye Wei’s neck. “Ye Wei, I’ve let you live for too long and raised you to be a scourge. If I didn’t want to leave a little blood and bone for my brother, I wouldn’t have raised a tiger to be a scourge. ”

He closed his fingers and grabbed ye Wei’s neck tightly. This time, he was going to break ye Wei’s neck and get rid of this scourge.

Ye Wei’s pupils suddenly constricted. She didn’t expect that the day she saw Gong Mochen would be the day Gong Mochen wanted to kill her.

“Gong Mochen, I love you so much, and you actually want to kill me? ” She questioned.

“Do you think a vicious woman like you is worthy of loving me? ” Gong Mochen retracted his fingers and clearly heard the sound of Ye Wei’s neck being twisted.

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