May The Rest Of My Life Be Sweet To You ( Machine Translation )

Chapter 2305 - Chapter 2305, the grand finale

Chapter 2305: Chapter 2305, the grand finale

Author: The first love of a rainy dayMachine Translation

“Mommy. ” Ye Xinghun ran out and saw his mother lying on the ground like a sandbag.

His eyes were filled with bloodshot terror as he shot towards Gong Mochen.

Behind Ye Xinghun, Willam kicked Ye Xinghun’s back, stopping him from moving. Ye Xinghun had a hidden weapon in his hands. As long as he was a step late, Gong Mochen would be struck by the hidden weapon.

The hidden weapons in Ye Xinghun’s hands were all poisonous. As long as Ye Xinghun touched any of them, he would die from the poison.

The darts were deeply nailed to the ground, causing white smoke to rise from the ground.

“Willam, kill Ye Xinghun. ” Gong Mochen ordered.

“HEHE! Gong Mochen, you’re finally going to make a move on me. It’s all thanks to my mother’s wholehearted love for you. ” Ye Xinghun roared.

“If you weren’t my brother’s son, I wouldn’t have allowed you to live until today. But now, you can accompany him to death. ” Gong Mochen waved his hand as he spoke.

Willam’s foot landed on Ye Xinghun’s head. However, Ye Xinghun suddenly used a bone shrinking technique and retracted his head, dodging Willam’s foot.

With a flick of his wrist, he threw a dart at Willam.

Gong Mochen rushed over and pushed Willam away. Only then did Willam manage to avoid ye Xinghun’s sneak attack.

“CEO Gong, quickly retreat. Leave this place to me. ” Willam said.

“quickly leave. Take good care of Qin Sheng and Lian Lian. ” Gong Mochen ordered.

Hearing Gong Mochen’s words, Willam was startled. “You want me to take care of Lian Lian? ”

“What else? Will you let her off? ”GonggMochenn asked.

He had personally brought up his disciple. He was too clear about Willam’s personality. Willam would never let Lian Lian off in this lifetime.

Perhaps this was a fate that could never be resolved.

The corners of Willam’s lips curled up into a smile. “I won’t let her off. Let her give birth to a child for me every year. ”

“Bastard. You want to exhaust my daughter to death? ! ” Gong Mochen said.

“I want to pamper her to the heavens. ” Willam said.

“unfortunately, none of you will be able to leave today. ” Ye Xinghun took out the remote control in his hand and pressed the red button on it. Following that, the entire underground city sounded an alarm.

All the clones and the puppets in the factories were mobilized, rushing towards Gong Mochen and Willam.

“Hurry to the secret passageway. ” Gong Mochen ordered.

“Let’s go. ” Willam followed Gong Mochen as they retreated towards the secret passageway.

Willam walked at the back, blocking all the clones and puppets that were attacking them.

Gong Mochen ran out from the secret passageway and shouted at Willam, “hurry up and come up. ”

Willam took out the bombs he had prepared and threw them towards the clones and puppets. After that, he dashed out from the secret passageway.

He and Gong Mochen worked together to close the entrance of the secret passage. He took out the remote control and pressed the switch of the bomb.

“Master, let’s go. ” He grabbed Gong Mochen’s hand and ran out of the tent with Gong Mochen.

As they ran out, a huge explosion sounded behind them. This kind of earthquake-like explosion blew up the entire barracks and the underground city.

All the barracks collapsed and the ground sank rapidly. It was as if it had become a basin. All the sand in the vicinity kept rushing in the direction of the underground city.

“Run! Run! ” Gong Mochen shouted at Willam.

Because the buried city had been destroyed by the explosion, it had become a basin, and all the sand in the vicinity would rush towards it. And their speed was faster than the quicksand, so they wouldn’t bury themselves in the quicksand.

“Dad, Willam, I’m here. Hurry up and come over, ” Lian Lian shouted at Willam and Gong Mochen.

Willam saw that Lian Lian was like a fully revived soldier, so he pulled Gong Mochen’s arm and ran towards Lian Lian with all his might.

The helicopter that had been hidden in the oasis took off. At this time, Qin Sheng, Xin Gesi, Xin Ba, and Ai Yuan were already sitting on the helicopter. The helicopter flew at a low altitude and lowered the ladder.

Lian Lian pulled the ladder and climbed up the helicopter. “Dad, Willam, come up quickly. ”

Gong Mochen grabbed the ladder and climbed up.

“brother-in-law, hurry up, ” Willam said.

“You go first, ” Nangong Ye said.

“Bastard, why are you giving in to me at this time? Don’t you want to kill me? ” Willam pushed Nangong Ye’s body and let Nangong ye grab the ladder first.

At this moment, the quicksand was even faster. If they didn’t grab the ladder, it was very likely that they would be swallowed by the quicksand.

Nangong ye grabbed the ladder and quickly climbed up. “Willam, hurry up and catch up. ”

However, the quicksand was too fast. He could only watch as Willam’s calves were swallowed by the quicksand.

Lian Lian watched as Nangong Ye climbed up. She looked worriedly at Willam who was fighting in the quicksand.

“Willam, hurry up and come up. I’ll bring you to see your daughter, ” Lian Lian shouted.

“Lian Lian, take good care of your son and daughter. I love you both. You’re the only woman I love in my life. If there’s a third brother, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl, call him ‘Lian Lian’ , ” Willam shouted.

Lian Lian’s eyes sparkled with tears. He stood at the door of the helicopter and watched as the quicksand swallowed Willam bit by bit. The quicksand had already covered the part of Willam’s knee.

“lower it a little lower. Lower the helicopter a little lower. Lower the ladder a little lower, ” she shouted hurriedly. She asked the captain to lower the helicopter a little lower and lower the ladder a little lower so that it would be easier for Willam to pull the ladder.

The atmosphere on the plane was tense. If a person’s knee was covered by sand, it would be very difficult to pull it out again.

“Willam, hurry up and climb up the ladder. If you climb up, I’ll marry you and take our child with us and never leave you again, ” Lian Lian shouted at Willam.

“Lian Lian, I can’t hear what you’re saying, ” Willam asked.

“I said I love you. If you come up, I’ll marry you, ” Lian Lian shouted.

Willam suddenly jumped out of the quicksand and grabbed the ladder. Like an ape, he climbed up the helicopter in a few steps.

He reached out and hugged Lian Lian tightly in his arms. “Baby, I heard what you said just now. Everyone heard it. You can’t go back on your word. ”

Lian Lian’s hands secretly grabbed Willam’s waist. She was sure that Willam had deliberately put her in danger just to force her to say something like that. However, once the words left her mouth, she could not go back on her word no matter how much she wanted to.

And she really did not want to go back on her word. When she saw that Willam had almost died just now, she felt that her heart was about to break. At this moment, she realized that she had fallen in love with this b * stard since she did not know when.

As the helicopter rose, everyone saw through the porthole that quicksand continuously flowed into the destroyed underground city and filled it up into a flat ground. Whether it was puppets or clones, everything in the factory became a mirage It disappeared forever.

Willam B sat on the plane and looked down. He became the only surviving clone.

The plane returned to GAIA’s palace, and GAIA held a welcoming banquet for them.

However, Willam did not participate. He took Lian Lian to the island by helicopter to visit their precious daughter.

The next day, the Kingdom of Riel held a grand wedding. Willam stripped his son of the title of King. He became the king himself, demoting his son to the crown prince, and Lian Lian was conferred the title of Queen.

From then on, Willam lived the blissful life that he yearned for.

Later on, he really managed to make Lian Lian give birth to a baby every year. It was also because of this that every time he saw his father-in-law, he felt a great pressure, as if Gong Mochen would take his life at any moment.

The book “Sweet 18 years old: CEO, Pamper” was officially completed. Feiyu’s first love was here to thank all the readers who supported “sweet 18 years old: CEO, Pamper” , especially the little fairies who pursued the book to the last chapter.

I love you, and I will always love you, and I thank you for your company, day and night, for the past two and a half years. You are the people I will always miss.

The End!

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