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Chapter 688 - 848 Million, It’s Amazing!

Chapter 688 848 Million, It’s Amazing!

Although he felt helpless about the major products of the major companies that had successfully won the auction, Fang Qiu had been paying attention to it. The representatives of these large companies were as shrewd as Yao Jie said.

He took a closer look.

As expected, the final price of the two-second advertisement was less than twice as much as that of the one-second.

Obviously, everyone was very cautious.

However, Fang Qiu didn’t feel any loss. On the contrary, he felt very distressed.

In the first and second rounds, the total gained from the auction had reached 404 million.


Yao Jie smiled and said to Fang Qiu, “According to the current situation, the auction may go on for more than 800 million yuan. It’s much more than the 500 million spread on the Internet.”

“It’s not necessarily a good thing to have so much money.”

Fang Qiu gave a wry smile.

Just 500 million, he was criticized like that by the anti-fans on the Internet and those who were full of jealousy. If the final price exceeded 500 million and reached 800 million, he would be hacked to death.

“You have to believe that it is good to have so much money!”

Yao Jie said with a smile, “This world talks about power and money. It’s good to earn money. Don’t think too much about anything else.”

On the stage of the venue.

“At present, seven of the ten advertising spots have been sold, and there are only three left.”

The host continued to mobilize everyone’s emotions and said, “In terms of the cost performance, the last three is undoubtedly most cost-effective among the ten advertising spots. Let’s put the title advertisement aside for the time being. These two plot advertisements are undoubtedly the most deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience. What the audiences watch in CG Animation is the plot. If it is integrated with the plot, the advertisement will achieve the desired effect. Therefore, all the distinguished guests present can’t easily give up the plot advertisements.”

“I’ll talk about the important things three times. There are only two plot advertisements, only two, and only two!”

In the venue.

All the people from the major companies frowned.

They knew that real competition was about to begin.

Especially those who didn’t get the advertisement spots before, they all tried their best to get one of them.

“The base price of the plot advertisement is 50 million, and the price increase should not be less than one million each time.”

“The bidding begins!”

The host gave the order.

The representatives of all the major companies on the scene began to bid one after another.

Even if there were a lot of big companies, the base price of 50 million would not be small.

Many big companies regretted it after they thought about it carefully.

If they had known that the competition now was so fierce, they would have used the base price of 50 million to save a one-second advertisement.

Unfortunately, it was no use crying over spilt milk.

It was too late to regret it now.

They could only go ahead and compete!

“70 million.”

“80 million.”

All the major companies were having a great fight. Seeing that the price went up so unreasonably, all the major leaders present couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“90 million!”

In just three minutes, the base price of 50 million had turned into the price of 90 million in the competition of these large-scale financial groups, and it was still rising.

Finally, the first plot advertisement was sold at a high price of 96 million, which was won by a large-scale functional drink company.

The host struck while the iron was hot.

He immediately began to auction the second plot advertisement.

Their face reddened to the ears.

This was the last plot advertisement, and there was only one title advertisement after that.

It could be imagined that the price of the title advertisement was bound to be ridiculously high!

Therefore, those who couldn’t compete for the title advertisement could only spend all their efforts on the last plot advertisement.

Finally, the second plot advertisement was won by a pharmaceutical company at a sky-high price of 98 million.

After watching the auction of the two plot advertisements, Fang Qiu felt surprised and gratified.

He was surprised to learn that the two plot advertisements were sold for nearly 100 million.

This was simply too awesome.

This was just a simple advertisement.

Not to mention Fang Qiu, perhaps even the representatives who participated in the auction didn’t expect that these two plot advertisements would be so valuable.

Fang Qiu was gratified that he finally saw a company related to Chinese Medicine after the whole auction.

The drug maker mainly produced cold medication, but it had something to do with Chinese Medicine.

If the ten advertisements were sold and none of them had anything to do with traditional Chinese medicine, it would be too embarrassing.

In the monitoring room.

Yao Jie didn’t expect that the competition was so fierce. It was the first time that he had seen that an advertisement was sold for 98 million.

“It’s summer now, and drinks are in large demand. Therefore, these companies who sell drinks are determined to take the opportunity to improve their sales.” Yao Jie said.


Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Can’t the last title sponsor be a drink company?”

“That’s not necessarily.” Yao Jie said.

After that, they looked at each other and smiled at the same time. Yao Jie was teasing, while Fang Qiu was smiling bitterly.

On the stage of the venue.

“That’s it.”

After the auction for the two plot advertisements was over, the host said, “The opening ceremony is coming to an end, so I won’t make a mystery. Everyone knows that the last one of the ten advertisements is the best. It can be said that it’s a crown-level advertisement, and it’s famous for its commercial position!”

“I know. There are a lot of distinguished guests who are ready to show off in the final competition for the last title sponsor.”

“As a little host, I won’t waste your time.”

“Now, let’s go straight to the final bidding of the title advertisement!”

As soon as these words came out, all the people in the room became nervous.

Those super large companies were nervous about the upcoming competition, while those ordinary companies were nervous because of the whole atmosphere. They also wanted to know what kind of giant company would win the naming right of Fang Qiu’s meridian CG in the end!

“Originally, the ownership of the title had to be decided by competitive bidding. However, due to the lack of detailed information in this year’s business fair, it was difficult for the major companies to do biding document. Therefore, the bidding part was canceled and it was changed to the live auction!”

“The base price of title fee: 100 million.”

“Each raise is no less than 10 million.”

“The bidding begins!”

Most of the people present were shocked by the host’s words.

The base price of 100 million increased by 10 million each time?

What the f*ck.

What a rip-off!

With a raise of one’s hand, 10 million was gone.

This was simply too exciting.

But even so…

Those supergiant companies did not take off their gloves, and they directly began to compete madly.

“One hundred and ten million.”

“One hundred and thirty million.”

“One hundred and seventy million.”

“Two hundred million.”

A few minutes later, the bidding price reached 200 million.

The atmosphere at the scene became very subtle. No one dared to speak loudly. It seemed that under this heavy pressure, even it was a mistake to breathe loudly.

It should be noted that the title of a popular variety show would not be so high, but it was just a short CG film!

“Two hundred and ten million.”

Finally, while everyone was waiting quietly, someone raised the sign.


“Two hundred and twenty million.”

“Two hundred and thirty million.”

“Two hundred and forty million.”

Another wave of bids came one after another.

When the price reached two hundred and forty million, the whole competition suddenly stopped.

“Two hundred and forty million, once.”

“Two hundred and forty million, twice.”

“Two hundred million…”

Just as the host was about to announce it for the third time…

“Two hundred and fifty million!”

Another sign was raised.

Hearing the bidding sound, all the people present were shocked.

They all turned to look.

Everyone’s shocked faces returned to normal in an instant.

“So it’s him.”

“Hua Qiang!”

“So it’s Hua Qiang!”

When everyone thought it was a matter of course, the host announced, “Congratulations, No. 8 VIP, for winning the title of the CG animation of the meridian at a price of 250 million!”

The applause rang out in the audience.

In the monitoring room.

“This is the representative of the Hua Qiang Group.” Yao Jie said.

“Hua Qiang?”

Fang Qiu was shocked and said, “Is it the biggest mobile phone brand in Huaxia?”

“That’s right.”

Yao Jie nodded.

“It’s deep-pocketed!”

Fang Qiu nodded and said with emotion, “Only this kind of company with great influence in the whole world can take out so much money to buy a title advertisement.”

Although he said so, Fang Qiu was calculating inwardly.

“The first six bid 44 million yuan in total, followed by 96 million, 98 million, and 250 million in the end. The total price has reached an amazing 848 million!”

The total price was calculated.

Fang Qiu’s face instantly became bitter.

“What should I do with so much money?”

These ten merchants were all from different walks of life. How were the advertisements supposed to insert?

Not to mention Fang Qiu, Yao Jie, who had been sitting next to them, was also shocked by the result. Although he had expected 800 million, he couldn’t help but be a little excited. After all, he planned this business fair. In his resume, it would inevitably be a highlight.


Turning his head, Yao Jie congratulated Fang Qiu with a smile. “Now, you’re already a billionaire, and it’s possible that you’re the youngest and the most genuine billionaire. I think you’ll definitely be on the Forbes List after this year’s update!”

“Thank you for your help, thank you.”

Fang Qiu immediately thanked him and then said with a wry smile, “It’s not easy to get the money!”


Yao Jie laughed and said, “Next, there may be another sum of money. Once this money enters, you may become a billionaire.”

“What money?”

Fang Qiu was confused.

“Don’t worry.”

Yao Jie smiled and said, “It must be legitimate income. And when all the work here is done, you have to make the final decision before the money enters.”

“All right.”

Fang Qiu nodded, thought for a moment, and then said, “Let the representatives of the ten companies stay later. I have to thank them for their generosity. If I don’t show up, it won’t make sense.”


Yao Jie nodded. Then, he got up and left the monitoring room to attend to the follow-up matters.

The auction ended.

Under the leadership of the staff, the representatives of the 10 major companies who had successfully won the commercial auction began to take the next step, drawing up the contracts, and so on.

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