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Chapter 496: Yan Zhao's Way

Chapter 496: Yan Zhao“s Way

“Choose whatever you want, Mr. Ye, you have the courage to challenge the whole world, your brother Yan Zhao will take the place you choose anyway.”

Brother Yan Zhao held his head high and his tone was as hard as the bulletproof armor of a warning robot, even if Ye Qing would change the place, even if it in the international metropolis Shanghai, the brother Yan Zhao would praise this Yangfang Hutong’s restaurant, Ye Qing did not doubt that this guy can do it, but here is Beijing, the capital of China.

The restaurants that could stand firm here, relying on their own private kitchens, are all handed down from generation to generation. Their ancestors had used imperial cooks, and the family had taken over the imperial decree. These people, whose personal connections had gone into the sea, how could they smash their credibility because of a little profit?

Ye Qing really didn’t believe the brother Yan Zhao had this ability, but this guy looked like a promise… Anyway, he had to eat at noon. So, let the brother Yan Zhao choose one to eat in it.

“Then let’s go to Yangfang Hutong. If you do not specify a restaurant, we can go to a private restaurant for lunch. I think you are satisfied.”

Yangfang Hutong is in the location of Beijing’s most famous private kitchens, but there are not many, just three; “Wan, Wang, and Xie” The three private kitchens have no individuality in their names, and they all put their family names on the front, but even if the name is low-key, the reputation is not low-key at all.

Ye Qing heard that when he walked into any of the three restaurants in Yangfang Hutong, he would saw the calligraphy left by celebrities and heroes hanging on the wall. There were definitely more guests in the restaurant, plus chefs and helpers, even if those big stars go eating, if they were not international superstars, they were not eligible to stay in calligraphy.

“OK, I’ll eat in Yangfang Hutong at noon.” Brother Yan Zhao confidently assured him, and then called the secretary to let her bring some fine wine from her collection.

Forty minutes later, Yan Zhao had driven the Mercedes Benz toward the famous Yangfang Hutong. One of them was in an ordinary Yanjing old alley with blue brick paving and gray tiles hanging on the wall. On the walls, you can see many old traces peeled off by time and wind and rain. The hutong was not wide and could only accommodate two cars in parallel. However, Yan Zhao’s big car had just arrived at the first Wang’s private kitchen with a small red lantern hanging at the door.

Ye Qing almost laughed, because, at the door of this private restaurant, two fully armed guards stood on the left and the right. On the side of the courtyard, there were only a few poor parking spaces that were finally detained. Two courtesy cars were parked specifically for receiving important foreign guests.

“Why we go to this house and smash few millions?”

Seeing the color of pig liver on Brother Yan Zhao’s face, Ye Qing smiled happily.

“Ha ha…”

Brother Yan Zhao blushed and said far-fetched: “The taste of this restaurant is a bit spicy, let’s change it to another one.”

The Mercedes-Benz drove tens of meters, then turned in a corner, and came to a second restaurant with a smaller door face and no lanterns or signs. The signboard of this private kitchen was put on the wall in the courtyard of Yangfang Hutong. This private restaurant is even more famous. Its ancestors are famous chef masters. It has been in business for decades. It is said to have hosted a lot of foreign presidents.

Brother Yan Zhao probed his head and looked around the pocket parking lot for a few minutes, then he was deeply relieved, his face returned to normal again, showing a smile that he was about to win.

“Mr. Ye, shall we eat here at noon?”

Now it was Ye Qing’s turn to have an opinion. There were three cars parked in the parking space. Although there were no heavyweight cars, this kind of place obviously couldn’t deserve a seat by smashing a few million?

There were no identity restrictions in this place, and even if there were, Ye Qing belonged to the group that is absolutely qualified. It was mainly in this place that meals should be booked in advance, and he had rushed in to make sure that some of the tables inside were booked a month or two in advance, where the boss couldn’t drive away a table of guests for a few million, besides, Yan Zhao brother was not reluctant to give up a few million here, and this thing was yet another thing.

“Then let’s eat here?” Ye Qing was very curious, and he wanted to see what Brother Yan Zhao could do.

After determining the location, Yan Zhao didn’t park his car in the parking lot, but he fell it back a little bit and posted it on the side of the alley, making Ye Qing wait patiently.

Ye Qing looked at the time, it was exactly eleven.

After waiting for about ten minutes, a Maserati car emerged from the corner, then the turn signal flashed again, and turned towards the pocket parking lot belonging to Yangfang Hutong. Brother Yan Zhao smiled with joy, pushed the door and got out of the car, stopped the white Maserati, then walked around the window of the car, and kept talking to the people in the car.

Ye Qing had some clues to the second car. Brother Yan Zhao had been chatting for five minutes. He bent over and nodded again. Finally, he ran back to his car with joy, took out two bottles of Kweichow Moutai 30 Year Old whose packaging had been completely yellowed from the trunk, and gave them to the Maserati owner politely. When he got into the car again, Yan Zhao was as proud of winning the first prize of Fu Cai.

“Finished… Mr. Ye, please in the private room.”

“Comrade Yan…” Ye Qing had some guesses: “You are here just waiting for a guest who booked a table in this restaurant at noon, and then you have spent money to buy it from him, right?”

“150,000 Yuan, plus two bottles of Kweichow Moutai 30 Year Old” Brother Yan Zhao nodded proudly: “Haha… I told them that one of my children will immigrate abroad tonight. His greatest wish is just to come here to have a meal. I’m a brother, even if I kneel and beg him during a day for help, I have to satisfy him.”

“Day…” Ye Qing was really wanting to look at Brother Yan Zhao’s head begging the other man.

Passing through the narrow door face and bypassing the wall inscribed by a prince, Ye Qing had suddenly become cheerful, there were lotus flowers blooming in the sesame field. He did not expect that in the depths of the quaint and old alley, there is such a beautiful courtyard hidden. A small stream planted with lotus leaves circled along the edge of the courtyard and stepped across the mini white marble bridge. It was obviously an open courtyard, but Ye Qing felt a warm breeze.


Just rush to the owner to grow lotus leaves in winter.

“There is floor heating here. In the blue bricks under our feet, there is a fire path that has been repaired in ancient times. In the winter, if the greenhouse is heated up, the whole yard is warm. Of course, the water heaters are now changed to be more environmentally friendly. Brother Yan Zhao said with emotion: “Look, ancient people have enjoyed it this way. Of course, we are the younger generation and we must take it to the next level.”

“The one hundred and fifty thousand banquets you spent is just a reward given by Beijing, that is, the reward that the brothers threw away.” Ye Qing hit him mercilessly, but with a blow, Ye Qing had still admired the young president’s little ability in his heart.

An elderly woman led Ye Qing and Yan Zhao into an antique room. After making a pot of tea, the aunty said she would go serving the dishes.

Brother Yan Zhao gave Ye Qing popular habits in advance; in Yangfang Hutong restaurant he could not order food. Even if he reserved one month in advance, he could not order. The guests ate only whatever the host did.

“Anyway, along the way, I even saw the signatures of President Clinton and Midway for a moment.”

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