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Chapter 619 - Unexplored Map?

Chapter 619: Unexplored Map?

Once the ancient martial artists in the real world had reached the Abyssal Realm, their Chi would crystalize and become even more pure and dense.

The defense of his Chi Shield had become stronger, and could even block the shots from sniper rifles a few times.

And there was one more ability that was especially useful that many ancient martial artists had dreamed of.

And that was floating!

As he thought about floating, Jiang Feng expressed joy as he began to move his chi and focused it under his feet. In the next second, his body began to float.

“The Abyssal Realm!”

Qingqiu could feel that his head had become lighter. He looked up into the air, and then saw Jiang Feng floating in the air. Qingqiu’s entire body was stunned as he was surprised.

He did not expect Jiang Feng to reach the Abyssal Realm before he did.

When he came to this world, he had already reached the peak of Grandmaster Greater Completion. But not only did he not have a breakthrough, he was caught up by Jiang Feng who was only at Early Grandmaster, and he had even surpassed him.

T/L Note: You’re not the author’s son, dragon. Stop dreaming.

It would be weird if he was not shocked at all.

“I didn’t expect that floating would expend my Chi so quickly. With my current power, I could at most hang on for half an hour!” Jiang Feng sighed as he floated on Qingqiu, and then landed on Qingiqiu’s back.

In that mere one minute, he had already spent a lot of the Chi within his body.

Looks like the elites of the Abyssal Realm could not be flying all the time. They would not have enough inner chi.

Once he understood the power of those in the Abyssal Realm, he then crossed his legs on Qingqiu and wore his earring terminal to enter Divine Dominion.

He already had some understanding about the Great World of Tianji.

But before moving over and expanding in the Great World of Tianji, he still needed to solve the other matters in Divine Dominion.

At the end of the day, it was easier for him to become stronger in Divine Dominion. As long as he could become much stronger in Divine Dominion, he could also become stronger in the Great World of Tianji.

That was why he chose to first remain in Divine Dominion to grow.

He could also accompany Ling Feiyu a lot more so that she would be in a pleasant mood when it was time for her to finally give birth to the baby.


After logging into Divine Dominion, Jiang Feng then appeared in the Shifter Emperor’s Palace.

As soon as he appeared in the Shifter Emperor’s Palace, he then sent a message to Ling Luo’s Lord God.


In the next second, Ling Luo had appeared in front of Jiang Feng. In order to prevent Jiang Feng from recognizing her, her face was still hidden from him.

“Shifter Emperor, I have not misplaced my trust on you. I did not expect that you would help the Divine Dominion get ten additional Player Slots!” It was obvious that Ling Luo had already received the Player Slots that Jiang Feng had fought for Earth, and they were now safely in her hands.

Jiang Feng then said with a smile, “Look, I have managed to get 10 Player Slots for you that quickly, maybe you can give me something good in game. Maybe you can give me a set of Chaos level equipment?”

Ling Luo then said, “Do not even think about it. Despite being the Lord God of this world, I cannot help you out of my own selfishness. Not to mention that the Divine Dominion is no longer under my full jurisdiction!”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Feng was quite confused.

Logically speaking, Ling Luo was Divine Dominion’s A.I. Mainframe. If it was no longer under her full jurisdiction, then who was it under?

“Currently, the Divine Dominion has already become the Great World of Tianji’s unexplored map. As soon as the Divine Dominion’s history has been completely written, this history would also become the Great World of Tianji’s history. If I increase your power out of my own will and the Tianji System discovers it, it would then shut down all the passageways to the Great World of Tianji. Then, no one can get there!”

“That means that the Divine Dominion has become the Great World of Tianji’s dungeon, then?” Jiang Feng asked.

“Not entirely accurate, but something like that,” Ling Luo said with a nod.

“Alright, I will not make it difficult for you. But can you tell me why you appeared on Earth?”

“I cannot explain it to you. However, when you become much stronger, you would naturally know.”

After discussing a long time with Ling Luo, Jiang Feng did not get any useful information from her in the end. He was very disappointed, but there was nothing he could do.

He could not threaten Ling Luo, right?

It would just backfire if he did that.

Once Ling Luo had left, he then checked the Shifter Emperor’s Planet status.

The Shifter Emperor’s Planet had reached 100% completion.

It seemed that during this time, Ling Feiyu, Jiang Fan and the others had spent a lot of effort and sought out plenty of ore veins. They even managed to find a Heavenly Water Pearl and made the Shifter Emperor’s Planet as beautiful as paradise.

Not only that, the Shifter Emperor’s Planet was already open to others.

Many of the game’s players and lovers had fallen in love with the Shifter Emperor’s Planet.

It could be said that the Shifter Emperor’s Planet had finally reached the minimum standard.

However, the World War would determine if it could remain.

The World War here was much more difficult than the World War back on the Divine Dominion Continent. Jiang Feng was going to accompany Ling Feiyu for a while once he was home, and then head on to complete his Plot Quest and awaken the nation of Qin. He would then have to win the World War and head to Dragonquarry.

There were also plenty of things that he needed to do on Dragonquarry. Only when these were done would he be able to develop his own forces in the Great World of Tianji.

“At this stage, most levels have reached level 235. Some of them have even reached level 240. The World War would begin soon. But luckily, I should be able to catch up with the other players,” Jiang Feng muttered to himself as he looked at the time.

“Qingqiu should have reached Jingdu by now. I should log out first!”


Animal Arena, Jingdu City.

Ling Feiyu and Xuanyuan Minrou were having a fight on who would get the chopsticks and bowls. “Mum, you should go get some rest. Let me do the dishes.”

Xuanyuan Minrou gave Ling Feiyu a glance and said, “No need for you to do the dishes. You have a baby now, so you can’t touch cold water. I’ll do it. Remember, go and get some rest. No games, no TV, alright?”


“Feiyu, go and get some rest. If you continue to drag on like this, none of you gets to wash the dishes even by dinner time. I’ll accompany your mum,” Jiang Lin said as he put down the paper and entered the kitchen.

“Alright…” Ling Feiyu left the kitchen as she had no choice.

“Woof! She was kicked out again! Alright, you lost the bet. Give me the Enhancing Pills,” When Xiaohei saw that Ling Feiyu was kicked out of the kitchen, he then said to Leiya, Xiaohuang and Xiaohai.

Leiya, Xiaohuang and Xiaohai took out an Enhancing Pill unwillingly and gave them to Xiaohei because of their loss.

Ling Feiyu looked at the four of them. While she was not sure what they were saying, it was obvious what they were doing. She laughed and jokingly said, “Go and find some work. If your boss finds out that you guys have been doing nothing all day, he’ll certainly punish you for it.”

“Who has been doing nothing all day? You guys are looking to get punished?” As soon as Ling Feiyu said that, a familiar voice came from outside the door.



The moment she heard the voice, Ling Feiyu became thrilled and quickly ran out. Xiaohei, Leiya and the others also followed Ling Feiyu out of the mansion.

Jiang Feng and Qingqiu landed from the sky. When he opened the door, he saw that Ling Feiyu was already greeting him at the door. He gave her an excited smile, stepped forward quickly and then had her in his arms as he said, “Sorry for making you worried!”

“It’s fine. As long as you’re home safe and sound.” Ling Feiyu shook her head as she buried herself in Jiang Feng’s embrace.

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