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Chapter 621 - Immortality

Chapter 621: Immortality

Within the palace of Tianzi City.

Within an Alchemy Atelier, Xu Fu was creating a pill as he was sweating profusely.

King Zhou and Su Daji were both in there with him.

King Zhou had an excited expression as he caught a whiff of the herbal aroma from the alchemy furnace.

“Haha! The Sacred-Six Pill is almost ready! As soon as I have the Sacred-Six Pill, I can then have a breakthrough!”

Xu Fu turned around and gave King Zhou a glance and said quietly, “Your Majesty, please be quiet!”

King Zhou nodded, but Su Daji was merely looking on without saying a word as she lay there in King Zhou’s embrace.

The art of Alchemy required a focused mind. If the alchemist was disturbed, it would end up in failure fairly easily.

That was why King Zhou was not angry as he waited for Xu Fu to complete the pill.

King Zhou had spent a lot of effort and paid a high price in order for the Six-Sacred Pill to be created.

Originally, without a Sacred Soul, he could never have completed the Sacred-Six Pill.

Luckily during this time, some of King Zhou’s followers had broken through and become Greater Sacred Saints themselves. In order to create this pill, he had killed one of his Greater Sacred Saint followers in order to create this Sacred-Six Pill.

If it were to fail, he would go mad.

The heat coming from under the alchemical furnace slowly increased. As the temperature increased, so did the tempting aroma become denser and denser.

King Zhou narrowed his eyes as he smelled the aroma.


And as it reached the end, Xu Fu suddenly slammed his hand at the alchemical furnace. The alchemical furnace exploded and black smoke rolled out, filling the entire alchemy atelier.

“What is happening?” King Zhou frowned as his sight was blocked, and he quickly asked Xu Fu.

“Cough, cough… Irrelevant! The pill is complete!”

Xu Fu coughed and quickly took out two pills from the alchemical furnace. He secretly hid one on himself and then had another one in his hand.

When the smoke had dispersed, Xu Fu held up a glowing, golden pill to King Zhou with both his hands and said, “Your Majesty, I have not failed you! The Sacred-Six Pill is ready!”

King Zhou looked at the golden pill Xu Fu was holding with excitement on his face.

He then grabbed the Sacred-Six Pill from Xu Fu’s hand and without saying anything, swallowed it.

He had waited a very long day for this day. And now, it had finally arrived.

He was already at the peak of Greater Sacred Master. Once he had broken through, he would then enter the ranks of the Heavenly Saint.

After taking in the Sacred-Six Pill, he then sat on the ground crossed-legged as golden light began to envelop him as he began to digest the pill.


At this time, there was an explosion from within the palace.

“Xu Fu, come out!” After an explosion, there was a cold voice.

When Xu Fu heard that voice, he frowned and left the alchemical atelier using a repositioning skill.

Once Xu Fu had left, Su Daji looked at King Zhou who was digesting the pill, a plot forming in her mind.


After leaving Fushang City, Jiang Feng did the same thing as he did in Fushang City. He made a direct attack without wasting time.

Even if King Zhou was there, he had the power to fight him. Even if he died, he could still revive. But if King Zhou were to die, that would be the end of the Shang Nation. There was no need for him to be afraid.

He stepped on the Somersault Cloud with Deicide in his hand, surrounded by the Golden Fire Sacred Domain. He was in his silver hair and red eyes form. The Shifter Emperor’s cloak was fluttering in the wind behind him. It was as if he was ready to fight the entire world.

After forcing back Shi Long, the Black Widow, and around eight other Peak Rank Ten Lesser Sacred Master generals, he then yelled out at the palace.

At this time, a large group of players flew up into the air with their steeds and they all surrounded the palace.

He looked at the players with cold eyes and paid them no heed.

None of the players were worth his time, even if they were in a horde.

Simply the Demesne Skills alone were already beyond their abilities to handle.


At this time, a beauty wearing a blue dress riding on a Rime Phoenix moved in front of him.

“Hm? You want to stop me?” Jiang Feng asked the beauty that jsf appeared in front of him with a dispassionate expression.

The beauty was none other than Canaan.

Canaan said to Jiang Feng with a smile, “When I was still at the Divine Dominion Continent, I chose to be on the wrong side. After such a long time alone with my thoughts, and with the increase of my powers, I choose to side with you instead. Do not disappoint me!”

“If I’m right, you have received your Plot Quest from King Zhou. By siding with me, does that mean you are giving up your quest?” Jiang Feng said to Canaan with doubt as he raised an eyebrow.

Canaan shook her head with a smile and said, “To me, this is a choice between rewards from a plot quest and my accomplishment in the future. I chose the latter!”

“If that is the case, stand aside. I do not need your help!” Jiang Feng said to Canaan.

Canaan shrugged and did not say anything as she and her Rime Phoenix gave way to him.

She turned around and sighed.

She knew that Jiang Feng did not trust her completely. Perhaps after the things that she did on the Divine Dominion Continent, it had caused her to be on Jiang Feng’s blacklist.


After Canaan had left, a white-haired old man appeared in front of Jiang Feng.

He looked at the old man’s stats, and a smile formed on his lips. ‘I finally got him.’

Xu Fu looked at Jiang Feng and asked in confusion, “Shifter Emperor? Both of us have not interacted with each other. Why are you looking for me?”

“To kill you!” Jiang Feng did not waste his breath and attacked Xu Fu with Deicide in his hand.

He had to kill Xu Fu as soon as possible first before he could work together with King Zhou.

When Xu Fu saw Jiang Feng quickly heading toward him with Deicide in his hand, his expression quickly turned grim as he waved his hand, and a fan appeared in his hand. He waved the fan in his hand, and a giant alchemical furnace appeared out of nowhere and crashed right into Jiang Feng.

“Dimension Door!”

With a teleport, he avoided the alchemical furnace and appeared right behind Xu Fu, and his Deicide tabbed into him.

“Sword of Time, Time Break!”

Just as Xu Fu was going to move away with his repositioning skill, his body suddenly slowed down and was delayed for a second. And within this second, Deicide in Jiang Feng’s hand had directly stabbed into his body and expended one-third of his HP.

However, the next scene gave Jiang Feng a great shock.

The HP that Xu Fu lost had instantly been restored.

“Haha! Boy, no matter what you do, it is impossible for you to kill me!”

After his health was fully restored, he fanned Jiang Feng with the fan in his hand.

Next, a ball of purple flames pierced through the Golden Fire Sacred Domain and hurtled into him, striking him away. The attack had taken more than half of his health away.

“Space Barrier! Dimension Door!”

When he saw that Xu Fu was going to attack him a second time, he quickly created a Space Barrier to block the attack. Then, he once again appeared behind Xu Fu and instantly turned into seven phantasms. In the next second, his Shadow Strike struck Xu Fu.

The attack did not instantly kill him but did reduce his HP significantly. Unfortunately, his HP was once again restored in the next second. Jiang Feng looked at him in shock and disbelief.

Logically speaking, once Xu Fu’s HP had reached the end, how could his HP be restored to full without using any kind of pills?

“Haha! I told you! You cannot kill me! I am immortal! Even if you did kill me, I can always just revive!” Xu Fu cackled as he stared at Jiang Feng.

“Immortality?!” Jiang Feng frowned.

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