Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 426 - Side-Story Part Two

Chapter 426: Side-Story Part Two

“Well, let’s ignore your brute of a father and enjoy the pool, shall we?” Zhao Lifei mused, reaching a hand out for her son to take.

Yang Wenxu nodded, grabbing her hand to accompany her in the direction of his pouting aunt and godmother, Yang Ruqin. When Zhao Lifei’s back was turned, Yang Wenxu glanced back at his father, dragged down one eye bag and stuck his tongue out at his sperm donor.

“Tch, that brat.” Yang Feng scowled, throwing his son a scathing glare. He stuck out a thumb and swiftly ran it over his neck, making a visible threat.

Yang Wenxu presented his father with a sweet smile, inching closer to his mother, hugging her by the waist.

Yang Feng watched through narrowed eyes as his wife paused and glanced down, a cheerful smile on her face. Irritation boiled his blood. Why was his son so damn mischievous? Where did he learn it from?!

He gawked with envy as Zhao Lifei gave both sides of Yang Wenxu’s face a gentle pat, hugging his shoulders. She whispered something to him, his eyes widening in disbelief. When he sulked to himself, she glanced up, making eye contact with Yang Feng.

“You boys never learn.” She said to no one in particular, flashing Yang Feng a smile. From the corner of her eyes, she had seen Yang Wenxu tease his father, thinking she wasn’t looking.

Zhao Lifei sighed to herself. Sometimes she wondered if she was raising three sons, Yang Feng included.

“Feifei, your other son is causing a mess again!” Yang Ruqin cried out from the other side of the pool, waddling her way towards a stubborn Yang Bincheng who had gotten his hands on the cupcakes. His fingers were sticky with cupcake icing and he was desperately smearing it on the ground, hoping to get it off.

“No, not my marble tiles! It’s imported from Italy!” Yang Ruqin groaned, reaching down to grab the fiddling four year old.

“Mama, he’s stupid.” Yang Wenxu grumbled to his mother. “The pool is right there. He could’ve just washed his hands in it.”

“Now, now, you can’t call your younger brother stupid. What if he didn’t want to dirty the pool?” Zhao Lifei chimed, flicking her son on the forehead.

Yang Wenxu pouted to himself, crossing his arms. “He could’ve poured some water onto his hand then.”

“Perhaps he could’ve.” Zhao Lifei shook her head, reaching for her son’s hand. Stubbornly, he kept his arms crossed and in a blink, began racing in the direction of Yang Bincheng.

Yang Wenxu found his younger brother to be the most obnoxious thing in the world, yet, still enjoyed playing with him.

Zhao Lifei could only smile in response as she lazily strolled in the direction of her sons. She took a glance back, checking up on Yang Rina who was now slumped across her father’s chest. She laid on her back, her mouth partly opened as she quietly snored.

She watched as Yang Feng adjusted himself to make the little princess even more comfortable. He reached behind him, grabbing a towel, draping it over her body. He didn’t want her to catch a cold.

Everyone knew Yang Rina threw the worst tantrum when she was sick. The little princess hated medicine and the more bitter it was, the louder she cried.

“This is a happy ending, isn’t it?” A voice spoke up from beside her.

Zhao Lifei turned to her side. Su Meixiu stood beside her, one arm folded across her chest, and the other clutching a champagne glass.

Zhao Lifei glanced around her surroundings and fondly smiled. Almost all of her loved ones and friends were gathered here, except her grandfather who’d rather jump into his grave than die of heat near a swimming pool.

“I never thought this would be my future.” Zhao Lifei murmured.

Zhao Lifei watched as Yang Ruqin squealed and laughed with Yang Bincheng as she cleaned up his mess. Yang Wenxu was near the scene of the crime, standing there in disgust, but reluctantly handed his younger brother a wet wipe.

“Sometimes, it feels like a dream.” Zhao Lifei turned back where the men were gathered by the pool benches, enjoying the breeze and shade.

“Some might call it naive and stupid, but this was what I wanted all along: To be surrounded by loved ones who genuinely cared for me.” She glanced at Su Meixiu who couldn’t help but smile.

“I understand where you’re coming from. Wealth can buy materialistic happiness, but at the end of the day, a happy ending with friends and family is all that matters.”

Zhao Lifei let out a quiet laugh. “Indeed.”

– – – – –

“How far along is Yang Ruqin again?” Chen Gaonan asked, weary watching her dance with little Yang Bincheng who had finally cleaned up the mess. Her pregnant belly was huge and she looked like she was ready to deliver any day now.

His gaze slid over to his wife, Bai Xingyao who was too busy sipping mimosas and tanning. If she thought the dance was dangerous, she would’ve said something. He did see her occasional glances towards the renowned fashion designer, just to double check that nothing dangerous was going on.

“She’s going to be due in around two weeks.” Huo Qiudong responded, turning his attention towards his wife.

Unbeknownst to him, a tiny smile rested upon his face. She was playfully waltzing with Yang Bincheng, carefully helping him twirl. She had the biggest smile on her face when he laughed and danced happily.

“I never thought my stubborn sister would make a great mother.” Yang Yulong snorted, watching his nephew and sister.

“Speaking of becoming a mother, do you want to hear a funny story?” Yang Yulong snickered, throwing a glance towards Yang Feng who was busy tending to Yang Rina to care about their conversation.

“What is it?” Huo Qiudong asked, raising a brow.

Yang Yulong lowered his voice in hopes that Yang Feng wouldn’t hear anything. “It’s about the first time Zhao Lifei gave birth.”

Chen Gaonan’s lips twitched. Yes, he remembered that day perfectly well. The day that Yang Wenxu was born and then something unexpected happened a few minutes later. Another baby was delivered—Yang Rina.

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