My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 3901 - : Su Yu, I’m Back (11)

Chapter 3901: Su Yu, I’m Back (11)

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Han Yueyao gave the guy a dirty look and answered forcefully, “It’s none of your business.”

“Haha. You blushed. So, I’m right.”

“Are you finished with talking? Do you still want to rehearse?”

“I do… I do.”

Seeing Han Yueyao’s displeasure, the guy stopped gossiping.

Han Yueyao swore she’d never talk to the guy if not for the reality show.

After the rehearsal, she returned to her dorm room to rest in the afternoon.

She saw Su Xiaoxiao was lying in bed and playing on her cellphone with a haggard face.

“Xiaoxiao, you didn’t go to work?”


“What happened? Are you sick?”

Noticing Su Xiaoxiao’s listlessness, Han Yueyao took off her coat and walked to Su Xiaoxiao’s bed. She touched the girl’s forehead and found she didn’t have a fever.

“Yao, I failed to get Lin to accept my love. Haha. He’s made of wood and didn’t accept me even though I went to his place naked…”

Su Xiaoxiao’s smile became self-mocking.


Han Yueyao didn’t know what to say about her bold behavior.

People always say it was easier for women to pursue men because men were usually less picky and would accept women who were not too ugly.

With her good looks, great family background, and fortune, Su Xiaoxiao could have any man she wanted, but Lin Hang was a weirdo and didn’t do what an ordinary guy would do.

When Su Xiaoxiao dumped all her self-esteem and begged for his love, he still refused her; he wasn’t even subtle about it.

Han Yueyao wanted to comfort her but didn’t know what to say.

“Yao, last night… I cried for a long time. I drank in a bar by myself until it was dawn… I feel devastated. The happiest time I had in this place was when I hung out with Lin and his friends. All the people close to him know that I like him. The books say faith can move mountains; it’s bullshit. I’ve liked him for so long, but he still feels nothing for me. But he fell in love with you at first sight…”

Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes turned moist again.

“Xiaoxiao, I’m sorry…” seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s grief, Han Yueyao apologized despite herself.

“Silly, don’t say sorry to me. It’s not your fault… After all, you don’t like that wooden guy… Haha. I think it’s payback to him. I like him so much, but he doesn’t like me; he likes you so much and you don’t like him… He deserves it.” Su Xiaoxiao smiled with tears in her eyes.

“Xiaoxiao, there are many great guys out there. Maybe… Lin Hang isn’t the right guy for you.”

Han Yueyao said it from the bottom of her heart. It wasn’t because of Lin Hang’s job as a mechanic. She was afraid his weird personality wouldn’t bring them happiness even if they were together.

After all, no one wants to live with a weirdo for the rest of one’s life.

“Yao, today… I called my uncle.”


“I told him I’m done working in Imperial Star… I want to leave.”

Han Yueyao knew Su Xiaoxiao, a girl from a powerful family, wouldn’t stay here for long, but she still felt sad and lost to know that the girl was leaving.

“Um… What did President Su say?”

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