Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 1955

Chapter 1955: 1955

“But if you go, what will you do? That’s deep in enemy territory, and they’re ready for you . You’re going to send yourself to your death just to accompany that girl? You’ll die, and she’ll still die . What about your brothers?” asked Evilmoon .

“That’s why I’m conflicted . My life isn’t just mine . It belongs to everyone who loves me . But for the people I love, I have no choice but to risk my life . Don’t you feel like that’s the world’s greatest contradiction, the great conundrum?” said Long Chen helplessly .

“Hmph, I can’t understand the feelings of humans . The dark evil dragon race has no such thing as love . We only have a kind of instinct to kill if we want to live . We have to constantly devour others so that we can get stronger, or we’ll get devoured by others . If I weren’t trying to dodge my enemy, I wouldn’t have ended up charging into such a backwater place to see if I could devour other experts . Then I wouldn’t have ended up running into Yun Shang . Ugh, I’m not talking about that, it was so unlucky . If I had gone all-out against that enemy back then, I would have at least had a thirty percent chance of winning,” said Evilmoon hatefully .

“Evilmoon, you’ve already recovered a bit of your energy, and you’ve managed to loosen the seal yourself . As long as you have enough time, I feel like you’ll be able to undo the Sovereign seal…”

“What are you saying?” Evilmoon’s guard raised .

“I’m saying that there’s a high chance I won’t be returning this time to fulfill our agreement . You can leave on your own now . ”

Having been with Evilmoon for so long, he didn’t want to implicate it . If Evilmoon fell into Yu Xiaoyun’s hands, considering that it was still sealed, its ending would be very miserable .

“Who do you think I am? Do you think the dark evil dragon race would break their promises? We have an agreement . You help me break the seal, and I’ll fight alongside you . Do you think I’m a coward?” raged Evilmoon .

Unexpectedly, even the dark evil dragon race had such a side . That greatly moved Long Chen .

In truth, based on the information Long Chen had gotten, the dark evil dragon race was avaricious and sinister, committing non-stop cold-blooded slaughters . They didn’t actually have such a thing like caring about their promises . For Evilmoon to say this was entirely boasting, but by saying this, Long Chen viewed it as a life-and-death companion .

“Thank you . ”

“Where did such words come from? Furthermore, even if there’s almost no chance for us to get out alive, there’s still a chance . ”

“I’m quite a fool . I should have sneaked away with the Huayun Pavilion’s transportation formation, which would make them think I was afraid . Their guards wouldn’t be raised . But now, they know that I’m not afraid of anything as I killed four Netherpassage experts . In other words, I’m out for revenge, and they naturally know that I will go stop Leng Yueyan’s execution . They’ll arrange for even more experts to gather there and have even more tricks for me . Tell me, don’t you think I’m an idiot?” Long Chen bitterly smiled .

“If you clearly knew all that and still did it, then it really was foolish . ” Evilmoon agreed with Long Chen .

“No way around it . I’m just one giant contradiction . My killing intent at that time was too strong, and suppressing it any further would affect my Dao-heart . It’s an irritating thing, but if I didn’t unleash it, it felt like my body would explode”

Many people were able to see others clearly but unable to see themselves . However, Long Chen could see himself clearly, including his weaknesses, but he was unable to do anything about them .

“The execution date is set for tomorrow afternoon . Since you’ve decided to go, just stop thinking about it and enter your peak condition . It’s too bad you still haven’t advanced to the Life Star realm, or you would have much higher odds of getting away alive,” said Evilmoon .

This was the best decision of Yu Xiaoyun and the Unfettered Allseer, to not give Long Chen any time to get stronger or gather more trump cards .

“I haven’t even had a chance to breathe, and they already did this to me . That Unfettered Allseer is quite a distasteful fellow . He must have worked quite hard to make an unending storm of schemes,” said Long Chen hatefully . His hatred for Heavenly Fate Island had reached a peak .

“Long Chen, don’t you think that Leng Yueyan’s execution is strange?” said Evilmoon suddenly .

“What are you talking about?” Long Chen was startled .

“That Leng Yueyan’s origins are extremely strange . She’s actually able to control the death energy of the Yin Yang World, and her bone sword is an extremely terrifying existence . Why would she return to the Corrupt path after what she had done?”

To be described as extremely terrifying by Evilmoon, that bone sword had to be truly terrifying .

“Based on Zheng Wenlong’s information, she was heavily injured during her tribulation when advancing to Life Star, resulting in her being captured . She wasn’t actually at the Corrupt path . But the Corrupt path leaked information that Leng Yueyan returned to the Corrupt path and voluntarily accepted her execution . I feel like Zheng Wenlong’s information is more reliable . The Corrupt path is only saying that to force me to appear . If I don’t go, they’ll have a new name for me that I’ll never be able to wash away,” said Long Chen .

“I doubt things are that simple . That Leng Yueyan couldn’t possibly be captured so easily . Furthermore, she obtained my essence soul, but I’ve never managed to sense its aura from her . In other words, she has yet to refine my dragon core . So what is she planning on using it for?”

“I can’t care about such things . Tomorrow, there will be a bloodbath . It’s time to see whether I’m a dragon or a serpent . ”

After saying that, Long Chen closed his eyes . He wanted to calm himself down before the final moment . He had to enter his top condition .

In the Central Xuan Region’s northern border, near the Northern Xuan Region, there was a hidden entrance to a minor world . That was one of the Corrupt path’s three major strongholds . It was a forbidden region to the Righteous path, and no one dared to approach it .

This minor world was called the Heavenly Evil Region . It was quite vast, almost as large as the Eastern Wasteland, and there were tens of thousands of sects of the Corrupt path inside . It was their only stronghold outside the Martial Heaven Continent .

The ruler of the Heavenly Evil Region was the Heavenly Evil Sect, and the sect master was also the master of the Corrupt path, Xie Wentian .

Actually, the other two strongholds also had leaders of the Corrupt path present . They had sent their heavenly geniuses into the Yin Yang World as well .

Those two were Gui Can and Ming Jie . Together with Xie Luo, they were called the Corrupt path’s Three Corrupt Kings . As a result, Ming Jie had been slain by Ye Lingshan, turning them into just two kings .

The Heavenly Evil Region was very lively today . Experts from the other strongholds had gathered here . Today, a major matter was occurring within the Corrupt path . Their supreme genius, Leng Yueyan, was being executed .

Leng Yueyan was a mysterious and miraculous figure within the Corrupt path . Her fame might even be greater than Long Chen’s fame in the Righteous path .

The Heavenly Evil Cave was located at the center of this region and was also the location of the Heavenly Evil Sect . There was a giant cave here, and inside was a statue of the Corrupt God, as well as statues of their greatest leaders . It was the most sacred place to the Corrupt path . Each year, they would offer sacrifices to this place .

Today, atop a giant sacrificial altar, there was a woman shackled in blood-red chains . She was bound onto a wooden pillar in the middle of the altar .

The wooden pillar was just three meters tall, but it was covered in runes that emitted an evil air . It was like billions of evil spirits were baring their teeth .

Leng Yueyan was bound to the pillar, and although her hair was in disarray, it didn’t conceal her peerless beauty, as well as her noble air .

Her sapphire eyes were staring calmly at the distance . There wasn’t the slightest emotion on her face .

There were countless experts of the Corrupt path here . Just the Netherpassage experts already numbered in the hundreds . As for other experts, they were in the tens of thousands . This was definitely the largest matter of the Corrupt path in living history .

“Leng Yueyan, you betrayed the Corrupt God . Today, you will be sacrificed to the Corrupt God so that the Corrupt God can cleanse your filthy soul . Do you have anything to say?” shouted an elder who looked like a zombie that had just crawled out of the ground .

Leng Yueyan was still expressionless . She didn’t even blink . Her eyes were still staring into the distance . It was as if she hadn’t heard him .

The elder was enraged, shouting, “You have no respect for the Corrupt God and have failed to live up to the Corrupt God’s favor in raising you! Even with death at hand, you still don’t repent! There is nothing that can save you!”

Leng Yueyan was completely ignoring that person . She was ignoring everything about this, including her own life and death .

The experts couldn’t help feeling some pity for her death . Her talent was just that amazing . She had been raised to be a divine sprout, but who would have thought that for Long Chen, she would actually betray the Corrupt path? She had infuriated Xie Wentian .

Amongst the crowd, there was a pair of eyes that glinted with divine light . That person’s eyes were excited and filled with anticipation . It was Xie Luo .

The elder took out a scroll upon seeing that Leng Yueyan refused to say anything . He began to list her crimes .

Once her crimes were finished being read off, he looked toward Xie Wentian who was standing at the front . Seeing him nod, he raised his hand .

“Let the execution begin . ”

“Hold it!”

Just at this moment, a voice that made everyone look back rang out . They saw a black-robed man with a black saber on his shoulder . His divine ring was spinning behind him .

“Long Chen!”

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