Nine Sun God King

Chapter 1384 - Get Stiffened

Chapter 1384: Get Stiffened

When he was asked why He Zhenxuan did not show up, He Tian also spoke calmly, “Zhenxuan is currently on a business trip abroad and won’t be able to rush back in time. However, he has 100% trust in his wife. Their relationship has always been very good as everyone knows. Therefore, I want to severely condemn those who secretly took those photos and spread rumors!”

Guan Meiyi was wearing a meaningful smile on her face. The reporters also realized that the He family was the only one who spoke the whole time, and she didn’t defend herself at all. Just when they wanted to ask Guan Meiyi a question, the time was up for the interview.In order to not affect the next artist’s interview time, the reporters had to give up on asking Guan Meiyi.

As soon as Guan Meiyi entered the main venue, she felt a cold gaze fell on her. She looked up and saw Gu Zhiqian sitting not far away.

Guan Meiyi frowned slightly. Her eyes paused on Gu Zhiqian’s face for a moment before she turned away.

What a bad luck, why did she meet this man everywhere!

Because Gu Zhiqian was not only the Best Actor, but also had a superior position in the Gu family, so his seat was arranged at the front with those successful business bigwigs.

At this moment, Gu Zhiqian was sitting in his seat with a cold look on his face. Especially that pair of chilling eyes, it was simply impossible to look at his eyes.

Because of Gu Zhiqian’s low pressure by himself, people at the entire table felt uncomfortable.

Guan Meiyi had completely ignored Gu Zhiqian at this time. She followed Li E and He Tian all along in a state of silence.

Gu Zhiqian looked at Guan Meiyi from afar. For some reason, when he saw Guan Meiyi following the He family silently, his heart felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

This stupid woman, the He family has already treated you like that, why do you still have to suffer by their side?

Have you once again submitted to the He Family? Are you not going to get a divorce? Do you still want to continue living in the name of Mrs. He?

Gu Zhiqian thought as he slapped the table.

He was annoyed, thinking that this woman would continue to be Mrs. He in the future, he was annoyed!

Here, the people at the table with Gu Zhiqian could no longer sit still. The banquet had not officially started yet, and now was the time for everyone to interact with each other. Thus, people stood up one after another and left the table.

Gu Zhiqian was the only one left at the huge round table. The more he thought about it, the more upset he got. He simply just stood up and walked in the direction of Guan Meiyi.

Gu Zhiqian stopped when he was halfway through. He looked in one direction strangely and saw a pregnant woman with a bulging belly walking towards Guan Meiyi and the He family.

At this moment, Li E and He Tian were still talking to the guests at the reception.

The artists had all entered the venue. Although the reporters from the inside were not allowed to conduct any more interviews, they could broadcast and watch the general reception in a fixed area.

It was also because there were reporters present that He Tian and Li E still spared no effort in putting on a show, turning them into the magnanimous parents-in-law. When they chatted with other guests, they did not forget to praise Guan Meiyi. When they met the entrepreneurs who was also a fan of Guan Meiyi, they spared no effort in trying to pull Guan Meiyi into their relationship, so they even got some opportunities for cooperation on the spot.

At this moment, He Tian and Li E’s hearts were already bursting with joy. It seemed that their decision today was the right one until the voice behind them said, “Mom and dad.”When they heard it, He Tian and Li E’s old faces froze, and even their bodies stiffened.

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