Nine Yang Sword Saint

Chapter 311 - Dongfang Bingling, Let’s Perish Together!

Chapter 311: Dongfang Bingling, Let’s Perish Together!

The East Parting Grassland was about 8,000 miles away from the Northwest Continent.

Yang Dingtian had just flown for 5,000 miles, traveling from the Sun and Moon Lake to the seashore. At this moment, flying for another 8,000 miles wasn’t a big deal for him.

However, the difference between them was Yang Dingtian could descend for a rest for the previous 5,000 miles. But now, it was the boundless ocean below him, and there wasn’t any place for him to descend.

There wasn’t an island in these 8,000 miles of the ocean when Yang Dingtian sailed his way to the East Parting Grassland.

Of course, previously, when Yang Dingtian was training his spiritual technique, he had stayed underwater for several hours because he possessed a particular elixir. However, he was no longer alone right now. There was a gravely injured Dugu Fengwu as well as the recovering Dongfang Bingling.

Furthermore, it was feasible to train his spiritual energy underwater, but it was somewhat difficult to absorb battle mystic qi.

However, Yang Dingtian couldn’t be bothered by all of this because several hundreds of flying cavalries were chasing after them in masses while Yang Dingtian could only fly forward with all his might.

Those flying cavalries’ speed was a lot slower than Yang Dingtian. Therefore, Yang Dingtian was able to increase the distance between them. However, they still pursued closely without any signs of giving up.

Just like that, Yang Dingtian used his fastest speed to fly for several hundred miles.

“Child, I have to remind you.” Suddenly, Dongfang Niemie spoke out, “You have already reached your limits by flying at such an outstanding speed. If you continue on, it will incur permanent damage to your mystic meridians.”

Yang Dingtian was astonished immediately, “Master, I can’t use the mystic skill to continue flying?”

“Of course. Therefore, even Grandmaster class experts would ride the ship when traveling for 10,000 miles and not flight. It’s already your limit to fly for 5,000 miles, which was also because of your Nine Yang Mystic Meridians. If it were anyone else, flying for 3,000 miles would already incur huge harm to them.” Dongfang Niemie continued, “After all, humans are not flying objects.”

Although Yang Dingtian was extremely worried after he heard his master’s words, he still had no other choice because several hundred people were chasing after him. If he were to continue his flight, only his mystic meridians would be injured. If he were to halt, he would most likely lose his life. Therefore, even though Yang Dingtian knew that it would harm his mystic meridians, he still had no choice but to continue on.

Subsequently, Yang Dingtian discovered another inauspicious matter. His mystic qi had been fully consumed.

This time, it didn’t persist to 2,000 miles. Merely over a thousand miles and his mystic qi had been fully consumed.

Yang Dingtian was greatly alarmed when he felt his exhausted mystic qi.

It would mean absolute death if his mystic qi were to be exhausted at this time, and any of the cavalries behind him would be able to take his life.

Yang Dingtian’s flying speed grew slower with the exhaustion of mystic qi, and those flying cavalries behind him drew closer. Besides, Yang Dingtian was already able to hear their stringent murderous voice as well as their sinister expression.

Yang Dingtian glanced at Dugu Fengwu, who was in his embrace. Those who were chasing after them were the Half-Human Race’s flying cavalries. Therefore, it was infeasible to use Dugu Fengwu as the hostage.

Could it be that he would really have to die in this ocean?

According to practices, the mystic assembly elixir could only be consumed once in three to four days. A few hours ago, Yang Dingtian had just consumed one. If he were to consume a second pill, the consequences would be extremely dire. Furthermore, even if he risked the enormous dangers and consumed a second mystic assembly elixir, it might not necessarily condense much mystic qi.

However, Yang Dingtian no longer had any other choice.

He took out a mystic assembly elixir from his spatial ring and consumed it even if the aftermath were extremely severe.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…” It was at this moment, an orderly noise rang above the ocean surface. Subsequently, a group of densely packed red radiance shot out.

There were four boats in the ocean. A moment ago, Yang Dingtian was anxious and had only paid attention to his pursuers behind him. He had completely neglected the ocean. Unexpectedly, there were four boats in the ocean.

Meanwhile, the densely packed red radiance that shot to the sky was the energy crossbow from the ship. This kind of energy crossbow used the wind attribute crystal stone as its impetus while the fire attribute crystal stone as its arrowhead, making its destructiveness extremely formidable. A boat shot out dozens of energy arrows a time. With four boats, it shot more than a hundred energy arrows.

Yang Dingtian clearly saw that these energy arrows were like the earth’s rocket as it flew past him and shot towards the Half-Human Race’s flying cavalries behind him.

Although they had dodged it, there were still dozens of Half-Human Race cavalries that were shot as they fell into the ocean.

After the first volley of gunfire had been launched, the second volley of gunfire immediately followed, followed by the third volley of gunfire…

Immediately, the remaining Half-Human Race flying cavalries quickly turned around as they dispersed from all directions to evade the densely packed energy arrows.

Yang Dingtian was able to see that the ship’s flag originated from the Foxman Race. There were also traces of Foxman Race on the deck. However, there wasn’t much of it, and the majority of the sailors and martial experts were actually humans.

This ought to be the boat Zhuri Beila used to smuggle. Therefore, there were a large number of humans. And because he had always wanted to get close to humans, therefore, Zhuri Beila had a smuggling boat that would be used to conduct all kinds of trade and exchange with humans.

Yang Dingtian descended onto the deck, hurriedly.

Immediately, two Foxman Race martial experts came forward and greeted, “May I know the name of sire?”

“Na Lu, or known as Shen Lang.” Yang Dingtian replied.

“Indeed, you’re high priest Na Lu.” That Foxman Race martial commander spoke, “I’m the martial commander of the central fleet. Two days ago, I received the chieftain’s orders to receive you at the coastline and send you back to the Northwest Continent. Originally, our fleet was supposed to head out to sea yesterday. However, we have waited for you till today. Who knew that several hours ago, our fleet that had docked at the pier would be assaulted by thousands of troops. Because our four ships had always patrolled around the ocean, we managed to escape this calamity.”

Yang Dingtian spoke, “Your central fleet had a total of how many boats?”

“Thirteen.” The commander replied, “Nine of them were destroyed, killing over a thousand people.”

Immediately, Yang Dingtian was filled with remorse. The Foxman Race central fleet had suffered a huge loss of over a thousand lives because they were here to receive him!

“You should return to the cabin and rest quickly. Leave the remaining matter to us.” That Foxman Race martial commander spoke.

“Thank you for the trouble.” Yang Dingtian replied. He didn’t return to the cabin. Rather, he placed Dugu Fengwu and Dongfang Bingling down before heading to the deck and sat down as he devoured the battle mystic qi.

Currently, those remaining Half-Human Race flying cavalries intend to surround those four ships before assaulting over from the sky.

However, the energy crossbow was truly too incisive. In a short period, it killed another hundred of people as it struck terror to those Half-Human Race flying cavalries. When less than a hundred of them were left, those flying cavalries were finally afraid as they flew back unwillingly.

The martial commander arrived before Yang Dingtian and bowed, “High priest Na Lu, the enemy had retreated.”

“Many thanks, commander.” Yang Dingtian replied.

Subsequently, Yang Dingtian heaved a sigh of relief.

However, at this moment, two black dots were drawing closer towards the four ships at high speed.

Yang Dingtian’s back suddenly turned cold while the Foxman Race martial commander narrowed his eyes. He commanded, “Prepare all the energy crossbows!”

“Fire…” When the two black dots had entered the firing radius, the Foxman Race martial commander gave the command.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…” Over hundreds of energy arrows shot towards the two black dots ferociously. They instantly enveloped the two of them.

The duo didn’t dodge and allowed the hundreds of energy arrows to hit them.

However, they were left unscathed. Before the hundreds of energy arrows got close to them, they were all turned into fine powders.

This was a duo of top-tier experts.

Yang Dingtian was able to see who both of them were very quickly. Indeed, they were Gudu Wuhuan and Qin Huaiyu. Currently, they were riding on two enormous dark boats and were pursuing Yang Dingtian at a speed of a thousand kilometers per hour.

In a short moment, Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan duo was already several hundred miles away from the ship.

“Mister Shen Lang, you still didn’t manage to escape from our palms.” Gudu Wuhuan spoke, “You had almost managed to escape. During that time, I was baffled. Fairy Dongfang was so strong, yet why didn’t she chase after us? Therefore, after fleeing for an hour, we realized something amiss. To kill Yin Tianchong, Fairy Dongfang had consumed all of her mystic qi. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to kill us. Rather, she couldn’t.”

Subsequently, Gudu Wuhuan spoke, “To kill you all, we had sent out 160 thousand Half-Human Race. Unexpectedly, you had run for over 5,000 miles, and we only managed to find you in the ocean. However, Sire Shen lang, you will no longer be able to escape now.”

Foxman Race commander stared at Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan as he spoke coldly, “All central fleet martial experts, get ready for battle!”

“Yes!” Immediately, over 200 martial experts unsheathed their swords and stood in all directions of the ship as they formed a battle formation.

Yang Dingtian stood up, “Foxman Race experts, all of you can retreat. This is a matter between them and me. Let me handle it myself.”

Subsequently, Yang Dingtian spoke to Qin Huaiyu, “They’re innocent. Let them off. Come to me.”

“Sorry, because they have helped you, all of them will have to die.” Gudu Wuhuan replied nonchalantly, “Since we had mobilized over a hundred thousand people, we wouldn’t mind killing another several hundred Foxman Race experts.”

Gudu Wuhuan looked towards the still unconscious Dugu Fengwu, “Shen Lang, hand Dugu Fengwu over. We can let you and Dongfang Bingling enjoy a more comfortable death. Otherwise, all kinds of tragic scenes would descend onto your body.”

Qin Huaiyu looked at the seated Dongfang Bingling, who still had her eyes shut, “Fairy Dongfang, you killing Yin Tianchong had really given us a scare. However, ultimately, you’ll still land in our hands.”

“Not necessary…” It was at this timing, Dongfang Bingling opened her eyes suddenly as a threatening radiance shot out from her eyes.

Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan were terrified as they turned around and wanted to escape instinctively.

It was clear that they were somewhat intimidated by Dongfang Bingling. This woman was formidable and ruthless. She had greatly exceeded their imagination. To kill her, they had arranged two immense traps and were still unsuccessful. Instead, a Master class expert Yin Tianchong was killed by her.

But merely after a moment, Qin Huaiyu laughed, “Stop being pretentious, Fairy Dongfang. To kill Yin Tianchong, you had already overdrafted all of your mystic qi and would need at least half a month to recover. In the Sun and Moon Lake, your acting skills had scared us off. Don’t think that the same trick will work on us twice.”

Subsequently, Qin Huaiyu looked towards Yang Dingtian, “Don’t dream of using Young Lady Dugu Fengwu to threaten us. It’s useless.”

After he spoke, Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan dived down to about dozens of meters above Yang Dingtian and Dongfang Bingling as they spiraled around them, bringing a huge pressure to the ship.

Dongfang Bingling stared at the duo coldly. Subsequently, she unscathed out her sword unhurriedly.

“Stop acting, Fairy Dongfang. The current you can no longer withstand a single blow.” Qin Huaiyu laughed, “You are in a miserable state, and you still want to be arrogant.”

“Shen Lang, after I die, send my keepsake back to Yin Yang Sect.” Dongfang Bingling commented coldly. Subsequently, she handed over an object to Yang Dingtian as she continued, “If Gudu Wuhuan and Qin Huaiyu corpses are still intact, behead them and send them back to Yin Yang Sect.”

After she spoke, Dongfang Bingling released a formidable battle will.

Immediately, the complexion of Yang Dingtian and the others changed. Unexpectedly, Dongfang Bingling would still bring up the matter regarding Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan’s corpses. Her intention was clear, she was going to kill the duo.

Qin Huaiyu smiled disdainfully, “Fairy Dongfang, you should stop acting. You’re still thinking of killing us even in this state, dream on. After we have captured you, we want to hand you over and turn you into a puppet without the intention to do anything to you. However, the pretentious acting of you had caused me to feel extremely unhappy. Later on, don’t blame us for tarnishing and humiliating you. After all, you’re the No.1 beauty in the world. You asked for it yourself.”

Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan suddenly unscathed out their swords while their faces were filled with evil intentions.

Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan not only wanted to turn Dongfang Bingling into a sinister puppet, they even wanted to sully her.

Dongfang Bingling’s gaze turned cold, “I’m not you. I never once put on a feign. Previously, I had overdrafted my qi vessel and mystic meridians. This time, I will overdraft my life. Let’s find out if it would be sufficient to kill you!”

Dongfang Bingling’s voice was still extremely dull when she was speaking of perishing together. Her appearance was still extremely indifferent without any expression while it was filled with determination.

Qin Huaiyu’s complexion changed when he heard it. His complexion trembled, “You think I will believe you?”

Dongfang Bingling didn’t reply.

“Whoosh…” A terrifying flame suddenly emitted out from her body as it instantly combusted ragingly.

A terrifying murderous intent burst out from her body as well.

The ship beneath her suddenly trembled while the seawater around her shuddered as overflowing huge waves surged.

Everyone was able to distinctively feel that Dongfang Bingling’s life was being combusted.

“Shen Lang, fly up and leave immediately.” Dongfang Bingling turned around and spoke to Yang Dingtian, “Once you return, help me tell Yang Dingtian that I wouldn’t be able to participate in the martial competition three years later. However, he would certainly not be my match. No one in the world can surpass me, not even Yang Dingtian!”

“Go…” Subsequently, Dongfang Bingling yelled at Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian placed Dugu Fengwu down and took out his youngling sword, unhurriedly, “I will not leave. Although I’m extremely weak and could just serve as a stopgap, I don’t want to leave. I want to fight alongside you.”

“With me around, you will not get your turn!” Dongfang Bingling had already turned into a lump of terrifying flame as she spoke coldly.

“Whoosh…” Subsequently, Dongfang Bingling soared and charged towards Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan.

Currently, Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan were greatly astonished. They never imagined that Dongfang Bingling would actually be so decisive. When they saw that Dongfang Bingling was charging towards them ferociously and wanted to perish together, Qin Huaiyu was terror-stricken.

“Fairy Dongfang, don’t risk your life, don’t risk your life. We only wanted to capture you and not kill you. Don’t risk your life.” Qin Huaiyu retreated quickly as he yelled.

“Dongfang Bingling can die but can never be captured…” Dongfang Bingling spoke out.

Qin Huaiyu replied with a trembling voice, “Alright. We will not capture you. We will leave immediately, leave immediately…”

After he spoke, Qin Huaiyu and Gudu Wuhuan turned around and fled at their top speed.

“Too late. Those who dared to insult me with words will have to die!” Dongfang Bingling commented coldly as she raised her flaming sword and slashed at Qin Huaiyu.

“Boom…” Qin Huaiyu tried to evade with all his strength. However, he was still unable to dodge it away.

“Whoosh…” His whole left arm had been blown off. Immediately, half of his arm had been severed off as blood spurted out.

Qin Huaiyu issued a miserable howl.

Immediately, Yang Dingtian felt an extremely gigantic and gentle strength pushing him onto the ship’s deck.

“Shen Lang, continue living well. Think of me occasionally, think of me…” Dongfang Bingling whispered in Yang Dingtian’s ear with a gentle voice she had never once used before.

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