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Chapter 1158 - Quick PatChapter Up -Unedited

Chapter 1158 – Quick PatChapter Up -Unedited

As Rex tried to restrain Kraft from doing anything funny, the old fox decided to shadow step away and wanted to continue the duel. But the moment he emerged from the side of Jin, he suddenly felt an immense force that could only belong to his sworn brother, forcing him to be pinned down.

Suddenly weapons from all the other foxes were aimed towards Kraft as he was being restrained on the ground by Rex and they were pointed to him without any reservation of their strength. Their chi forces were fully activated and ready to slaughter Kraft if he were to continue.

“What are you all doing? Aren’t we all foxes?” Kraft said he tried to expand his chi but was subsequently suppressed by Rex’s and the rest.

“When we said enough, it is enough,” Rex said as he slammed the tip of his sword right in front of Kraft. The sword’s edge was close to slicing Kraft’s nose into two and with that, Rex summoned picked up No Mercy from the old Fox’s holster and held it down to his ear.

“It’s a draw. As much as the System would lie to side with the User, it does not lie with the results.” Evon reiterated so you had to stand down, considering that you already created the mess for Jin to clear up.

“Yea. We know you meant well for Jin and the rest of us while being yourself. Just that erm… keep it down a notch for the friendlies and bystanders? They do not deserve your wrath especially when they are innocent to it. And bring it up when we are dealing with our enemies?” Kiyu said as her weaponised fan tapped on Kraft’s cheek. At the same time, she placed a calming spell on Kraft, hoping that it would quell his unusual rage.

“Then the jury spoke. Even though it is a draw, we should follow Jin’s method and stop this madness from going any further. We can deal with religion thingy in some other way.” Kai said and the rest agreed to it.

“Thank you, guys.” Jin said as he immediately summoned the System to order the entire seven city armies to return to their own cities but with a compromise. As much as he despised Kraft’s methods, he did not want Kraft’s operation to go to waste. Before teleporting them near their own cities, they were all given a shipment of vitamin Cs as placebo medication to aid with the stomach flu virus that their citizens were experiencing.

As for how the armies, citizens and subsequently the Church of the Afterlife would react, that would be a matter which the people had to solve the mystery themselves. When Jin told the System about it, the foxes no doubt eavesdropped on the entire conversation and everyone had a little smile on their face, knowing that the fruit did not drop too far from the tree it was grown from.

Upon hearing the orders, Kraft understood where Jin was going. As the flu was already ongoing, the armies returning with the antidotes would have many questions to answer but at the very least, the suspicion would be turned towards the Church of the Afterlife instead of the armies.

But that came with suspicion of how the army was able to return full force without losing any troops since any death would be resurrected back into their cities’ cathedral, that was where Jin’s latest plan came about.

It was then the System had told Jin previously that the armies were informed how they were defeated and resurrected into Pandapolis City domes. And they would stay in the domes, quarantined from the rest of the world until their purpose was to be served in the Farming World. However, in exchange for their obedience, they were to be given access to the modern lifestyle which the rest of the Demopolis population were experiencing within Pandapolis’ main city.

While it was not all fun and games, the entire seven cities army realised they were dealing with a force clearly larger than them and it was certainly unwise to fight against them. From the technology Jin’s counterparts possessed to the work done to create the buildings. (Qiu Yue did give a demonstration of how her Empire Building skills worked and the soldiers were going insane with the speed of construction. And to sweeten the pot, Lynn’s food was a clear favourite with every soldier, even with the pickest eater.)

Even if they did wish to invade again, they expected a fight something similar to Demopolis and the System had guaranteed them that the previous battle was of minimum effort on the System’s part.

“Wow, you sure know how to coerce them…” Jin said and realised that the System was doing its own propaganda since it had predicted that Jin would do something like this.

“To give credit, Original Bellator Kraft did suggest internalising the armies without putting them in our direct command especially since it takes a heavy toll on the System’s ‘official’ processing unit.” The System was trying to ȧssist in bridging the relationship between Jin and Kraft since it would be harmful if both were to be at odds constantly. Especially when there are too many major things to take care of, it was critical that the both of them were to patch up as soon as possible.

“System, you do not have to worry about me and Kraft. This fight kinda sorts out a lot of stuff we had internally. In fact, for you to try to patch stuff, it brings a tear that you have concern for us.” As much as Jin was being sarcastic, he was well aware of its intentions and Kraft too when he calmed down.

“Obviously, I need a backup plan for our ‘master’. I actually wanted to finish this stomach flu virus operation before he comes out but it looks like he got the right to call it off as the matter unfolds.” Kraft released his hand upwards, surrendering and telling the rest that he was sane enough to not do anything stupid.

“Then, all we can hope is that the armies will succeed in their endeavour to join us when the time comes in the future.” Jin hoped that this entire ȧssault against the Demopolis had thwarted the Church of the Afterlife’s effort to send discord and not bother them for the moment.

“My gosh, after so long and still that naïve thinking? I mean who are we to kid? If Kraft suggested this, that means those generals would have been under the command of the System.” Kiyu laughed at Jin’s stupidity and walked off along with the rest of the Foxes now that the show was officially over.

“Then, let’s focus on other agendas, particularly the fight for Farming World,” Jin said and Kraft shook his finger.

“As much as we have the upper hand in the situation. The Seven Cities situation isn’t done. We got to hit back hard when they least expected.” Kraft said opened the Dungeon World map. If anything, the calming spell had done to him, it was to delay the inevitable for the release of his anger.

And he was precisely going to do so by aiming at a major city owned by the Church of the Afterlife.

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