Once Human, Now a Parasite

Chapter 717 - 661: The Bloodletting Experiment

Chapter 717 – 661: The Bloodletting Experiment

“It’s how the nature of the Human race works.” Replied Arthur, releasing a heavy sigh. “Regardless of other races, whether they exist or not, Humans will always wage wars, conquer and kill. They’ll do it to themselves if it comes down to it. But, Elder Nord, enough about this. Pray tell me what this is all about. What is the Kang Clan’s stance? And why is it acting as such?”

“The Kang Clan.” Said the old man, his old but lively eyes focusing on the parasite. “Stands with Astria, not the MoonStar Sect.”

“I take it that you won’t involve yourself with my sect?”

“We hope it doesn’t come to that. As you may know, Mister Arthur, we have as many enemies as you do, all waiting for a slip. Just one slip. That’s all takes it for them to attack us.”

Hearing this, Arthur scoffed, frowning and folding his arms. “And that slip is siding with the MoonStar Sect, which has a White Specter and a Parasite as leaders?”

“Precisely so.”

“Then what about your visit here? I doubt they’re unaware.”

“A visit is a visit.” Answered the elder, shrugging and not bothering to explain himself properly.

“I’m still as confused as before this discussion started. What are your intentions? And please choose your next words carefully because they will decide whether the MoonStar Sect will see you as an enemy or an ally.”

“Hohoho, mister Arthur, I see you’re not afraid of the Kang Clan. Very well, I shall tell you as clearly as possible. Listen well. The Kang Clan will support Astria, the titan, in times of crisis. If- and I hope not – a disaster was to befall on your esteemed sect, you will see from us nothing but encouraging words.”

“That concludes it, then.”

Arthur’s eyes narrowed, he straightened himself and clapped his hands. He glanced at the still-standing Kang Amidel, visibly nervous and wanting to express his thoughts but unable to do such due to Nord’s presence.

“Mister Arthur, I don’t think we’re done yet. Astria concerns the Kang Clan and the MoonStar Sect. The recent events – currently inexplicable – which happened to the Titan, rendering it unreachable, should be solved by a joint effort.”

“No. The Kang Clan should remain holed up in the Divine Planet or wherever the hell it is. You speak of your intentions but not once have I seen you act.”

“I’d advise caution, mister Arthur.” Elder Nord disliked the parasite’s change of tone, which became aggressive and mocking.

“Caution from what? I know nothing about your clan, not even why all of you are empty shells. Yes, I can see what you truly are… something is not human, hence your unrestrained contempt for them.”

“I never meant to trick you, mister Arthur. Our secret is irrelevant to the topic and there was no need to divulge something which is obvious to your special eyes. Above anything else, we want to assure Astria’s safety and we hope you feel the same.”

“Oh really? Funny that you say that, because when the Divine Beats attacked, I don’t remember anyone coming to the Titan’s rescue.”

Upon hearing this, the old man helplessly sighed and vainly tried to explain in his clan’s stead.

“There were some unanticipated complications regarding that matter. Our hands were tied. Fortunately, you were there.”

Arthur snickered and tore his eyes away from Nord. He waved his hand dismissively and unceremoniously while adding

“Fortunately, yes… Fortunately. Tell your Patriarch to mind his own business from now on. And I catch but a whiff of the Kang Clan in Astria then… well, consider yourselves warned. We’re done here.”

“Again, mister Arthur, I advice cautio-”

“We’re done, elder Nord. The door is open so see yourself out.”

Elder Nord slowly stood up and meaningfully stared at the parasite before excusing himself. Amidel, however, stayed behind and only spoke after the Kang clan’s elder had left.

“Now I see why you came to this wasteland, in the middle of nowhere. It’s certainly better to raise your kids here, at least they’ll have a normal life… and remain human.”

“Mister Arthur.” Kang Amidel courteously bowed, lowering his head more than necessary. “The Kang Clan is enigmatic and though its intentions remain unclear, I assure you that they mean well.”

“Are you actually defending them? What will happen when they summon you back? No, let me- considering that you’re bound to the city – rephrase that. What if they drag your son and daughter there? What if they subject them to whatever blasphemous and inhumane rituals they conduct on everyone? Will you still be saying the same words to me? It’s time you wake up, Amidel.”


Instead of retorting, the man stood there in silence, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with the parasite.

“I have eyes, Amidel. I have the System. I can see many things with just one glance. The cultivators may not deign to acknowledge it, but the System is capable of showing one’s deepest secrets, easily and without effort. I looked at Elder Nord and I’ve seen enough, more than enough, in fact. The Kang Clan is dangerous and even if you guarantee it, I would’ve never accepted them as an ally.”

Kang Amidel maintained his long silence, listening to Arthur’s words, which could not be denied for they were the truth and he knew it, which is exactly why he kept his mouth shut.

“I can assure you, however, that were the Kang Clan were to butt in into my affairs and were I to exact revenge, I won’t attack you. I don’t know about the circ.u.mstances but it’s crystal clear that you isolated yourself from the main branch.”

“Wow! Arthur MoonStar in the flesh! As stoic and grim-faced as usual.”

Edward Ortberg, the military general of the MoonStar Sect and – currently- a notorious person who marched the undead army in every corner of the Wasteland, conquering small and big tribes alike.

He was sent away for a special mission and came back just today. Despite being but a mortal, the man wasn’t scared to fight Immortal and Divine beings, relying on his tricky yet deadly strategies to achieve one victory after the other.

Edward Ortberg laid siege to every fortress and stronghold that could be found in the wasteland, defeated the Pigolo and Naga tribes.

“Is it done?” Said Arthur, walking past the mortal serial-killer, who followed him while enjoying a delicious and juicy red apple.

“Yes, all in order. Since the beginning, we lost 3,205 undead, 7949 are incapable of normal movement, 25,000 are stationed right outside of the city. 15,000 undead are at the Naga Tribe, keeping those humanoid snakes in check. I also had to station 10,000 in the fallen Pigolo Tribe. They attempted resistance but were defeated the very same day, poor fellas. In addition to this, 4,50-”

“Oh spare me the arithmetics and tell me the results.”

“The results are pleasing, O’ mighty parasite. The warriors of the Naga and Pigolo Tribes joined our ranks, though their numbers aren’t particularly high. In total, there are 3,000 of them. I have to, however, praise their individual prowess, especially those chieftains or whatever they call themselves as.”

Appraisal results of Elder Nord, an elder from the Kang Clan.µ

*Nord Radivsca (Race: Empty Hollow)

Nord Radivsca Kang (Race: Empty Hollow)

Cultivation: Exalted God

Age: 2,670 years old.

Titles: Inhumane / Viscious Killer / Blood Seeker / Holder of the Hollow Oath / Guardian of the Kang Clan / The Merciless Man

Skills: Evisceration (Lv: EX)(Upgraded)(+680% damage) / Atomic Incineration (Lv34) / Hollow Bite (Max Lv)

Description: The Guardian elder of the Kang Clan, in charge of the diplomatic affairs and assuring the protection of his kin. Born and raised in the Kang Clan, son of Jajnrar Radivsca Kang, the 29th Grand Elder of the Kang Clan (Now deceased). Nord was human until the age of 6, where, like anyone of his age in the Kang Clan, subjected to the Hollow Ritual, an ancestral and secretive experiment passed down from the grandson of Manxois Kang, the ancestor and founder of the clan.

The System detected and linked facts known by the Parasite for a better overview and explanation of the appraisal of the target: Nord Radicsva Kang.

The Hollow Ritual (Genetic experiment, also known as, The Bloodletting Experiment): The experiment was initially invented by excommunicated prists of the Night Church (2n Era, Year 1373-1374), then improved by Black Mages in Year 1386.

Year 1401, it was found by the grandson of Manxois Kang, Steffan Abra Kang, who integrated it into the clan as a mandatory ritual for all children between the age of 5 and 8. The success rate of the experiment was increased over the years, now reaching 75%. The subjects, however, will experience an unimaginable amount of pain for a prolonged period of three to six months, depending on the body. The first step is to inject unknown genes into the body then immediately suck all the blood while still keeping the heart beating. Then, the chest is carefully opened so that the genes could be injected into the heart as well. The scalp is next, lastly followed by the neck… the second important step is removing the body’s skin and, quite literally, letting it dry then pouring 5 liters of black magic residue, which must first be liquified…. the third step is…

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