Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

Chapter 316

Chapter 316


The Second Madam didn’t dare to say much . She feared that the moment she spoke would make Su You return to how she used to be . Hearing that she wanted to eat something, she quickly instructed the servants to go down and prepare some pear cakes, “I remember that you loved your mother’s steamed pear cake the most when you were young . It’s autumn now . Steamed pear cakes with rock sugar can moisten your lungs and relieve asthma . Mother will make some for you to eat, okay?”

Su You obediently nodded her head, “Then Mother, go quickly . ”

“Ai, alright . I’ll go now . You wait for a moment . ” The Second Madam quickly left the room, and when she reached outside, she couldn’t help but take out a handkerchief to wipe her tears . “Where did Miss just go?”

The maid hurried forward to reply, “Reporting to Second Madam, Young Miss has just gone to Jiyue Pavilion . ”

The Second Madam sighed and wiped the tears off her face . With a smile, she said, “It looks like I’ll have to find a chance to take the gift to Jiyue Pavilion . ”

In the following few days, Mu Yunyao spent every day copying Buddhist scriptures in Jiyue Pavilion and would occasionally hear news of the East District in her ears from time to time . She heard that Eldest Young Miss was so angry that she broke her beloved tea set, and the Eldest Madam had even ordered to punish several servants who chewed their tongue… After hearing this, she just laughed it off and didn’t take it to heart .

What surprised her was that Su You actually gave her a Buddhist scripture the next day . The handwriting on it was almost the same as the one she had damaged earlier . Mu Yunyao told Jin Lan to keep this Buddhist scripture, but she didn’t intend to use it .

The Eldest Madam has been so busy these days, and she doesn’t know what is going on . Some common rumors had passed quickly, but the news about Su Yuyi being the Moon Fairy of the Moon Palace was getting more and more intense . It had been a few days, yet there were no signs of it calming down .

She wanted to find someone to take the place of the Moon Fairy from the Moon Palace, but this person wasn’t something that could be found in a hurry . First of all, she had to have a somewhat similar figure to Su Yuyi, and she also had to know how to dance the worship moon dance . Just in case, she asked to investigate the identity of the original dancer that day . In addition, as the day of the Old Master’s death neared, she had to arrange for someone to go to Baohua temple to recite scriptures and pray for blessings, which made her very annoyed .

“Madam, the Eldest Young Master is here, and he has a woman with him . ”

The Eldest Madam was overjoyed . “Let Qingwu come in quickly . ”

After Su Qingwu entered the room and bowed, he immediately gestured the woman behind him to stand in front of the Eldest Madam: “She’s the one I found . She’s trustworthy, and her figure is similar to Little Sister Yuyi . All you need to do is have Little Sister teach her the worship moon dance, and it will be enough to deal with all the rumors in the Capital . ”

The Eldest Madam carefully sized up the woman Su Qingwu had brought with him . After a long while, she nodded in satisfaction . “Indeed, it’s not bad . Qingwu, it’s all thanks to you . ”

Su Qingwu gestured for the woman to be led away before speaking to the Eldest Madam, “Mother, the wood is in the heart of the forest, and the wind will destroy it . This time, the rumors of the Capital’s voice can’t be put down for a long time, and it has a great deal to do with Yuyi’s outstanding performance . ”

The Eldest Madam’s gaze immediately sharpened . “I felt that the rumors spread too quickly in the Capital . Furthermore, there was no signs of calmness after a few days . So it seemed that there was someone behind the scenes . Could you found out who it was?”

“Mother, don’t investigate this matter anymore . Currently, all of Father’s colleagues are hoping for their daughter could enter the eyes of Grand Princess Yi De . Since Yuyi is in the limeligh at the Palace Banquet, she naturally has to prepare to be targeted . ”

The Eldest Madam was indignant . “Hmph, I knew those people didn’t have any good intentions! Qingwu, have you found out who performed that Moon Fairy from the Moon Palace?”

“I can’t find anything . ” Su Qingwu’s expression was grave and solemn . There was no clue at all regarding this matter . There had been no news about it in advance . Even the procuress of Huan Cai Pavilion had no idea of what was going on as if it was impossible to investigate .

Su Qingwu’s forehead twitched . “Mother, Yuyi is already quite outstanding . There’s no need to help her intentionally make her name known . ”

The Eldest Madam disagreed with him, but there were some things that she could not say to him now: “I have my own plans on this matter, and the woman you found today is already of great help . For the next few days, Yuyi will need to stay at home and teach that woman the worship moon dance and go to Baohua Temple to help your grandfather pray for blessings . I can only let you do it for her . ”

Su Qingwu wanted to continue persuading her, but the Eldest Madam didn’t have the heart to listen, “I’ll go and tell Yuyi the good news right now . She has become irritable these few days, and she seems to have lost a lot of weight . … That’s right . By the way, this year was the first year that Su Qing and Mu Yunyao returned to the Su family, so no matter what, they have to express their filial piety towards the Old Master . I let Mu Yunyao copy the Buddhist scriptures and let the two of them go to Baohua Temple together . ”

“Aunt and Mu Yunyao are going as well?”

“That’s right, Su Qing is a daughter, so it’s appropriate to go . Although Mu Yunyao is a granddaughter, she also has the blood of the Su family . Naturally, she should have a share of filial piety . ” In the eyes of the Eldest Madam, Mu Yunyao makes her feel uncomfortable . How could she let the other party have a good time? Mu Yunyao had repeatedly stepped on her face, so this debt should be settled . Did she really think that just because she had mixed up in Jingling City, she would have a chance to establish herself in the Su family? If she didn’t try the depth, she would merely jump in and drown herself in the end .

Su Qingwu opened her mouth as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, no words came out . He watched the Eldest Madam walked out .

It was already late in the night, but the candle flame in Mu Yunyao’s room was still lit . The books that the Eldest Madam had found were all thick and solid . If she did not make good use of her time, she might not finish them all .

The Snow Fox circled around Mu Yunyao’s feet . Realizing that she was not paying attention to it, it used the stool to jump onto the table . Waving its tail, it circled and flicked around Mu Yunyao .


Mu Yunyao’s hands hadn’t stopped moving . “Play around by yourself for a while and don’t cause any trouble here . If you destroy the scriptures I copied, I’ll skin you alive and turn you into my fur collar . ”

Naturally, the Snow Fox didn’t understand her words . Seeing that she would occasionally dip her finger in the ink at the inkstone, it carefully leaned over and stretched out its front paw to fiddle with the ink sticks inside the inkstone .

Mu Yunyao stopped and lightly tapped the Snow Fox’s front paw with the brush . Instantly, a ball of ink was smeared on the snow-white fur . The Snow Fox takes back its front paw fiercely and thinks that it is injured . The Sow Fox lies on the table and rolls .

Mu Yunyao was amused by its actions . Seeing the Snow Fox’s appearance as if the sky had collapsed, she couldn’t help but stretched out her finger and pointed its head: “Do you dare not be obedient in the future?”

The Snow Fox was still lying on the table, moving its hind legs from time to time . Under the light of the candle flame, its eyes were watery, as if they were tear-stained, which made people feel very distressed when they saw it . “Uhhh . . . ”

Mu Yunyao put down her brush and reached out to hold the Snow Fox in her arms . She took out a handkerchief and dipped it in water to wipe off the black marks on its front paw . Unexpectedly, the Snow Fox’s front paw had become wet, and the ink was faint . The more she wiped, the worse the scene was . Finally, the whole forepaw was black .

At this moment, the Snow Fox really wanted to cry and howled even harder while holding its paws .

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