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Chapter 517 – All sorts of people are here!

Chapter 517 – All sorts of people are here!

Afternoon. Dong Xuebing and the Subdistrict Office’s staff sent Chief Xue off.

After the Leader left, Dong Xuebing asked the staff to return to work and doesn’t want them to accompany him to walk around the compound. Xue Qingrong had not mentioned anything about work. His Deputy, Geng Xinke, also did not introduce the rest to him during lunch. He doesn’t know anyone or their positions at the table, and he realizes he is not welcomed there.

Dong Xuebing walks around the main building, side building, carpark, and the Government Administrative Service Lobby.

“Director Dong.”


“Secretary Dong.”

The Subdistrict Office’s staff greeted Dong Xuebing politely.

Dong Xuebing just smiled and nodded to them, and continued observing the staff working.

At around 1.30 pm, Dong Xuebing went upstairs to the side building. He saw an office with the sign, “Working Party Secretary Office.” He entered and saw a big desk, a leather sofa, a few office chairs, and a bookshelf. This is his office and looks more formal than his Investment Promotion Agency’s office.

Dong Xuebing sat down and lit a cigarette.

Knock, knock…

“Come in.” Dong Xuebing snubbed his cigarette and looked towards the door.

A pretty middle-aged woman, around forty years old, entered. She has long hair and is wearing dark brown working attire.

Dong Xuebing smiles. “I forgot to ask who you are.”

The woman smiled and replied. “I forgot to introduce myself during lunch. I am Zhou Yanru, the Party and Government General Office Director. You can call me if you need anything.” She dragged a piece of heavy luggage into the office and placed it carefully by the side. “You had left your luggage outside of the cafeteria, and I had brought it up for you. It’s so warm today. Haha…” She wiped the sweat on her forehead.

Dong Xuebing paused for a second. “Oh, I had forgotten about it. Thank you, Sister Zhou.”

Zhou Yanru smiles. “My role is to assist the Leaders. Don’t mention it.” She took out a document and placed it on the desk. “I had helped you organized the names and pictures of our Subdistrict Office’s Leaders and staff. I wonder if you need it.”

“Haha… I was just about to ask for it.” This Zhou Yanru is very thoughtful.

Zhou Yanru took out a bunch of keys. “We had arranged an apartment in our family quarters for you. It’s a six-story building, and your apartment is on the top floor. If you don’t like it, I can arrange another apartment for you.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Sixth story is fine.”

“Alright. I will bring you to your apartment when you leave later. It’s located at the back of our office and is not far from here.”

“Ok. Sorry to bother you.” Dong Xuebing can feel her enthusiasm.

“It’s not a bother.” Zhou Yanru can speak well and looks cheerful. “Our Office Department has been looking forward to your arrival. Haha… please don’t mind me. I am a bit talkative. Just let me know what you need. Our Office Department will follow your instructions and do our best to support you. Ah… I said too much again. Just look forward to my performance in the future.”

She amuses dong Xuebing. She is quite interesting.

Many staff had tried to be close to Dong Xuebing, but this is the first time he met someone as enthusiastic as Zhou Yanru. It’s like she dived straight into his arms the moment she sees him, and he felt a bit not used to this. Seems like she should be on the former Director’s side previous and is having a hard time now. He welcomes anyone who wishes to be close with him, as he is thinking of how to settle into his role faster.

Other Leaders might be wary of staff that is so “enthusiastic” to join them and will not accept them. But Dong Xuebing is different. “Sister Zhou, I will count on you in the future.”

Zhou Yanru smiled brightly when she heard this. “I should be the one counting on you.”

“Haha…” Both laughed.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Dong Xuebing started reading the document about the staff. He finally knows the identities and positions of the people at the lunch table earlier.

One minute….

Two minutes….

Three minutes….

Dong Xuebing suddenly lifts his head and says. “I noticed Secretary Geng seems to be well respected in the Subdistrict Office.”

Zhou Yanru looked at the door subconsciously and giggled softly. “I am a direct person, and please don’t blame me if I said anything wrong. Secretary Geng is well respected here. He is close to the Police Station Chief, Peng Gang, Deputy Director Rong Feng, and Deputy Director Guo Mingfeng. He had wanted to fight for your position, but….” She had said everything without reservations, making Dong Xuebing wonder if she was talkative or had purposely said these. But he can tell Geng Xinke, and she is not on good terms. “Also, many people say Secretary Geng is the younger brother of our Nan Shan District Mayor Geng. But I am not sure if this is true.”

District Mayor Geng Yuehua’s brother?

Geng Yuehua is the No. 1 of the District Government and not a Deputy Mayor. No wonder Xue Qingrong had introduced Geng Xinke to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing’s heart felt cold suddenly and points to a person in the document. “I noticed Chief Xue seems to be concern about this Wang Yuling. Is she only 26 years old? Our Subdistrict has a lot of young staff. Haha…”

Zhou Xinru paused for a second. “Please don’t blame her. Xiao Wang is not feeling well today, and she is not a scheming person. In fact, she is quite nice.” She had a slight pause and cleared her throat. “I heard our District’s Party Secretary is Xiao Wang’s Uncle.” She is still very careful with her words.

Nan Shan District Party Secretary’s niece?

Dong Xuebing is looking slightly terrible.


What is going on here?

One of them is the District Mayor’s younger brother, and the other is the District Party Secretary’s niece. Why are all these people in this Subdistrict office?

Dong Xuebing is frustrated. How is he going to do his work properly?

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