Records Of Barton’s Fantastical Events

Chapter 141 - Death

Chapter 141: Chapter 10 Death

The simple wooden fork has not been inserted into the green thing that replaced the fried chicken that Anthony asked for. Crowlie stood up, her turning motion suddenly paused. The long, blonde curly hair originally floated in the air like water waves when she turned her face, but it suddenly froze in the air when she stopped all of sudden. On the tips of the slender fingers, the nails reflecting the faint light were snapped into the back of the romanesque chair.

There seemed to be huge wings spread out in the closed office, and the paper on Anthony’s desk was lifted in an instant! The rustling sound of paper flying filled Barton Mayor’s ears in an instant! The seemingly tangible black shadow smashed the light in the office forcefully. Before the chaotic light and shadow could calm down in Anthony’s eyes, the light seemed to light up on Crowlie’s body, who was facing away from him!

Anthony closed his eyes tightly, and the sudden ‘storm’ overturned the lunch plate that had been ‘changed’ by Gina. Anthony ignored the food scattered on his clothes. He wasn’t stupid enough to hold the gun beside him with his hand, but immediately grabbed the dinner plate in front of him and blocked his face!

Some things that did not exist in this world couldn’t be seen with eyes. Anthony did not have the self-healing ability of a vampire.

Perhaps some fanatical believer would think this was proof of strength. In fact, it was just like the vampire would be burned when entering the home of an Inan without an invitation, it was a manifestation of certain boundaries that couldn’t be crossed. This was the boundary between Body and Soul. As for whether the person who could set this boundary was strong; well, if you take Papa Midnight as a reference, it seemed to be indeed strong.

The long blonde hair was dancing in the shining scorching light, Crowlie’s face was completely submerged under the light, and the ink-colored dark things were swimming in the light.

This process was not long.

With his eyelids opened slightly, Anthony looked at the side blocked by the dinner plate, and the light and shadow had returned to normal. The mayor of Barton slapped the dinner plate back to his desk, staring at Crowlie, who was still standing with her back to him.

The clothes that seemed to have been burned covered Crowlie, but the burning traces on the clothes were not expanding but shrinking. The gray ashes floating in the air slowly gathered on her body. Her smooth back was gradually blocked by the shirt and jacket that were slowly recovering.

“You better have a good explanation!” Anthony shouted, and his palm, coarse and calloused from his time in the military, slammed down on his desk heavily, turning the innocent broccoli into a green paste.

Crowlie’s hair shook, and her jet black eyes faded when she turned back, looking at the angry Anthony.

“One of my people.” Crowlie seemed to be thinking about the words, “died.” There was no emotion in her tone. In the blue eyes, the black pupils slowly contracted, expanded, contracted, and expanded like it was breathing.

Anthony snorted, very good, James did a good thing. At least, he made one demon go back to hell.

Crowlie looked at Anthony’s indifferent expression, shook her head, and turned to him again, “You don’t understand. He ‘died’, his soul disappeared.”

Anthony’s emotion fluctuated slightly, Zach did it?

Crowlie tilted her head to look at Anthony’s expression, she confirmed that the mayor did not know the situation.

“Now, I really have a place to go to.” Crowlie bid farewell again, tapping her fingers lightly on the desk. The desk that was messy because of the sudden appearance of her real body seemed to be drawn by some force, and various debris floated in the air and returned to its original position. Even the food also returned to the plate.

Anthony frowned and looked at the back of Crowlie who opened the door and disappeared. He then looked at the lunch plate that had returned to its original state, curled his lips, and threw the plate into the trash can.

Crowlie walked out of the office and turned into the stairwell. Her slender body with a neutral beauty in a man’s formal attire attracted countless pairs of ‘curious’ eyes in the city hall.

When some brave men wanted to catch up and have a conversation with her, there was already no one in the stairwell. Of course, these men who were good at words didn’t feel weird; they just felt that with such long legs, it was reasonable that the beautiful woman would walk so fast.

The pain like being stabbed by a needle appeared in James’ mind. James’ consciousness began to recover. He already felt that his hand was being pushed away by something, and he subconsciously clenched his fingers. As soon as he regained consciousness, he remembered that he had a gun and a military knife in his hand.

James, who had no idea what happened, was not going to let go of these two things that could protect him.

In James’s just opened eyes, the scenery was spinning rapidly. It was still the dark alley between the buildings, it was still the turning point, and he even felt the breeze from the side vents had poured into his collar.

Then everything started sinking! No, it was actually that James’ eyes were moving up!

As if the direction of gravity was shifted toward the wall and the sky, James’ back was pressed against the wall and started to slide up! After passing the straight trouser, James saw a slender finger in his field of view, crooking. As he kept moving upwards, he saw the buttoned formal jacket, and when he reached the middle of the jacket, he noticed that the shirt in the jacket protruded as if it was pushed out by something. The shirt buttons inside seemed to have difficulty restraining the things inside. Then he noticed the long blonde hair. James already had a bad feeling.

The delicate chin, lips, nose, and blue eyes with two black pupils, until James’ body was completely hung against the wall. Crowlie frowned, her crooked finger wagged to both sides. Then James’ arms seemed to be equipped with a mechanism that was beyond his control!

James was stuck on the wall with his legs and arms wide open.

Crowlie moved to the left, and James’ hand pressed against the wall by the invisible force was at the level of Crowlie’s sight, “Silver bullet?” Crowlie observed for a moment, “Silver represents blocking, which has the power to harm any nonhumans, a good choice.” She seemed to be talking to herself.

Crowlie’s finger hooked at James’s wrist, and James was surprised to see that his hand actually aimed the gun at Crowlie. Crowlie tilted her head and looked for a while, and found no traces of the gun being used. She straightened her finger expressionlessly, and James’ wrist was pressed against the wall again, causing severe pain to the joints on his arm.

Crowlie walked to the right, and James watched the other party pass before his eyes.

Crowlie frowned when she looked at the military knife that James was holding tightly in his left hand. This knife was made of steel and had no use at all, at least for demons. Demons’ containers did not require the joints to be intact. Their actions and regeneration did not rely on physical strength, but their souls. As long as the damage to the containers was still within the scope of recovery, it would not affect their actions.

Therefore, if you see someone with their back to you but their face facing you, don’t treat the other person as a nonhuman who has failed to form their shapes. And you shouldn’t think that it was the walking dead either. Papa Midnight would not be able to make his “subordinates” perform some actions that he himself would not be able to perform. That was just a demon who didn’t care much about his container.

Crowlie was facing James, looking at James’ already confused expression, “So it was not you who killed my man? What did you see?”

James glared at the demon in front of him, and after such a short silence, “Let me down!” James said the first sentence to the demon.

When he first met Crowlie, he had been speaking under the guidance of Zach and Anthony, and the people he spoke to at that time were not Crowlie. Only until now did he know how lucky he was at that time. If he could, he hoped that he would never speak to this woman.

Crowlie raised her eyebrows. Comparing Anthony and James, she was not very interested in James. In her view, this was an ordinary human being, a nonbeliever, and a person who was still trying to reconstruct his worldview. He was just a fellow who was embroiled in the real world. The only thing that could be seen was his firm will, and he did not show fear because of being in a strange situation.

“Why?” Crowlie smiled, “For you, I don’t need to lower myself. You are just a human being who needs to be educated.”

James’ chest was undulating, and the feeling of reverse gravity was not good. James’ senses were having a hard time adapting to the gravity that enveloped him from three directions, “Let me down! !” He raised his voice and shouted again!

“Do you want to attract other people?” Crowlie looked at James and curled her mouth.

James closed his open mouth.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.” Crowlie began to look at the human carefully, “It can be seen that both the vampire and the mayor value you very much, and I don’t want to offend them.”

“What do you want!” James lowered his voice, his chin was already on his chest. It was supposed to be a very easy action, but in just a few seconds, James already felt the soreness of his neck.

“I’ve already said it.” Crowlie sighed and waved, James felt the power from the sky disappear and felt much more comfortable. No, how could it be comfortable to hang on the wall!

“What did you see?” This was Crowlie’s concession.

“Nothing! I didn’t see anything!” James said in a low voice. This was the truth. He was not sure what he saw. He couldn’t just say that he saw a person like a pastor step over his head?

“You know, I can see the memory in your soul, right?” Crowlie ran her hands through the blonde hair on her forehead, “Do you want me to take a look at your soul?”

James’ face darkened. This was different from what Anthony said! Anthony reminded him of the things he needed to pay attention to when he left that time, but he didn’t mention the fact that demons could pull out his soul.

“Hehe.” Crowlie slid her finger across her lips. “Interesting. How gullible. I wonder how the vampire educated you?”

James’ face was livid. Crowlie lying to him!

But James didn’t have a chance to get angry. Crowlie disappeared, and the inky black shadow suddenly rushed towards James!

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