Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Threatening

“A puny evil demonic cultivator, dares to touch sister Ning Ling . You don’t know your limits!” Heavenly Cloud Sword Sect Head Disciple steps forward with a cold face, the longsword on his back whistling as it went straight for Liang Taizu’s head .

Liang Taizu let out a cold laugh, with a flick of his sleeve shooting a black light, enveloping the longsword, dimming it and making it fall .

Head Disciple spurts a mouth full of blood, terrified, “Filthy demonic light!” Making some hand signs, the longsword vibrates and starts to escape .

Liang Taizu laugh, “This sword, this Master will accept it!” He lifts his hand, and from his fingertips lightning strikes the sword, its spiritual energy disappearing completely .

Sword Sect’s Head Disciple let out another mouth full of blood, his pale face and eyes show an even greater fear, filled with endless resentment . With his personal sword destroyed, his cultivation was broken, the chances of restoring it are slim, with no choice then to become something akin to a cripple .

The people at the side were shocked, not daring to utter a single word . Sword Sect’s Head Disciple was looked upon as a heroic man, and yet when faced with Liang Taizu, lost completely . If it were any of them instead, the result would be even worse .

“How terrifying, to deal with Head Disciple of Heavenly Cloud Sword Sect in such a swift manner!”

“Unrivaled in the Foundation Establishment stage, it is actually true!”

“Below Golden Core, there might be no one who can defeat Liang Taizu!”

Talking in low voices, each sect’s young talent show fear on their faces . The demon hunting team’s courage was destroyed before even taking shape .

Liang Taizu threw his head back and laughed, “These years, your so called immortal sects, blamed us for every setback you encountered . Today I came here just to show all of you what happens when you flap your gums!”

The green clothed devil flew over, his energy deep and constricting, “Young master, please receive this Golden Core . After subordinate kills Patriarch Zeng, I will present you with another one . ”

“Li Yunmo, Patriarch Zeng is mine . I will kill you if you interfere!” The black clothed old man flew into a rage .

“Useless thing, with the demonic treasure bestowed by young master, even with a sneak attack you stoll had your arm cut off . What a disgrace to Seven Murdering Demonic Sect!” Li Yunmo sneered .

“Want do die!?” The black clothed old man raged .

Liang Taizu was expressionless, “Enough . ” Just a Foundation Establishment cultivator, but with only a word, the two devils, bowed their heads, faces filled with veneration .

“Can’t you see around you? Letting senior Zeng to witness your quarreling, what a joke . ” He took the bloody Golden Core, licking his red lips, “Junior lacks Golden Core to supplement his cultivation . Senior Kong was kind enough to provide me with one, hope senior Zeng will follow his example and help junior out . ”

Zeng Chenming raised his sword, so angry that he started laughing, “If you want it, come and get it!”

Liang Taizu laughed, “Senior’s valor reaches the Heavens! Li Yunmo did you heard? Senior Zeng’s invitation, accepted it in this Master’s stead, and pull out his Golden Core . ”

Li Yunmo complies, “Yes!” He took out a black skull, with green fire inside its eye sockets and its mouth moving up and down . Letting out a cruel and uncanny laugh, it flew more than a zhang in an instant, straight towards Zeng Chenming as if to swallow him .

“Grand…” Zeng Mo’er’s mouth was covered by Qin Yu before she could finish, “If you don’t want to be used as a hostage, don’t talk!”

Zeng Mo’er instantly recovered, bit her lips while tears streamed down her face .

Qin Yu can’t be bothered with consoling her, quickly trying to find a solution . Invading the south, these demonic cultivators must be prepared . Because if they were to be found there would be no escape for them… the ones who can keep a secret are the dead ones! Even the sneak attack on the two clans, shows their intention of killing everyone .

Qin Yu’s heart turned heavy, with no strength the outcome will be this miserable . Even creating this respected identity, against demonic cultivators, has no use . A finger, only with this, can he make a stand between life and death!

What to do?

As he was furiously thinking, the battle between Zeng Chenming and Li Yunmo reached a climax .

A golden banner appeared above Zeng Chenming’s head, each movement causing golden whirlwinds, cutting everything apart . The black skull, was jeering constantly, spouting black energy, transforming into a sabre wielding specter, and charged forward .

The two magic items clashed . Under the control of a Golden Core expert they released incredible power . In a flash half of Dongliu City is destroyed . The two seem evenly matched, but one side still had a Golden Core waiting . Even with a removed arm, a Golden Core is still an expert, capable of suppressing all of this city’s cultivators .

Suddenly, from the southeast side of the seal, a low cry was heard . With an explosion of light, Ning Ling fell back, with a pale expression .

“My beauty” Liang Taizu laughed, “You finally show yourself . This Master can’t wait anymore . Want to take you to Mount Wu and embrace you . ”

“If you want me, do it yourself . ” Ning Ling said woodenly .

Liang Taizu said, “Think I can’t? Alright, this Master will personally do the capturing!”

His fist exploded forward, bursting with black energy, in an instant transforming into a wolf head . But no one realized that it is only a ruse as Liang Taizu moved his finger slightly and a black rope rushed ahead .

Ning Ling already anticipated this, the wolf head hasn’t yet reached, and yet her delicate body took a step back, avoiding the sneak attack of the black rope . She raised her hand, releasing from her slender jade fingers, a startling cold white ray .

Liang Taizu laughed, not fazed at all, “Worthy of my fancy, if it was easy to capture you, this Master wouldn’t like you this much . ” He calmly dodged the killing ray, and with a thought the wolf head moved to bite, fiercely and ruthlessly . When demonic cultivators attack, they go for the kill, even if the target is a girl they fancy, they still won’t hold back at all .

Ning Ling was already hurt, and is gradually being suppressed, bracing herself for the wolf head’s attack . Liang Taizu ambushed her several times, causing wounds to appear and blood to soak her white clothes .

Liang Taizu’s eyes burned hot, as if to swallow her whole, but at this moment he let out an odd shout, the bloody patters on his robe emitting a surging black energy, to resist the sudden explosion of the ice-cold energy . Even with this protection, he still got sealed in ice along with his demonic energy!

Ning Ling’s pupils turned cold, pointed each finger, using this golden chance, to release cold rays from each of them . But soon had to stop, as her hand was hit by demonic energy, letting out a groan, her face grew paler .

The black clothed old man hit the ice, making it crack and shatter . Liang Taizu came out of it and gave the old man a resounding slap, “Useless thing, dare to attack this Master’s Beauty?”

Brushing the ice fragments, he exclaimed in admiration, “Ning Ling, you almost killed me . I’m starting to like you even more . Be a good girl and don’t attack again, or I would be force to tell Dark Slave to capture you . I would really hate to do it, so don’t make me . ”

The black clothed old man with a creepy laugh, “Young master, I will be careful not to hurt young lady . ” Ignoring the slap .

“Shameless!” Ning Ling said .

Liang Taizu rubbed his face, “I am a demonic cultivator, didn’t you cultivators always say that we are despicable? Besides, I am clearly not your match, so why should I suffer from your attacks . Posing belongs to you immortal sects, it is not something this Master learned to do . ”

Ning Ling turned to fly away, pointless to argue and waste time with Liang Taizu on this . Right then, her eyes brighten, and landed on a rooftop .

“Sister Ning!” Zeng Mo’er ran into her arm, crying her heart out .

Ning Ling patted her, looking over she sees Qin Yu frowning and shaking his head, her eyes dimmed .

The exchange between them was short, while the oblivious Zeng Mo’er continuing to sob, “Sister Ning, will grandfather be alright?”

“Relax,” Ning Ling consoled her, “Senior Zeng’s cultivation is profound, and with the precious treasure in hand he will be fine . ”

Qin Yu inwardly sighed, if it were true, why is your countenance filled with worry, and letting Zeng Mo’er relax slightly .

A cold feeling struck his heart, as if a viper set its sights on him . Qin Yu looked up at Liang Taizu, who was giving off a warm smile, “Young fellow, you dare flirt with my girl, think this Master is blind? Today you will die a miserable death . ”

“I’m waiting . ” Qin Yu replied blankly .

“Such courage,” Liang Taizu laughed, “I’ll let you live a little longer!” Waved his hand, yelling, “Li Yunmo, it’s gone long enough . ”

Ning Ling is already familiar with his character . Once these people started, they definitely won’t let anyone off, and apologized, “Fellow Daoist Qin, sorry to involve you . ”

Qin Yu waved his hand, “Demonic sect is prepared to not let anyone out alive, even without young miss Ning’s involvement, the result would still be the same . ”


With a wretched sound, Zeng Chenming spouted blood while retreating, on his back many black palm prints .

Li Yunmo raged, “Dark Slave, who told you to interfere, I was just about to kill him!”

Dark Slave sneered, “Young master grows impatient . ” Then turned around, eyes cold, “Old freak Zeng, you took my arm, and I gave you a palm . Now we’re even . ”

Zeng Mo’er shrieked, “Grandfather!” She panicked, “Big brother Qin, I beg you to ask Grandmaster for help . Save my Grandfather!”

“So its Zeng clan’s daughter . I have heard of young miss Mo’er’s beauty, and clearly you aren’t ordinary . ” Liang Taizu smiled, “Who would think that I would be so lucky to not only encounter Ning Ling but also you . From today onwards, you will become this Master’s mistress, and I will treat you well . ”

Dark Slave walked over, his black energy surging, “To be young master’s mistress, it is your greatest fortune . Get ready and come with this old man!”

Zeng Mo’er full of fear, “Big brother Qin, save me, save me!”

Qin Yu was stiff as a board, under a Golden Core stare, his body’s energy seems to freeze . He lowered his head, and avoided Zeng Mo’er’s gaze, not saying a word .

Zeng Mo’er’s eyes grew big, dumbstruck .

“I would still be moved by a beauty’s tears . Young fellow, you’re actually so cold, truly broadening my horizons . No wonder you were taken in by Grandmaster . ” Liang Taizu eyes flickered, “Might as well try . If Grandmaster says the word, then this Master will have no choice but to release young miss Mo’er, and even senior Zeng’s Golden Core can be negotiated . ”

Qin Yu’s heart was cold, from Liang Taizu intention, he was restless, and had to give a tough response . It is certain, this man’s plan… is to attack the one behind him, the so-called Grandmaster of alchemy . Once this is revealed, only death awaits him!

With fear seeping into his bones, Qin Yu’s expression was unfazed, “If you want to interfere, Grandmaster will speak, not me . ”

Liang Taizu laughed, “Worthy of Grandmaster’s disciple, so open minded . This Master will show respect to Grandmaster, and won’t kill you . Young fellow, get lost before I change my mind!”

Without a word of movement, Qin Yu turned and jumped down .

Zeng Mo’er was lifeless, and seeing him leaving without a care, her heart gradually turned cold . Grandfather said, that Grandmaster regards him greatly, taking him as his disciple . ‘You can clearly same me, save grandfather, just as you saved uncle . Then why won’t you talk? WHY?’

“Wait!” Dark Slave yelled then turned and bowed, “Young master, your cultivation is at a critical point, if you have a perfect Spirit Protection Pill, then success is guaranteed . Today, since you met Grandmaster, should try ask for a pill . ”

Liang Taizu was in deep thought, “Perfect pills are hard to come by, let alone the rare Spirit Protection Pill, even the normal one is hard to refine . ”

Dark Slave respectfully said, “You should at least try . ”

“Grandmaster can refine perfect pills . ” Zeng Mo’er suddenly opened her mouth, “Not long ago, Zeng clan exchange for a perfect Foundation Establishment Pill . ”

Qin Yu slightly stumbled .

Liang Taizu’s eyes were burning, “Young miss Zeng, is it true?”

Zeng Mo’er face was pale and frighten, but even more, serene, “Of course . Sister Ning also asked Grandmaster for an Eternal Youth Pill, and knows this . ”

Liang Taizu swept over Ning Ling’s cold appearance, and threw his head back laughing, “Good! Good! Young miss Zeng is this Master’s lucky star . Even before becoming my mistress, she gave me such a big gift . ” He then looked at Qin Yu, “Young fellow, tell Grandmaster, to please refine for this Master a perfect Spirit Protecting Pill . ”

“Remember, if Grandmaster doesn’t accept, then this Master will burn your body in demonic fire!”

Not turning around, Qin Yu icily said, “Fine!” He then stepped into the courtyard, and closed the door .

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