Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Huang Danguai’s face turned weird, pulling the Patriarch and left . Once outside, he frowned and said, “Patriarch, Ning Ling’s behavior is a bit off . ”

Patriarch started, nodded slowly, knowing the hidden meaning behind those words . He has worry painted on his face but his eyes flashed and then let out a long breath .

Huang Daiguai clicking his tongue sighed, “Didn’t realize this brat has a bit of skill . It’s a pity since he isn’t on the right path . ”

Patriarch’s was impassive, “I will tell the disciples to act accordingly . ”

Search for Qin Yu?

Whatever for? To get closer to Ning Ling?

If this would truly occur, Patriarch has no doubt that Ning clan will tear him to shreds out of anger!

This disaster, is tantamount to death .

Just as he was feeling glad, a disciple was happily coming forward, yelling, “Patriarch, Grand Elder, junior brother Qin Yu returned!”

The hearts of Patriarch and Huang Danguai instantly twisted . Whishing to break this clueless disciple’s mouth, but choose to smile forcefully instead .

The Main Hall’s door behind them opened, revealing Ning Ling filled with delight, “He truly returned?”

Blushing charmingly she was unable to conceal her happiness, like a rising sun shining above the blooming flowers . Never seeing this side of her, Tao Jie stared blankly and unconsciously nodded, “It’s true…”

Before he could finish, a white cloud already lifted Ning Ling, fling towards the Main Gate, leaving two old men with bitter faces . Ning Ling knows they won’t have the chance to act secretly . Tao Jie, truly knew how to choose a good place!

“What are you staring around for! Get lost!” Huang Danguai cursed .

Patriarch smiled bitterly, “Martial brother, it just wasn’t meant to be!”

Below the Main Gate’s arc, after a short moment of happiness pertaining Qin Yu’s return, all of the disciples’ eyes started to show their contempt . Running away from of danger, abandoning a fellow disciple, and not just once, triggered this kind of reaction from the others .

Qin Yu also acted acortdingly, showing embarrassment and guilt, lowering his head smiling forcefully .

Right then, Ning Ling descended from her white cloud, showing in front of him . The surrounding disciples immediately began greeting her respectfully, “Paying respects to senior sister Ning!”

Eyes filled with emotion, incomparable bright, all expecting fairy Ning Ling’s reproach .

But they soon were aching, in a short moment senior sister Ning Ling bit her lip and gazed at Qin Yu . Her eyes… are actually filled with gentleness .


The disciples’ hearts shook, howling with grief, ‘It is fine if senior sister doesn’t reproach him, but how can you have these kind of eyes when looking at him? Why can’t you look at us in the same way!’

Qin Yu could feel the murderous stares falling on him, causing his scalp to go numb even with his newly strengthened heart, and embarrassed said, “Senior sister Ning?”

The distracted Ning Ling recovered and nodded, “It’s good that you’re back . ”

Just as she finished, she left . Afraid that if she stayed, her face will turn bright red, caused by the more and more chaotic heart .

Qin Yu smiled forcefully, “Many thanks senior sister!”

That overjoyed expression made everyone frown .

“Truly a lucky punk, receiving senior sister Ning’s kindness . If it were me, he would suffer the consequences!” a youth indignantly said .

“Even with senior sister Ning’s leniency, this punk’s reputation is completely the worst . In the future, no one will dare to get close to him . ”

“True, after all, everyone knows they will be abandoned by him sooner or later . ”

A few girls glared coldly at him, “Let’s go, we’ll feel worse the longer we look at such a person . ” Then left, those arrogant white necks, similar to a swan’s, disdaining to even look at the toad in the mud .

“Let’s go, let’s go . ”

Very quickly, the Main Gate became deserted, with only Qin Yu’s solitary figure left behind . He raised his head gazing at Ning Ling’s flying in the distance, eyes filled with warmth . News of his return spread, about Ning Ling’s rush to welcome him . Although she only said one phrase, it was enough to sense her state of mind .

But soon, Qin Yu’s expression returned to normal . Ning Ling is a Heaven’s child, showing this kind of side, made anyone pensive .

For example, him .

Mundane worries, are all meaningless . Qin Yu doesn’t believe to be too bright, but still doesn’t dare to think about this development . He is aware of his value .

Several days later, the Sacred Mountain Sect’s rampage gradually calmed . Yet the common people continuously expressed their gratitude through gifts .

The Patriarch never called for the fleeing Qin Yu, perhaps not to harm himself in rage when he gazes upon him . Tao Jie was sent to question him and soon he was familiar with the underground area .

As Patriarch’s upstanding disciple, Tao Jie didn’t find any inconsistencies when inquiring Qin Yu, and left in a rush when he started babbling, making Qin Yu relax . Thinking about it, there might not be any people coming to trouble him in the future . ‘I can finally think about the intricate relation between a beauty and a man… *Cough**Cough* I mean, practicing cultivation! Yes, that’s right!’

Before leaving Sacred Mountain Sect the next day, he entered Pill Disposing Facility to bring Pheasant King out and keep his promise to sweep the surrounding of hens .

Because of the previous disciples’ actions, the pheasant’s predators were removed, causing them to multiply unchecked . But this day is bound to bring suffering to all the weak pheasants .

A pheasant and a cultivator, with no remorse what so ever, brought about cruel attacks upon the local hen community, snatching all the young girls and ladies .

When Qin Yu was about to leave, Pheasant King was crying, waving his wing on and on . The mere hundred-plus hens behind it don’t know if it’s reluctance to part with Qin Yu, or it’s because of the beginning of a new beautiful pheasant life with them .

If all goes right, in a few years, as far as the eyes can see, this place will be filled with Pheasant King’s descendants . Thinking about this, Qin Yu curled his lip, indescribable pleased, nor ready to return again to the sect and so he leaves like this . Since there’s no one here who cares about him anyway .

After the Foundation Establishment Trial, he officially treads the path of cultivation . This little vacation is to inform his close ones, to break all times and then focus whole heartily on cultivation .

Qin Yu is an orphan, but there are some people he cares about . As old memories flash by, he couldn’t help looking forward to this visit .

‘Aunty Gu, did you ever thought I would one day become a cultivator? This time, it is my turn to help you . ’

Qin Yu’s body moved, but seeing the person in front, he was struck dumb .

Ning Ling lightly said, “Heard junior brother is returning home, looks like we’ll travel together . Let’s go . ” Then turned around and walked forward, the wind fluttering her skirt, long hair flowing in waves, turning Qin Yu’s heart upside down .

After a period of silence, Qin Yu couldn’t help himself pointing backwards, “Senior sister Ning, my home is this way . ”

Ning Ling slightly paused, face turning rosy, truly mesmerizing .

On the Sacred Mountain Sect’s highest mountain peak, two old geezers, silently watched a couple of young disciples walking further away with indescribable gloomy expressions .

“Patriarch, is it fine like this?”

“No, but there’s nothing we can do about it . ”

Huang Danguai lamented, feeling like a priceless treasure war tarnished in mud .

That kind of girl, talent, character, appearance, all of high quality . Then how could she fancy a useless rotten wood?

Patriarch seems to have the same thought, sighed, “Enough, the ten-year period is almost over . We already made great contributions, let them leave!”

“And if something happens?”

Patriarch hesitated, “Only we know of this, so there shouldn’t be anyone else who discovered it . Let her have her last moments of freedom . ”

Not knowing what to think, Huang Danguai nodded, sighing again and again .

Traveling with a beauty is a boring affair, yet also has its’s dazzling moments .

Qin Yu was always on guard since Ning Ling appeared, but still couldn’t stop from feeling delighted .

“Junior brother, what is this flower?”

“Junior brother, what is this plant?”

“Junior brother, what is this river?”

“Junior brother, what is that fish?”

Looking at the earnest Ning Ling, Qin Yu forced a smile, and cupped his hands, “Senior sister, you can ask me anything . ”

Ning Ling stuck out her tongue, her charming expression making Qin Yu’s heart skip a beat . Satisfied with his little reaction, she curled her lips .

“Junior brother Qin Yu, what did you found that day?”

Qin Yu thought for a bit, “It’s really simple actually . Senior sister, you think a mountain creature that just obtain awareness would actually attack mortals so close to the sect’s entrance?”

Ning Ling frowned, “Just this?”

He directly nodded, thinking of what that witch You Ji said, but not mentioning it .

Ning Ling pondered deeply, and after a while just sighed faintly, “Junior brother is so smart . We unconsciously relaxed as we approached the sect and they took advantage of it . Never thought this would actually be the biggest clue . ”

Qin Yu promptly said, “Senior sister praises me too much . ”

Ning Ling blinked, “Junior brother still isn’t willing to be honest with me?”

He was startled .

“The Qin Yu in Dongliu City was confident and calm . But I don’t see any if it on you right now . ” Ning Ling eyes twinkled, “Moreover, Zhu clan’s affair was so coincidental, that just doesn’t seem to be pure chance . ”

She blocked Qin Yu’s explanation, “And on this ambush, others might not know who did it, but it is clear for me . With junior brother cultivation there is no way you could have escaped . Therefore, when you returned to the sect and said that you scared the demonic cultivator that was chasing you away was all clearly a lie . ”

Qin Yu frowned, “I don’t understand . What is senior sister Ning Ling trying to say?”

Ning Ling shook her head, speaking solemnly, “I have no ill will towards you, or I would have reported you to the sect . I just don’t understand why you want to hide so much . ” Hesitated a bit, then, “Also, I don’t like to see you being misunderstood by others . ”

Qin Yu heart trembled, a sudden thought of admitting rose inside, but he very quickly pushed it down, then squeezed a smile, “Senior sister Ning, you’re thinking too much . ”

She looked at him, and suddenly laughed, “You are right, let’s go quickly . ” And turned around, her eyes holding an even deeper admiration .

There is no lack of people who were impressed by beauty, and got carried away . She is confident about this point in herself . She revealed her troubles, yet Qin Yu was still cautious, exceeding her expectations .

She didn’t believe he would admit it anyway . Just telling him ‘I already know what kind of person you are’ is enough .

Only, time is never enough, and there will always be regrets left .

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