Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Qiu Qiu walked through the blooming courtyard, with a firm face, ‘Young miss is so kind, perhaps too kind . His type of people should be beaten to death, never to have any intentions towards young miss, yet he dared to come with Gu Ling’er . Clearly has wicked thoughts!’

As young miss’ personal maid, it is her duty to take out the trash, to remove any hint of inconveniences . She made a sign for a servant girl to approach, then gave some instructions .

Seated in the luxurious reception room, Gu Ling’er felt awkward, “Brother Yu, you think elder sister Zhang Zhang still remembers me? Will she like me?”

Qin Yu smiled slightly, “Zhang Zhang is a kindhearted young lady that grew up with our Ling’er, of course she will remember and like you . Wait for her to come and brother will ask her to take good care of you . ”

The Qiu Qiu who arrived at the door, hearing Qin Yu friendly addressing, and with a close tone at that, her face went cold! ‘Zhang Zhang?! The young miss’ maiden name is something someone like you can utter?!’

Qiu Qiu became more certain, that Qin Yu wants to elope with young miss, causing all her compassion to fly out the window .

Upon entering, Qiu Qiu smiled towards Gu Ling’er, “Ling’er, young miss knows you came, and is very delighted, waiting for you in the rear courtyard . I already made the arrangements . Quickly wash up and go to meet her . ”

Gu Ling’er watched Qin Yu with some hesitation, yet Qiu Qiu grabbed her by the hand and guided her to the servant outside, that then took her away .

Qin Yu hasn’t yet sensed the Qiu Qiu’s ill intentions, so he doesn’t interfears, finding her hostility only at the end .

Qiu Qiu returned with a cold face and filled with arrogance, stating, “Qin Yu, young miss told me to give you this jade pendant, to forget about that old naïve promise . ” Then took out the jade pendant .

Qin Yu inwardly sighed, he could guess some things, received the pendant and nodded, “It was just a silly promise, yet it actually made Zhang Zhang fret over it . ”

This uncaring and bland tone, made Qiu Qiu felt like she hit cotton, the complete emptiness he exhibits, caused her to immediately blew her top, yelling in a lovely voice, “Impudent! Using young miss’ maiden name, is something you are worthy of? Let me tell you, Master is an accomplished Golden Core cultivator, it is certain that young miss will also have remarkable talent, bound to become an imposing figure, with a sky-high disparity between you!”

She clapped her hands and a male servant came with a wooden tray, a golden ingot on it, “This is what young miss is bestowing upon you, take it and leave, never to appear in front of young miss again!”

A fury rose from the depth of his heart, turning his eyes sharp and penetrating . Qiu Qiu paled as she felt the person in front of her change into a tiger on the verge of ripping her to shreds .

Obtaining Little Blue Lamp, altering his fate, becoming 4th layer of Foundation Establishment, and the path he walked allowed his confidence to grow . Never was there anyone who talked to him like this, especially not a mere servant girl! But thinking about Gu Ling’er, he took a deep breath, doing his best to suppress this towering rage, coldly saying, “Very good that Zhang Manor has a Golden Core expert, not something I can compare . I just hope she will look after Ling’er, or there will be consequences!”

Got up, turned, and left in big strides .

Qiu Qiu recovered only long after he left, finding her back dripping with sweat . Gnashing her teeth from anger and amazement of being frightened by a boor, “Qin Yu, just wait and see!”

Exiting the reception room, the male servant was stunned, turning his head sometimes, faintly hearing what was said .

Rushing outside, the fresh air quickly cooled Qin Yu’s fire down, but soon shook his head inwardly, ‘Just some faint feelings, yet such anger . Seems they aren’t the only ones who is arrogant . ’

‘This must change . Only, how can Zhang Zhang think like this! That he will cling to this childish promise tooth and nail, to marry her?’ He shook his head .

Just then, in front appears a young male, in black robe with an eagle nose and domineering aura .

The servant boy quickly greeted .

“It has nothing to do with you, move aside . ” Eagle nosed waved his hand .

The servant withdrew in a rush .

When his gaze landed, it felt like a mountain fell on him, making the air tighten and hearts tremble, “Are you Qin Yu?”

Qin Yu nodded .

Eagle nose’s vision flickered, amazed of his calmness, but recovered quickly, ‘Just a front . ’

“It’s good to have ambitions, but one also needs to know themself, understand?” He waved his hand, a burning hot energy struck Qin Yu’s face as the foot-long fire blade whistles as it went, cutting apart a thick tree and burning it to ashes in a flash .

“I am called Zhang Huo, I am adopted and the head disciple . If you so much as appear in Zhang Zhang’s surroundings, you will end up like that tree . ” Without even looking at Qin Yu, he turned and left in an unrestrained manner .

Zhang manor’s gate opens, and then it closes . Qin Yu standing in front of it, turning his head for a look, and took a profound breath then slowly released it .

Unaware, Ning Ling was already in front of him, “I think you are itching to fight . ”

Qin Yu forced a smile, “Almost, but he is a Golden Core’s disciple . Not easy to provoke . ”

Ning Ling’s pupils turned slightly cold, “Golden Core?”

She has never used this tone before, but it made anyone believe from the bottom of their heart, that she is qualified of despising Golden Core cultivators .

“I believe, that one day, the one inside this mansion will come to regret what happened today . ”

Qin Yu felt warmth inside, but smiled while shaking his head, “Senior sister exaggerates . ”

Ning Ling gave him an annoyed look, “When you start acting…”

Qin Yu turns a deaf ear and coughed twice, “Let’s go . ”

Walking a few steps, Ning Ling turn to look, “Are you at ease with Ling’er staying here?”

“Under a Golden Core’s protection is better than next to me . ” Qin Yu’s expression was unfazed, “If they can’t look after her then I will take her back . ”

A trace of overbearing aura surrounds Qin Yu, something very rarely seen . Seeing his back, Ning Ling’s eyes were filled with splendor, but very soon dimed .

Exiting the town’s gate, Ning Ling stopped .

Qin Yu turned his body, seeing her eyes, softly asking, “Senior sister Ning wants to leave?”

Ning Ling frowned, “You knew?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I only realized, that senior sister Ning can’t return with me, and just accompanied to my home . ”

Ning Ling laughed, “Junior brother Qin Yu is the smartest I have seen . True, I am leaving, leaving the Sacred Mountain Sect, towards the place I am supposed to return . ”

Even though he guessed right, once he heard it from her, Qin Yu’s heart sank slightly, his smile forceful, “Can I send you of for a while?”

Ning Ling wanted to refuse, but thinking that after this separation, they won’t be seeing each other soon and couldn’t help but say, “Alright . ”

Qin Yu also knows this . Where Ning Ling is going, without telling him, is enough for him to understand that a second meeting will be very far in the future .

None of them spoke, the mood was heavy, both feeling slightly painful in their hearts .

Seeing the pavilion, they went for ten li .

Neither used their cultivation, just walking, for an hour .

Outside the pavilion, Ning Ling smiled faintly, “Here . ”

Qin Yu cupped his hands, “We shall meet again!”

Ning Ling nodded, the bitter feeling in her heart couldn’t be suppressed, surging violently, making her eyes red .

Suddenly turned around, she said, “Go!”


She was supported by the white cloud, while Qin Yu took a few steps back . Then, he felt the ground shaking slightly, a fear griping his hear, and without much thought he let a low roar, “Watch out!”

Not far, the surface of the pavilion split, the pavilion torn apart like paper, and a black beam of light charging towards Ning Ling . Boundless power, not at all weaker than a rushing river, cold and imposing causing reverence to appear in the hearts of men .

Golden Core!

Qin Yu looked at the black beam of light landing on Ning Ling’s delicate body, an unspeakable sadness overwhelming him, a roar fighting its way out of his throat .

Under the black light, a blooming snow-white flower appeared near Ning Ling’s body, that was soon ripped apart . But just as the light was about to explode, the white cloud below Ning Ling suddenly expanded and just like a bubble, it enveloped Ning Ling inside .

Yet in a split second, the bubble was destroyed, but still gave Ning Ling the opportunity to escape . Like a dead leaf, she flew, thrown away by the shockwave, quickly reaching more than ten zhang in hight .


The black beam of light landed on the ground causing a scar of a hundred zhang to form, the earth burnt black, still giving off heat!

Ning Ling looked, expressing relief . The warning Qin Yu gave was enough for her to escape danger . But in an instant, she recovered, and gazed at the splintered pavilion with a deep coldness .

Qin Yu’s heart was assaulted by relief and happiness, but before it could spread towards his mind, his body went rigid, as if he was locked on by a terrifying beast in the forest .

The sound of footsteps filled the sky, coming from the broken pavilion . Black robe, black hair, black eyes, without even a bit of white, making him look overwhelming . If it weren’t for these, he would turn out to be an elegant, mannered man .

“I concealed myself here, but my killing strike was actually thwarted by you, truly unimaginable . What the Sacred Lord said was right after all . Even a bug could change the situation, so before I start doing what I need to, I should first kill the bug . ”

As he was talking, Qin Yu felt a terrible premonition, as if death was staring him in the face, and launched his body forward several zhangs . A gloomy dark ray of demonic energy, releasing bone piercing coldness as it went, struck his original position . Even without touching it, he still felt the cold cutting at his clothes, and the blood seeping into them .

When cold sweat was covering his forehead, Qin Yu went stiff out of instinct, but he forcefully overcome it, to the extent that it made his movements more erratic and flustered, continuing his retreat for more than ten zhang .

Black Devil frowned slightly, but soon laughed mockingly, “This old man hasn’t attacked in a long time, so I must have gone rusty . Not even able to get rid of a Foundation Establishment junior, what a joke . ”

Ning Ling suddenly advanced a step, a bright golden glow exploding outward, making her body bathing in it more noble and grand, as if a Goddess was walking on this earth . Her expression was cold, her voice becoming dignified and frosty under this power, “Black Devil, your opponent is me . ”

With a lift of her hand a flaming golden light floated forward, like a fierce explosion, making one hold his breath . This energy, is not something even a Golden Core cultivator could neglect . Its cruelty, noble and overbearing traits seem as if it is trying to burn the whole world!

Black Devil wore a solemn expression . When facing such an ancient clan’s power, then even he would be forced to do give it all . Fighting someone above their realm, even cutting down a powerful enemy, is soemone belonging to one of the most illustrious and magnificent reputable clans .

Dark demonic energy has deeper coldness attribute and because he is Black Devil, his eyes are black with the sky he sees also black . A world without any light, devoid of the radiance of the sun, moon and the stars, will gain the extreme coldness attribute .

The flaming golden light along with the deep and ice-cold demonic energy, clashed in midair, just like boiling oil striking ice . The two’s violent reaction could be imagined . With a deep rumble, spreading everywhere, terrifying anyone around even reaching the distant forest .

The mountains, fields, no matter where the beasts where, they all fell to the ground, whimpering and trembling . To them, this power is close to Heaven’s might!

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