Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Qin Yu with a quick step, returned where the odd fish corpse was laying, muttered a faint ‘sorry’ and took out the dagger he preciously used to dismantle it beginning to peel its hide along the mouth . That’s right, precisely from inside he started to skin it completely, believing this is the crucial part in Qin Yu’s survival .

After an hour, and with a complete skin of the unnatural fish in hand, Qin Yu was inspecting it with ragged breath, feeling content with not finding any damaged areas . Its toughness can be seen from not being affected from the battle with Black Devil .

Once he folded it carefully and put it in his storage bag, Qin Yu sat down cross-legged and took several pills one after the other . Topping it off with some spiritual leaves for recovering, that he got from the underground area . He has to be wasteful, as he needs to be at his best since the fish hide can’t stay for long in his storage bag .

Four days later, Qin Yu stretched himself, making his bones letting out creaking noises . He had no choice but to stop his recovery once he inspected the fish hide’s condition .

Reaching the cave’s entrance and taking out the fish hide, Qin Yu entered it, making sure it is tightly fastened . Then, with a deep breath he stomped his foot launching himself toward the veil of light .

The next blink, his whole body felt as if it was struck by a hammer, vision going black and ears buzzing, with the sweet taste of blood rushing out of his mouth . What followed, are the countless fist like blows that smashed every nook and cranny of his body, almost causing it to collapse .

While stifling a groan, Qin Yu took out the inner core of the fish, releasing a layer of faint light in this complete darkness . With the repeated roars from the mini freaky fish, the fish hide began to swell . The blows’ shockwaves still came, causing Qin Yu to feel dazed and eyes dimmed, but not with the same force that terrified him before .

He began to calm down slightly, but as time passed, Qin Yu felt his heart increasingly cold . Because at this time, regardless of his struggles, unable to oppose the fierce current outside, he began to sink into the dark abyss under the protection of the fish hide and its inner core .

Feeling the gradually stronger hits, Qin Yu was helpless, originally thinking he’d escaped death and earning a fortune, only to turn into such a joke .



The low muffled sounds intensified in their strength, making Qin Yu’s inner organs vibrate and the unhealed wounds to once again burst open . His seven apertures began to leak blood, while he only closed his eyes waiting for the end to come .

He might truly die and couldn’t refrain from thinking ‘Are there really no regrets?’ . In the end he clearly doesn’t have that ambitious thinking some people have in this world!

‘Never mind, at least I got to live for a while longer . Just that, after many years have gone by, will she still remember me?’

As these thoughts spin in Qin Yu’s head, the fish hide let out a tearing sound, and with it, a terrible attack struck him, as if a mountain fell on top of him!

Yet managing to dodge at hairs breath, Qin Yu groaned as his chest hasn’t yet recovered from being pressured, only to feel that the frightening force completely disappeared, as if it never occurred in the first place .

His foot touching the ground, Qin Yu lifted his head, looking at the horrifying crushing force of the water currents . He then spat a mouth full of blood and while smiling, started cursing, “What a messed-up luck!”

A bloody light unfurled in the area, its faint and thin appearance possessing an unimaginable might instead . Yet the force of the water current seems to have no effect on it at all . As if it could sense someone entering, the bloody light intensified, scaring Qin Yu . Only then he realized that under the light, there is actually a bluestone laying on the floor . The stone resembling a crouching bull, with an ancient feeling coming from it .

Instinct told him that all of the peculiar happenings bellow the pool originate from this bluestone . Bathing in the bloody light, he suddenly has a feeling of being watched, as if an unknown existence peering down on his meager struggles with a detached look .

He laid stock-still, not daring to move an inch, but just then, from his chest a sound came out . The storage bag belonging to Li Yunmo burst, and with it its 36 jade boxes came out of his clothes, landing on the ground .



All of the 36 boxes opened at the same time, the ingredients inside beginning to float, flying at the side of the bluestone crouched bull . Inside the bluestone bloody lines started to appear like veins, and the light quickly vanished, while all the bloody colors converging on top of the crouching bull .

Under the shocked eyes of Qin Yu, a dark-red bloody bead formed on the bull’s head . Soon after, a wild howl could be heard and in the depths of his soul a majestic scene unfolded . A demon of over ten thousand zhang tall, his feet trampling the earth while his head piercing the skies, roared, making the mountains crumble and rivers dry up!

Qin Yu’s pupils suddenly dilated, quickly expanding to the edges of his eyes, turning similar to the ones Black Devil had, completely black . But this black is many times more pronounced and deep, like the unfathomable abyss of the earth, capable of swallowing everything .

With his dazed consciousness it is startling that his instinct propelled him forward step by step, while the floating bead separated from the crouched bull and even with his lowered head it still entered his mouth .

“Aagh!” Qin Yu suddenly raised his head, and let out an agonizing cry, leaning backward to the extent that it might break his waist at any moment . His veins throbbed and twisted like worms beneath his skin, with his whole body turning red, while blood was flowing out of his each and every pore .

Qin Yu felt like he was on fire, that even his very soul was ignited, making his roaring and struggle unable to release him from this suffering . Yet at this moment, the 36 types of ingredients floating slightly turned to dust as if they were ravaged by time, and covered Qin Yu’s body, burrowing inside of it .

A cool feeling, in an instant covered him from top to bottom, rescuing him from the immolating hell . Before he could let out a relaxed breath, this savior turns out to be akin to oil and started fanning the flames . Qin Yu’s blood-curdling screech abruptly stopped, as if voiceless, and from his seven apertures a black demonic flame arose, causing his skin to crack like a dried-up riverbed .

Demon Body is known by demonic cultivator to be the supreme body refining method for a reason . Even with all the ingredients gathered, practicing it is tantamount to entering hell, on top of its already high rate of failure . ‘Luckily’, Qin Yu got a complete record of Demon Body, devoid of any warnings . Even knowing them, the particular circumstances that he is in right now are something that he can’t influence .

Qin Yu’s talent is average, although his body is stronger than the average cultivator, but it can hardly compare to the Demon Body! It might as well be said that it won’t be long before he will be burned to ashes by the demonic fire .

After the bluestone crouching bull released the blood bead, it turned into an ordinary rock, but just when the demonic fire came out of Qin Yu’s head, it suddenly flew above him . As if an enormous mountain was pressing down, the flames dimmed to the point they were almost extinguished .

“Aagh!” the soul as if hearing a howl of fury, it suddenly soared, and when Qin Yu opened he’s eyes he found himself in another place and time, in an ancient battlefield .

Before him the towering demonic image still remained, his roar shattering mountains and reversing rivers, yet in this scene, a finger appeared . Veins as big as a human, descending from the Ninth Heaven, and with its endless spiritual power rushing outwards, changed the weather .

Sensing the threat, among his roaring, the demonic image’s arm broke the clouds as it faced off against the finger, only to be buried to his knees in the ground!

Immediately after, the second finger came, while not as immense as the previous one, only human sized, caused the appearance of countless figures to show between heaven and earth . Whether complete or damaged, small or big, they all contain astonishing power .

These figures, one after the other stepped forward, turning into lights and merging with the finger, making it shine ever stronger with a dazzling aura .


With a huge sound, the second finger struck the demonic image, making him roar endlessly and burring him more than half of his body in the ground . Perhaps from realizing he’s outclassed, along with the rise of the demonic clouds, the demonic image exposed its body . Shockingly, it’s actually a demonic bull as huge as a mountain . It was using the power of its hooves, trying to get out of the ground, unfortunately the skies parted to reveal the third finger’s descent .

It pointed and pressed in an instant, its power worlds beyond compared to the previous two fingers . Because this third finger drew on the power of heaven and earth, and then launching an attack meant to annihilate everything, the demonic bull let out an unreconciled roar, as it sank completely into the earth by this, final finger, with only a bottomless hole in his place .

Then, in a radius of a thousand li the earth shook and rose up like a mountain, leaving behind a valley . The next instant the weather changed for the worst, clouds gathering and lightning flashing, raining a great flood, with all the water converging and rumbling down through the round hole .

Wide eyed, Qin Yu watched these scenes, as his mind fiercely shook . If he is right, then the bluestone crouching bull at the bottom of the terrifying water vortex inside the round tunnel should belong to the demonic bull . Exactly because of this, the bluestone released the demonic blood, and regardless of his consent, began the process of turning him into a Demon Body .

His soul quickly sank, in a proverbial blink of an eye, entering the body . The astonishing battle scenes he turned spectator of seem to be only an illusion… yet deep down, he knows it to be true!

Qin Yu opened his eyes, the dried blood on his eyelids, breaking and falling off . With a mere thought, his body moved, his muscles quaking as he moved and letting out a thunderous sound echoing inside the cave . Like a surging wave as it moved, throwing off all of the dried blood on himself .

His robe long ago soaked in blood, at this moment was shredded apart, revealing the tender and soft skin beneath, shining with a faint light . This softness only appears on the surface, containing inside is the power of tens of beasts, ready at any moment to launch and tear apart anything and everything!

The Demon Body known to have 100% death rate, actually succeeded under such unclear circumstances . Aware of each and every inch of his body and the power flowing within, what surfaced in Qin Yu’s mind are the three fingers descending from the heavens . He engraved that scene deep inside so that, not even his soul would be able to forget .

“Boundless Azure… Azure Soul… Azure Sea…” Qin Yu mumbled . He doesn’t know how he is aware of these three fingers’ names, but what he does know is the feeling of being able to use them .

He lifted a finger, suddenly a fierce wind whipped by, with his energy bursting out of his body, only to cease completely the next moment . Qin Yu’s face still had an expression of a lingering fear, he didn’t completed the move, or his body would have been sucked dry of all his energy .

The bluestone crouching bull fell at the side, and as if to mean that it completed its mission, soundlessly shattered . The next moment, the frightening vortex lost its power, allowing Qin Yu to smash through it!

At a pool next to a waterfall in the mountain forest…

A boar was calmly drinking water, eyeing the pool with a curious look since its lost all its aura . As it was hesitating whether or not to go deeper and taste the cold water, a black figure suddenly emerged from within .

The water splashed everywhere, revealing Qin Yu in the middle of breathing in mountain air with a smile on his face . All of a sudden, something was released from his body, the bright sky suddenly darkened, with stars appearing within .

In a radius of a thousand li the world experienced a sudden reversal!


A black pillar of demonic power descended from the night sky, shining upon Qin Yu, causing his smile to end and mouth to twitch .

‘Too much commotion, need leave this place’ thinking, ‘the demon hunting group will soon surround this place!’ .

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