Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

An hour later, Qin Yu showed up at the Juxia City’s biggest restaurant, a place where all kinds of people, whether good or bad, exchange information . Before he even finished his meal, he already got most of the news he needed .

Each sect of Southern Nation established a reward system, that through killing demonic cultivators one would receive merits and use them to exchange with items on the Hundred Treasures List .

The items on the Hundred Treasures List, are sold in various places, this information costing only one spirit stone . Qin Yu gave the servant boy in the restaurant two spirit stone who in turn, filled with smiles hurried to bring a jade slip .

Inspecting it, the Hundred Treasures List is indeed filled with treasures . With cultivation methods, magic weapons, pills, materials and other types . Qin Yu took a quick peek, finding the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo in the tenth place .

Spirit plant: Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, eight hundred yeas old, one item, ten thousand merits .

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten at this . It is actually eight hundred years old . With Little Blue Lamp, if he manages to obtain it, the problem of breaking through to Golden Core stage would be easily solved .

The only question is, under what identity should he enter the war? Sacred Mountain Sect’s Qin Yu can’t be used, and his appearance must also be changed a bit, or it would bring unnecessary trouble on his head . Taking three years to reach the peak of Foundation Establishment, even a fool would think it’s suspicious .

Leaving the restaurant, Qin Yu bought from a magical tool shop an appearance changing mask for seven hundred spirit stones that can hide him from a Golden Core’s spiritual sense . Going into a deserted alley, he changed into a completely unremarkable common youngster, easily overlooked .

With everything in order, the only thing he lacks now is an identity .

To guard against any demonic cultivator spy, the cultivator forces are thorough in their background checks, making Qin Yu renounce the identity of a rogue cultivator . As he was wracking his brains, from the corner of his eyes, with flickering pupils, he sees some people in a rush .

Following behind them, moving left turning right, he entered an alley, then they turned around with the leader’s cold voice questioning, “Respected sir, what is the reason for following us?”

Two cultivators appeared behind, blocking the exits .

Qin Yu was unperturbed never masking his presence, and with this obvious outcome, he revealed a black badge .

Kong Xuan’s face changed a little, “Patriarch’s badge!” he then continued, startled, “Respected sir is…”

Qin Yu indifferently replied, “Not important, what is though, is if the Kong clan will abide by its promise . ”

Kong Xuan hesitated, following with cupping his hands, “This badge is something the Kong clan presented to Grandmaster . Although I don’t know what is fellow Daoist’s relation with Grandmaster, but since it fell in fellow Daoist’s hands, then you should also be aware of the reason behind it . The Kong clan will, of course, honor its promise . ”

“Clan Head!” a person at his side was nervous, “We have pressing matters to attend to that can’t be delayed!”

Kong Xuan said in a low tone, “Grandmaster’s kindness towards Kong clan is as big as a mountain, say no more!” he lifted his head, “Dare to ask fellow Daoist, what matter needs Kong clan’s help?”

Qin Yu answered, “I would like to enter the cultivator force and need an identity . ”

Kong Xuan released a breath, immediately following, “This isn’t difficult . Fellow Daoist is related to Grandmaster, and definitely not a spy . Kong clan will stand behind you . ” Then turned around ordering, “Kong Lin, bring…”

“I am called Ning Qin . ”

“Bring fellow Daoist Ning to our residence . ” Kong Xuan cupped his hands, “There is an important matter to attend to, please forgive my rudeness . ”

Qin Yu acted in the same manner, “I understand . ”

Kong Xuan then left in a hurry .

Kong Lin was nervous, intending to follow after them but had to refrain . With a gloomy expression he eyed Qin Yu, “Follow me . ”

The tone was somewhat harsh, but knowing that he is a guest of the Kong clan, he wasn’t too excessive .

As Qin Yu was about to ask something, he saw his unwilling look and only nodded his head, following quietly behind .

Kong clan altogether has more than two hundred members, including the elderly, woman and children, the entire clan seemingly relocating here, making it odd . After all, everyone knows, Juxia City might be stable now, with many cultivators gathered here, but it might not necessarily hold .

Based on the style of demonic cultivators, when the city is breached, everyone would be in dire straits!

Qin Yu’s arrival attracted little attention, and with a few words of explanation from Kong Lin, no one was concerned with him . Instead, there were a few youngsters who unafraid, slightly hesitated before they came before him, acting all mature and trying to pry Qin Yu’s background from him .

Qin Yu smiled while making conversation, not revealing any of his information, and actually made them divulge everything, making matters clear .

Kong clan used to suffer under the persecution of the Qiu clan, and so, they moved to Juxia City, to seek aid and avoid disaster . No wonder Kong Xuan and the others were nervous .

Qin Yu was in a corner of the garden, talking with other youths, occasionally attracting the vigilant look of a Kong clan member, only to curl his lips and returning his gaze when seeing this scene .

Just a person with no background, no need to pay any attention to him . The calamity about to fall on the Kong clan is imminent, with no one having enough time to waste on him . Coming and going, Qin Yu is soon forgotten, and when it was time to eat the Kong clan didn’t invite him, but the youths brought their meal and ate there with him instead .

The sun was setting as the Kong clan members returned, not saying much, but the result, based on their dark faces was clear .

The atmosphere in the Kong clan became more oppressing .

At dinner time, Kong Xuan recalled of Qin Yu, sending someone to invite him to eat, while stared down by a clan Uncle .

“The danger is unavoidable, why waste time on an outsider when we should think of a solution to come out of this crisis!”

Kong Xuan’s thoughts were filled with worry, and soon forgot about Qin Yu . This night will be a sleepless night for the Kong clan until they found a solution .

Qin Yu reclined in a handcart covered in sheets brought by a clan member, while watching the sky . Tonight, the sky is clear with hazy moonlight from the mist; it might rain tomorrow .

The sun was covered at dawn, with the wind whistling .

The grey and vast sky made anyone downcast . At breakfast, the Kong clan were even more worried now, with the gloomy weather, as some youth obediently sat on their chairs, not making any noise .

Kong Xuan is finally aware of Qin Yu, a trace of guilt passing through face, “The matters pertaining the clan are serious, making use neglect fellow Daoist Ning . After I finish writing this letter of proof, it would be best for fellow Daoist to leave to avoid dragging you in the Kong clan’s troubles . ”

These words made Qin Yu improve his view of him, smiling, “it’s alright, just some minor obstacles, won’t be long before they will be overcome . ”

Perhaps from seeing his smile unsightly, the Kong clan Uncle snorted coldly, “Naïve! If it were a small matter, then my Kong clan wouldn’t be in this wretched state!” turning around and chiding, “We already have enough on their hands, and you came to stir up trouble, asking for proof for your unclear identity . If it’s discovered it will bring even more trouble!”

Kong Xuan’s face was slightly red, “Uncle is overthinking things, fellow Daoist Ning Qin is holding the Patriarch’s badge, his identity won’t bring problems . ”

The Uncle’s face changed, as if thinking about something, then turned silent after a low snort . If it were that Grandmaster instead, the clan would be most respectful and courteous . But instead, came a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator, unable to resolve the crisis .

Kong Xuan embarrassedly said, “Come eat, fellow Daoist Ning Qin . ”

Qin Yu just nodded .

After a nervous meal, Kong Xuan withdraw to his study room to write a letter, then gave it to Qin Yu, “Fellow Daoist Ning Qin, please take it . You can now enter the forces and receive and identity badge . ”

Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Many thanks . ”

Kong Xuan waved his hand, “It is us who were rude, it is good if you weren’t offended . Let me see you off . ”

Just when the two stepped in the courtyard, the gate was forcefully kicked open, revealing several black clothed cultivators standing outside, “Kong clan, long time no see!”

As he was shouting in a low voice, the middle-aged man strode inside, his arrogance unbridled, considering everyone beneath him .

Kong Xuan’s face showed change, with clenched teeth, “Han Cheng, my clan already moved to Juxia City, what more do you want?”

Han Cheng sneered, “Don’t want much, just that our clan’s Patriarch is interested in senior Kong’s Golden Core . Please part with it . ”

“You’re dreaming!” Kong Xuan roared, “Han Cheng, don’t be to excessive or we will fight you to the last breath!”

A deep voice rose from outside the gate, “Fight us? With just you juniors? You aren’t worthy!”

With half of his hair white, an old man walked inside, his tall and imposing stance pushed to the extreme, a mysterious light flashing in his eyes, causing an invisible pressure to fall on the garden .

The cultivators gathering behind Kong Xuan, instantly paled .

Golden Core!

Despite being only a 2nd layer, it’s still enough to suppress the entire clan .

Kong Xuan clenched his teeth while bowing, “Greetings, senior Han . Is it that you want to use senior’s Golden Core cultivation to force us, when the juniors are fighting?”

Han Cheng and the others stepped aside, “Greetings, Patriarch . ”

Patriarch Han’s expression was frosty, “This is something you should ask your dead old-man . When he entered the Golden Core realm, he forced us to flee Dongliu Town, doing the same thing, regardless of his new status . Enough talk . Hand over the Golden Core or I will be forced to act!”

Qin Yu stood at the side, hearing the two parties cursing each other, getting the idea of the situation . The two clans were both once influential in Dongliu Town, and because of accumulated hatred, the Kong Patriarch, once reaching Golden Core stage, expelled the Han clan .

Never imagining, that now, when the Kong Patriarch is dead, one of the Han clan’s older Foundation Establishment cultivator was fated to enter Golden Core stage . With the two sides’ position exchanged, not long after the Kong clan left Dongliu Town, they were found by the Han clan . Only to suffer endless humiliation and pressure, then to finally mention their intention of buying the old Patriarch’s Golden Core .

With careful refining, the Golden Core can maintain its state for ten or even a hundred years, becoming a powerful treasure . But the biggest benefit, is providing insights into the realm, helping someone who is on the verge of breaking through to Golden Core realm .

An average cultivating clan, if it weren’t for the profound wisdom passed on, the chance of reaching Golden Core are negligible . Why the Han clan desires the Golden Core, is to destroy any hope of the Kong clan’s rise .

The Kong clan came to Juxia City to ask for help from an old acquaintance . Never expecting they would wait, with cold tea and not meeting them at all . Thus came today’s situation with the Han clan threatening them .

This matter has no wright or wrong . The fact that Han clan came to pressure Kong clan after being driven out that year, is something they brought it on themselves . Qin Yu had helped the Kong clan retrieve their Golden Core, and today he had taken advantage of them to obtain a letter of proof, with no intention of involving himself in this matter .

Of course, he isn’t completely unrelated to their current state, and although he doesn’t really care, but in the end, he still has some cold thoughts regarding it .

Kong Xuan was dejected, if he hands it over, he’ll become Kong clan’s sinner . If he doesn’t, the clan will face a calamity . As he was hesitating, the Uncle bellowed, “We can’t give them the Patriarch’s Golden Core! With different powers gathered in Juxia City, I don’t believe the Han clan will fight us!”

Qin Yu swept his eyes, cursing inside ‘Fool, with the attack of demonic cultivators imminent, all Golden Core experts are being roped in . Who would spare any effort on the broken Kong clan . ’ This old fellow seems dignified, perhaps with some selfish reasons, as he is entitled, being a 9th layer of Foundation Establishment to receive the Golden Core’s insights .

This reckless shout, unfortunately, brought a disaster to the Kong clan .

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