Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Not surprisingly, Patriarch Han brandished his sleeve, and the clan Uncle burst into a miserable scream, crashing directly on the handcart Qin Yu used to sleep on last night . Then followed with the said Uncle coughing blood repeatedly, his pale and dried up face terrified completely, incredulous that Patriarch Han dared to attack .

“You don’t know what’s good for you . After today, Kong clan will be completely finished!” Patriarch Han spoke coldly, his Golden Core stage aura pressing on everyone’s chest like a heavy stone, making them breathe heavily .

Kong Xuan smiled begrudgingly, “What goes around comes around . Kong clan’s disaster of today has nothing to do with other people . Fellow Daoist Ning Qin is unrelated to our clan, let him leave, senior Han . ”

Patriarch Han’s cold eye brushed over silently .

Han Cheng hastily said, “Patriarch, since this person stayed the night here, he must have some connection to them; to remove the threat completely, we also need to include him . ”

Kong Xuan was very anxious, “I swear, that there is no connection between fellow Daoist Ning Qin and Kong clan!”

“The more you emphasize this point, the more careful we need to be . Whether or not he is related to your clan, you can only blame his lack of fate for chancing upon us today!” Han Cheng turned, making a respectful gesture, “Please make a decision Patriarch!”

Patriarch Han eye’s flashed, speaking indifferently, “I will let you handle it . ” An insignificant Foundation Establishment cultivator doesn’t count as much .

Han Cheng laughed evilly, “Capture him!”

First remove the useless, then slowly crush the Kong clan, and after today, there won’t be any more meddlesome people .

Qin Yu frowned as he looked at Kong Xuan, seeing his distress real, his coldness lessened slightly and shook his head inwardly . Perhaps he did it with good intentions, but being dragged in this mess and seeing the two Han clan people approaching, thought ‘Never mind, meeting each other again in Juxia City was fate . Might as well help them a second time . ’

On another note, if Kong clan is destroyed, it will be hard to use the recommendation letter he is holding .

Lifting his head, Qin Yu’s eyes leapt over the two Han clansmen, landing on Patriarch Han, suddenly shining with a brightness that seems to have been ignited from the abyss . After failing to break through seventeen times, the quality of Qin Yu’s energy has already surpassed the Foundation Establishment stage . Now, he wants to know to what extend his strength has grown, with Patriarch Han to being the sensible choice .

The consciousness of a Golden Core cultivator is sharp, so that when Qin Yu was gazing upon him, Patriarch Han was aware of it, as eyes met Qin Yu’s midway . This old geezer’s heart jumped slightly from the unexpected trace of threat he felt, thinking ‘Not good’, and when he tried to block it was already too late .

Among the low muffled sounds, a fierce wind rose sending the two Han clansmen flying rolling as they touched the ground, only to be stopped by a wall, which began cracking and then collapsed on them soon after .

Patriarch Han’s eyes shrank, seeing the blown away clansmen . Startled at first, but relaxed slightly when he found their injuries weren’t grave, only to continue on the same dignified tone, “From where does your distinguished self come from?”

All of the Kong clansmen were struck dumb, watching dazed as Qin Yu retracts his hand, with blank wide eyes . Not recovering even after Qin Yu finished sending the two Han clansmen flying .

Qin Yu flatly answered, “Unrelated to Kong clan, I was about to leave, but can only stay since the Han clan won’t allow it . ”

Patriarch Han’s imposing manner faltered, struggling to hold himself back, glaring fiercely at the sweating Han Cheng, with cupped hands spoke, “It is the Han clan that was wrong, and I convey my apologies to fellow Daoist . You still haven’t stepped aside to let fellow Daoist Ning leave?”

Not long after Kong Xuan woke up from his daze, his heart felt both joy and regret . If he knew the extent of junior Ning Qin’s cultivation, he wouldn’t have gone to seek help from outside . Recalling not inviting him to diner the night before and not knowing where he spent the night, he couldn’t help himself cursing ‘Rotten bastard, if it weren’t for you, how could Kong clan be inconsiderate to its guest to this extent!’

Then thinking that, he must draw Qin Yu close no matter what . When he heard Patriarch Han words, he knelt on the ground, “Senior Ning Qin, save my Kong clan!”

The Kong clan members weren’t dumb, all of them realized their ignorance, feeling apprehensive, ashamed and afraid, as one by one dropped on their knees .

Qin Yu swept his eyes, making many Kong clansmen’s heart jump, afraid of hearing him ‘Oh’ and take his leave . But requesting help… just based on their previous manner, changing into the present one, is not something they wanted, and soon they started crying .


Kong Xuan was having trouble breathing as his eyes rolled, only feeling like he was struck by thunder making his vision go dark, his only thought ‘Damn old thief, you wronged our Kong clan!’

“I believe the youngsters of the Kong clan are pretty good, and decided to spend some more time in their company . ”

As air traveled through his nose and filled his chest, Kong Xuan’s roll of his eyes and whatnot instantly vanished, replaced with his previous vigorous look, “The Kong clan feels endless joy, welcoming senior to reside here!”

Patriarch Han’s complexion was gloomy, “Is Fellow Daoist Ning certain?”

Qin Yu indicated towards the youngsters from yesterday, “They are all children, not understanding the adult’s conflicts, what’s done is done . ”

Patriarch Han’s eyes contain boundless coldness, and after some time in deep voice, began, “Since fellow Daoist Ning interferes, you need to first deal with this old man!”

Qin Yu smiled faintly, “Please guide me fellow Daoist Han . ” Through his intent of helping the Kong clan, he will inadvertently make an enemy out of the Han clan and with Patriarch Han being a cautious man, the manner in which he spoke to, left some leeway .

Patriarch Han shook his head, “Juxia City restricts high level cultivators from fighting among each other casually, therefore I look forward to meet you tomorrow at the Fighting Stage in the barracks . ” Then all of the Han people took their leave .

Old geezer Han retreated today, taking the rules of Juxia City in consideration and planning to find more information about Qin Yu to be better prepared . Qin Yu doesn’t really care about this, but also doesn’t like to fight openly, frowning slightly when thinking about revealing his strength .

At this Kong Xuan’s heart skipped a beat, ‘Is it possible senior Ning Qin won’t be his math? If so, Kong clan’s return would be cut short . ’ Making the people apprehensive and unsafe .

The rain finally began to fall .

The Juxia City might be big, but it doesn’t have a Nascent Soul deployed here . This is also why none on of the true power of the righteous and demonic sides was sent here . The respected identity of a Nascent Soul is one of the reasons, but the true reason is that this invasion of the Southern Nation is only one small battlefront .

A Golden Core is a peak force on the battlefield, as such, the fight between Qin Yu and old geezer Han, made great waves in an instant . With countless cultivators being affected by it, determined to go tomorrow at the Fighting Stage and witness this high-level fight!

The sun and moon exchanged places as the other matters were laid forgotten .

On the morning of the third day, Qin Yu opened the door and stepped outside, with Kong Xuan and other people waiting respectfully for some time . That arrogant Uncle not among them, with yesterdays wounds and scared on top, he almost gave his last breath, terrified of even stepping outside his dwelling .

“Greetings senior Ning Qin!”

Hearing the clear shouts inside the courtyard, that clan Uncle shivered, a wet stain begining to spread on the quilt covering him .

Qin Yu, himself, is of no intention of bothering with said Uncle, roaming his eyes, “Lead the way . ”

Kong Xuan presented a letter with both hands, respectfully speaking, “Yesterday’s recommendation letter was to crude, not worthy of senior’s prestige . Please accept this letter . ”

Qin Yu didn’t reach for it, “What identity did you gave me?”

Kong Xuan gathered his courage, “Kong clan’s Venerable . ”

Qin Yu raised a corner of his mouth, “You’re getting ahead of yourself . ”

Kong Xuan was then and there covered in cold sweat, “I beseech senior Ning Qin to consent, the Kong clan is willing to offer a worthy girl, whether as slave or maid, to attend to your every need!”

Several dressed up girls with blushing faces, prostrate before him .

Qin Yu frowned, “Ask them to leave!”

Kong Xuan turned pale, while the girls’ countenance became gloomy .

Qin Yu simply said, “Does the Kong clan not believe in me?”

Kong Xuan wanted to explain, as Qin Yu took the letter, “Remember, this is Kong clan’s choice, and if there will be any implication because of it in the future, don’t come to regret it . ”

Kong Xuan was overjoyed, “No regret, no regret!” and turned around berating, “You still haven’t paid respect to Venerable?!”

Qin Yu shook his head, “Don’t delay things . ”

“Y-yes, please follow me Venerable . ” Kong Xuan respectfully led the way, feeling as if a huge load was off his chest . As long as Qin Yu consents, Kong clan will have a Golden Core watching over them, and after today’s defeat at the Fighting Stage, the Han clan won’t dare to continue their bulling .

Regarding a small cultivation clan, having or lacking a Golden Core expert, represents a difference as big as heaven and earth . As for the implication Qin Yu spoke of, there is nothing in this world without a price . Since they will be protected, they will also be prepared to bear the consequences .

It can also be seen from this, that the Kong clan has some foresight .

Juxia City northern area’s residents were all moved, turning it into barracks, with all of the cultivators participating in this war stationed here, with strict guards everywhere . Led by Kong Xuan, they met no obstruction along the way, with all of the cultivators they encountered expressing their surprise upon setting their sights on Qin Yu .

Wasn’t there talks of Kong clan’s expert fighting against Patriarch Han? How come it’s a Foundation Establishment cultivator?

This information caused an uproar, the numerous cultivators attracted here confirmed and reconfirmed, that the person Kong Xuan brought to the barracks is indeed a Foundation Establishment cultivator, causing rage to burst everywhere, feeling deceived . Exempting the few that left, the great majority which remained, wasn’t because of expectations from the Kong clan’s Foundation Establishment cultivator, but to see the wretched state he’ll end up after this fight .

Foundation Establishment against a Golden Core, tch, what a ridiculous joke!

With Kong Xuan appearing in person and carrying the recommendation letter, Qin Yu very soon received his identity badge affiliated with the war force . This badge also holds his merits, that once bonded, when he kills a demonic cultivator, according to his cultivation and identity, it will automatically record it, and then use them in exchange for items on the Hundred Treasures List .

Not paying attention to the weird gazes from other cultivators belonging in the force at the side, Qin Yu’s mouth drew a faint smile . After many twists and turns, they finally entered the Rightous Alliance camp, the only thing left is to gather enough merit to exchange for the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo . But first, he must deal with the Kong clan’s matter .

“Let’s go . ”

Kong Xuan said, and as they were about to leave, a light flickered before them, with a middle-aged cultivator drawing near . He opened his mouth, eyes wide, having a grand appearance and the imposing blue clothes only intensifying this feeling, as he spoke in a deep voice, “Kong Xuan, the battle is drawing near, the experts of the Alliance can’t have personal fights…”

His eyes landed on Qin Yu, closing his mouth and frowning, “Who’s he? Didn’t you come for the identity badge of your Venerable?”

Kong Xuan respectfully saluted, “Greetings senior Zhu Qingyun . This person is precisely the Venerable senior Ning Qin . ”

Zhu Qingyun with a dark expression said, “Kong Xuan, I am warning you, the Alliance doesn’t allow for high-level experts to have personal fights . Quickly find your Venerable and prevent him from going on stage!”

Kong Xuan with a sullen look, “Junior doesn’t lie, senior Ning Qin is here . ”

Zhu Qingyun was so angry he started laughing, ‘You dare to say a Foundation Establishment is a Venerable . If it’s like this, then why would old geezer Han retreat? Has he gone senile!?’

“Kong Xuan, don’t play dumb, or don’t blame me, an Alliance Disciplinary Elder, for sanctioning your Kong clan!”

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