Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 50

Chapter 50

“Ahh!” Shen Haimo went crazy, “You killed Liang Taizu . You actually killed Liang Taizu . I will crush your bones to dust!”

The power of the 8th layer of the Golden Core realm ran rampant, destroying the tent as if it was paper . Qin Yu flew away, violently coughing blood . The horrifying demonic energy tore a finger-sized cut on his forehead, revealing the white bone beneath .

Seeing stars and his stomach-turning, Qin Yu soared with a shout, the wind cutting at his mask .

Shen Haimo howled, “You won’t escape!”

The surge of demonic energy soared .

At this time, the entire Demonic Faction was in chaos . When Shen Haimo’s shout was released, countless people trembled .

After finding Liang Taizu’ headless corpse, in each of the old devils’ eyes, a ruthless fire starts to burn! And in the camp, many experts started surrounding the tent . Killing Seven Murdering Demonic Sect’s Sacred Son, a candidate for the Sacred Lord position will incur a punishment, that not even their status could help escape it!

“Get him!”

“Pull his soul out and refine it!”

“Remove his chance at reincarnation!”

Among the roars, one by one, the old devils rushed to chase in a frenzy .

Jiang Yuanmo raises his head . In the Demonic Faction camp, there are more than ten terrifying auras exploding, all containing ruthless killing intent . Even with his cultivation, he also can’t help shuddering and prevent the coldness in his heart . A thought occurs to him: just what did Ning Qin do to enrage them to this extent?

A bloody figure appears in sight, with a dozen demonic flames chasing him .

Jiang Yuanmo’s pupils shrink, shouting, “Activate the formation!” It’s good they were prepared, releasing a simple Guarding Formation, with countless Golden Core talismans flashing .

In a blink, the bloody figure goes through the formation . As someone holding the identity badge of the Alliance, Qin Yu wouldn’t be restricted .

Shen Haimo’s fist exploded forward, making the vast demonic energy rush like a tide, crashing into the formation, and crumbling some of the talismans .

“Southern Nation cultivators, if you stop me from killing him, we will fight to the death!” the thunderous voice resounded throughout the area .

Jiang Yuanmo sneers, “You charged over here, making us activate the formation . How is it our fault?”

“Hmph!” Shen Haimo snarls, “Let me kill this bastard, and our debts are settled!”

Demonic energy rushed after the bloody light . Soon followed by more than ten fearful demonic energies passing through the Alliance camp .

Very quickly, the Alliance’s scouts sent a piece of information . Ning Qin directly killed Liang Taizu in his tent!

The entire Alliance cultivators were blank .

In the Demonic Faction camp, in the main tent, directly killed… Ning Qin is truly brave!

Jiang Yuanmo laughed hard . The meeting between Righteous and Demonic Faction is over . This fight can be seen as a revenge killing for private patters, unrelated to the Alliance . What’s more important is, this second blow to the demonic cultivators’ morale . Perhaps the invasion of Southern Nation will end here!

Ning Qin, as long as you survive, Southern Nation will have a place for you in the future .

Zhu Qingyun was smiling brightly . It seems that everything is under Ning Qin’s control . What’s to worry? So what if the demonic cultivator experts charged over? They’ll return empty-handed!

“So you had another appearance, kid . Ha-ha, it looks quite handsome, but still lacking, compared to mine . ”

Head Zhang’s face stiffened, feeling it swell from all the daring words he said before . Killing Liang Taizu and escaping the Demonic Faction camp . This Ning Qin is too evil! He suddenly rejoiced, since no outsider heard him . Or it would have brought regret when Qin Yu would be keeping his distance .

No, we must grow closer and not let anyone breathe a word of this . Moreover, my daughter’s eyes are good, to have such luck . The first man she fancies is actually remarkable to such extent . What matters is if Ning Qin also likes her . Ha-ha, this cannot be more wonderful .

Head Zhang turns, intending to say something . But seeing the blank look of Zhang Zhang, along with the two servant girls behind her having the same reactions, he anxiously said, “What’s wrong? Ning Qin is well . Zhang Zhang, you should be happy, why are you like this?”

Zhang Zhang doesn’t speak, but her tears start falling .

“Don’t cry!” Head Zhang panics, turning to berate, “You two say it . Why is young miss like this?”

Qiu Qiu swallowed, “T-this person, young miss knows him…”

Head Zhang brightened, “You’re talking about Ning Qin? I said his behavior was strange when he saw Zhang Zhang that day . This explains it . After all, love at first sight is quite rare . Very good, this shows that he always liked you . ”

Zhang Zhang cries harder .

Head Zhang panics, “Qiu Qiu, just what is going on?”

Qiu Qiu didn’t dare speak, paling when remembering that day, “Master, Ling’er also knows him . Ask her . ”

“Ling’er, say it!”

Gu Ling’er looks at young miss, shily speaking, “The one who flew over, is brother Qin Yu…” The girl’s heart is filled with joy . It explains why she always felt a familiar air around him .

She also remembers Ning Ling, the fairy-like big sister . And thinking of brother Qin Yu’s alias, her heart was incredibly happy . So big sister Ning is brother’s beloved . If they can be together, they would make a perfect match .

But very soon, Gu Ling’er became distressed . Brother Qin Yu likes big sister Ning, then what about big sister Zhang Zhang? How pitiful . The little girl didn’t know, of the events in the Zhang manor, always believing Zhang Zhang has been a good friend to Qin Yu .

Head Zhang frowns . Qin Yu… this name feels familiar . He definitely isn’t important, or I would’ve remembered him . But then, his eyes suddenly widen and breath roughens . He turns, with a look as if he wants to eat someone .

Zhang Huo’s scalp is numb, “Master, that’s him . ”

As if struck, Head Zhang’s vision blackens, then shakes it off, shouting lowly, “Impossible! How can it be?”

Zhang Zhang wipes her tears, “Dad, it really is him!” she almost drew blood by biting her lip, and continued, “When senior brother Zhang Huo talked with him, daughter was hidden . I know it’s him . ”

Head Zhang’s face is ashen . Pointing at his daughter, and then the others, he sighs, “What did you do!”

Even though he forgot, that he, not long before recalled Qin Yu, and became even more pleased by Zhang Huo .

Don’t bully a poor youngster and don’t laugh at a youngster’s misery(1)… Perhaps today, the Zhang clan will now understand these words .

Zhang Zhang cries harder, feeling shame and remorse . Despite her heartless and cruel manner from before, Qin Yu still helped her, causing her to feel even more shame .

Head Zhang suddenly spoke, “Wait, he acted despite the way you treated him . This shows he really likes Zhang Zhang and might still be a chance to amend this!”

Zhang Zhang felt some hope, ‘Is it true?’

Just then, Zhu Qingyun came, frowning . Showing no interest in Zhang clan’s matters, directly saying, “Who’s Gu Ling’er?”

Head Zhang squeezed a smile, “What is it, Brother Zhu?”

Zhu Qingyun says, “Fellow Daoist Ning Qin entrusted me to take away Gu Ling’er . ”

Gu Ling’er was happy, “It’s brother Qin Yu!”

Zhu Qingyun’s eyes flashed, smiling, “Yes, he is Qin Yu . ” Appearance, name, cultivation, are all fake . Such an outstanding kid!

He gives a warm smile, “You have a good brother . Because of Liang Taizu threat, he ventured alone in the Demonic Faction camp for you . And yet he easily killed Liang Taizu . Hahaha, to the satisfaction of everyone!”

Zhang Zhang froze! It was all for Gu Lin’er . Since small he had great pride . How could he like her after how she hurt him?

The others were quiet .

Zhu Qingyun frowns . What’s up with the Zhang clan? They’re all so weird . But an idea came to him . Zhang Zhang misunderstood Ning Qin, and finding it out now is very awkward .

“Cough!” Zhu Qingyun’s expression didn’t change, “Brother Zhang, I will take Gu Ling’er with me . No complaints, right?”

Head Zhang shook his head dejectedly, “Brother Zhu, do as you like . ”

Zhu Qingyun nods pleased, “Gu Ling’er, follow me . ”

Gu Ling’er hesitated .

Zhu Qingyun hurriedly said, “Qin Yu is also worried about being threatened by demonic cultivators again . Come with me, I will guarantee your safety . ”

This time, Gu Ling’er agrees, expressing her apology, “Young miss, brother Qin Yu… I want to see him . ”

Zhang Zhang forced a smile, “Ling’er, if you see Qin Yu, please send him my thanks . And please ask for his forgiveness regarding what happened . I was the one at fault . ” She then bursts into tears .

Zhu Qingyun took Gu Ling’er and left .

Head Zhang sent Qiu Qiu to look after young miss, then watched the others with gloomy eyes, coldly stating, “I hope there will be no word of this mentioned, or the consequences will be dire!”

Zhang Huo and the rest hastily agreed .

Xu Wei and Tao Jie stiffened, feeling a mix of shock, dizziness and other similar feelings . This caused their expression to become unnatural .

A while later, Tao Jie swallowed, “Junior brother Xu Wei, h-he is… junior brother Qin Yu?”

They stood out with their talent and their background, and so, they were taken in by a Golden Core cultivator as disciples, allowing them to see today’s event .

Xu Wei’s mouth moved, yet only a sigh escaped . His straightened back, now stooped . He thought that these three years he cultivated arduously and overcame him . But how did Qin Yu became this strong?

Xu Weixu had a feeling, that there will never be a day when he will be above him . He will be lagging further and further behind until he won’t see his back anymore .

Shen Haimo crazily used his demonic energy . His aura of late Golden Core expert reached his pinnacle, but could only stare helplessly at the disappearing bloody light .


He raged, as his fist shattered a mountain peak, face contorted . A moment later, the rest of the demonic cultivator experts arrived . Pale and gasping, they looked at each of their messy appearances .

A righteous cultivator, having the demonic treasure Corpse Sealing Nail, cultivating the number one demonic escaping arts, the Blood Escaping Technique . Who exactly is the demonic cultivator here, you or us?

This world still has laws!

A ray of bloody light whistled closer . Hard to imagine such speeds, as the generated wind shook even the treetops, then storming through the forest .

The light suddenly scattered, revealing a black-robed cultivator . He landed on an old tree and turned to make sure it is safe, his pale face smiling . The result of using Demon Body along with Blood Escaping Technique is really powerful . Not even a late Golden Core could catch him .

This person is Qin Yu .

He watched his surroundings, then jumped down and in a few flashes, disappeared in the deepest parts of the forest .

Five days later .

Qin Yu comes out of a cave . The resplendent bloody aura surrounding him shows that he has recovered from the use of the Blood Escaping Technique . He picked a direction and disappeared .

After two days, Qin Yu appears outside a large city . The cultivators inside were smiling, talking about the Alliance’s victory . They were all excited when discussing the two events: the killing of Po Qianjun in battle and getting rid of Liang Taizu in the Demonic Faction camp . The name Ning Qin spread throughout the Southern Nation!

If Qin Yu reveals his identity, he will instantly be everyone’s focus, with the highest cultivators coming to greet him . Should he choose to, he can even have a high status in any sect in Southern Nation, becoming widely respected and admired . But he turns a deaf ear at these things, black robe covering his features, and makes his way towards the Alliance barracks .

Merit Hall .

“Please help me finish the payment on the item I reserved . ” Black-robed Qin Yu simply stated .

Half an hour later, black-robed left the Merit Hall with its cultivators in awe . Before the Alliance high ranked cultivators arrived, Qin Yu left the large city with the Blood Escaping Technique, disappearing in front of countless surprised faces .

(1) A youngster can become powerful in the future and seek revenge .

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