Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 699A – Receiving Attention

Chapter 699A – Receiving Attention

On the first underground level of Rising Lake’s experimental building, Yun Die sat behind a testing platform, recording the data that the equipment was outputting.

Although the process was simple and boring, Yun Die didn’t dare to take anything for granted. This was because all of the data would eventually become the basis for future treatments.

As she waited for the measurements and calculations, she subconsciously looked at the tightly closed stone door. The runes shining on its surface blocked outside perceptions.

After entering the underground floor, Yun Die’s greatest worries didn’t occur. In fact, her teacher hadn’t even glanced at her before telling her to record the data and then entering the room. Since he entered, he had yet to come out.

She let out a light breath and flushed red. Then, she couldn’t help but curl her lips. This was the so-called assisting in the treatment plan that her teacher spoke of? It was obviously only helping with the odd miscellaneous job.

But, this treatment plan clearly had flaws. Since her teacher didn’t have any other ideas, why did he choose her?

Could it be that teacher’s strength had reached a level where he could disregard flaws?

This time, Sky Declaring Pavilion’s Midmorning branch division had invited a total of seven new beast trainers. As new members, before they made sufficient contributions and demonstrated a certain degree of strength, they should basically all receive the same level of treatment. But an exception had occurred.

Rising Lake Manor was one of the top ranked locations of the Midmorning City branch division. And, in terms of the environment and quality of its laboratory, it was all excellent.

After learning that Ning Qin had moved there, the other beast trainers all had the same thought – what qualifications did he have?

Thus the newly arrived beast trainers met privately twice. But, no one chose to inform Qin Yu of this. They unanimously decided to exclude him from this small circle.

Today was the third meeting of the six beast trainers. This was a time for them to exchange information on the missions handed out by the pavilion, and also to assist each other in creating the best possible solutions.

After speaking for half a day, the six participating beast trainers had some harvests more or less. They all had smiles on their faces and the atmosphere was cheerful and harmonious.

Suddenly, one of them said, “I heard that person started treatment today.” The one speaking didn’t mention this person’s name, but everyone knew who he was speaking about.

“Humph! The treatment plan for the Wonder beast was drafted by one of his secret disciples. I’ve already taken a good look at it. While there are some innovative parts, there are actually tremendous flaws!” A beast trainer with a round face and small eyes sneered as he spoke.

“That is true. The treatment plan has a severe flaw. I am curious as to why Ning Qin chose it.” Liu Yishan slowly said.

A third beast trainer smiled. “I’ve heard some rumors. It is said that Ning Qin’s secret disciple is an extremely beautiful young woman.”

The beast trainer laughed, but his laugh was full of mocking ridicule. The first mission given by Sky Declaring Pavilion was the key to establishing a good impression. To abandon everything for a young woman, that was simply stupid to the extreme.

“Once the mission is finished, if he cannot put forth a qualified result, I want to know if he still has the face to stay at Rising Lake!” The first beast trainer mockingly said.

“That’s right. When the mission is finished, we should request the pavilion to announce the final result in full public view.”

“Rising Lake…even if that place is handed over to someone, it should be given to the most formidable and talented among us!”

But there was one person who didn’t speak. He swept his eyes over the surrounding beast trainers, his gaze icy cold.


You are all a crowd of people that have eyes but cannot see! You are all the true idiots!

If one could obtain that woman, what did it matter if one failed the mission? That Ning Qin must have sensed something!

Damn it! If he hadn’t been refused, that woman would already be his!

Fortunately, Yun Die’s bloodline hadn’t completely awakened yet. If Ning Qin knew of this, he would have to wait if he wished to obtain the desired effect.

That meant he still had a chance!

“Brother Sha, what are you thinking so deeply about?” a beast trainer asked.

Sha Liuhe looked up and smiled. “It’s nothing. I was just deliberating on how to better complete my mission.”

A sharp light flashed in his eyes. In order to avoid attention, he hadn’t wanted to expose his strength too early. But, he couldn’t care about that right now. He needed to complete this mission with such excellence that he startled the world with a single leap. Only like this would he have the chance to openly and honestly take Yun Die away.

That woman was his!

Four days passed. At an underground testing table, Yun Die stared at the data in her hands, her eyebrows furrowed together.

The data on the Wonder beast wasn’t right. Several critical values were fluctuating within a great range. She couldn’t determine exactly what this meant, but it had to mean there was some problem.

But teacher had yet to come out. If it weren’t for the fact that the array formations within the laboratory were fine, she would have already knocked on his door.

Suddenly, a sharp alarm sound rang out. Yun Die stood up. She fiercely looked towards the Wonder Beast that was imprisoned within the array formation.

On the white paper that recorded the data, the lines fluctuated up and down like turbulent waves. The Wonder beast’s body twitched and its vitality values started to drop down at a speed visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Yun Die’s face paled. The Wonder beast’s condition had clearly been stable, so why did it suddenly worsen? If it died then teacher would naturally fail the mission. And as the secret disciple responsible for recording the data, she would have to shoulder an immense responsibility!

Looking at the laboratory doors that were still tightly shut, Yun Die couldn’t mull over the situation any longer. She pushed down hard on a button on the testing platform.

Ring –

Ring –

She waited as the connection tone began to ring out. But, Yun Die never heard any sounds of it being picked up.

She couldn’t wait any longer!

She put the receiver down to the side. After pressing the button once more, she stood up and walked over to the Wonder beast’s cage. She needed to try something to revive the Wonder beast. This was also the only way to salvage her destiny!

Suddenly, the Wonder beast’s twitching body returned to normal. It opened its eyes to reveal two silvery pupils that were as cold and indifferent as the winter moon.

Yun Die froze and even her breathing seemed to come to a stop. Her heart seemed to be gripped by an invisible hand as it was ruthlessly tightened.

This is bad…

She tried to step backwards, but in the next moment the world around her suddenly lost all light. Everything darkened and turned gloomy. The only thing left were those silver moon-like eyes. They continuously grew larger until they occupied her entire field of vision.

“Open the cage.”

There was a faint mental fluctuation. It was like an order coming from heaven, carrying with it an undeniable dignity. It constantly rang out in Yun Die’s mind.

“No! No!”

Yun Die violently struggled, but she had already lost control of her body. She could only watch as her body moved forward on its own volition. Gradually, she walked to the side of the cage and then cut off the energy supply to the array formation.

The glowing lines of the array formation started to dim down, before fully extinguishing.

Yun Die fell into despair.

The Wonder beast in the cage obtained freedom. Its appearance was funny and even cute. Beneath its massive head were four thin and small limbs. Each step it took was slow and careful, as if it was afraid it would fall over due to the weight of its head.

But even though it walked slowly, it crossed the several meter long distance in a short period of time. The Wonder beast looked down at Yun Die. It opened its mouth and a bamboo-like object thrust out from between its jaws. It shined with a metallic gleam as it stabbed at her head.

Death was approaching. Yun Die could even smell the rotten scent it emitted. But, she couldn’t move at all. She could only stare on helplessly as it approached.

The bamboo-like object touched her hair and she could sense its icy coldness. In the next moment it would pierce through her skull and suck out her brain.

But the death she expected didn’t arrive. The bamboo-like object shivered a little. Then, Yun Die was pulled away. The two massive silver moons that flooded her line of sight completely vanished.

Her consciousness returned to her body. Yun Die gasped for breath. She found that she couldn’t summon any strength at all. She could only grasp onto the hand that was supporting her.

“Don’t be afraid. You’re alright.”

A calm voice echoed out. Yun Die could see her teacher’s face. He was looking down, and when their eyes met, Yun Die seemed to sense an apologetic look from him.

Before she could discover anything else, Qin Yu helped Yun Die stand on her feet. “I’ll send it back first.” He stepped towards the Wonder beast. Yun Die’s eyes widened; she had already felt how fierce it was just a moment ago.


Before she could finish her sentence, her mouth fell open and her face filled with shock.

This Wonder beast had a big head and a small body. Its eyes were like silver moons and it could control the minds of others. It was a spirit beast overflowing with dangerous traits. But right now, such a beast was lying on the ground and sobbing.

It…it feared teacher!

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