Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 699B – Receiving Attention

Chapter 699B – Receiving Attention

Greedy Moons had gentle and kind dispositions. After evolving into a Wonder beast, the sudden rise in this one’s soul force distorted its mind and personality, turning it into a cruel and bloodthirsty creature. Only by thrusting a spell into its soul could one forcefully control it; it simply didn’t know what fear or dread was.

Moreover, this Wonder beast had suffered a backlash so its natural viciousness had risen several times over…but what did she see now? Facing her teacher, this Wonder beast was so scared that it fell to the ground and sobbed…

In particular, from beginning to end, Yun Die never saw her teacher do anything. He simply walked toward it!

How was this possible?

Qin Yu looked at the Wonder beast lying flat on the ground. With a thought, he sent out a thread of blood energy fluctuations. The beast miserably cried out, as if it were being burnt by flames.

As he thought, it really was because of the Ancient race’s bloodline!

The skylark that had become the fire phoenix was like this, and even this cruel and bloodthirsty Wonder beast was like this. Qin Yu was really curious – just what was going on?

He suppressed these thoughts for now. This wasn’t the time to be contemplating such things. He said, “Go back to where you belong.”

The Wonder beast rolled and crawled back to the center of the array formation. Qin Yu casually activated the array formation, and it lit up once more.

He turned and looked at Yun Die. “Are you alright?”

Yun Die: …

If she didn’t witness this for herself, she would never have believed it. Frightening a bloodthirsty Wonder beast was one thing, but her teacher was even able to order it around!


Yun Die’s head filled with dizziness. Then, like a bolt of lightning tearing through the fog, she recalled something she had inadvertently read before.

“…At the pinnacle of beast trainers, because they have tamed a trillion spirit beasts, they are contaminated with their aura and blend together with them, forming an invisible power of dominance that can deter all spirit beasts in the world. None beneath their gaze dare disobey them…”

Could it be that teacher was an unsurpassed existence who had stepped onto the peak of all beast trainers? Yun Die thought back to Mister Sun Xiangzhang’s actions. Perhaps he knew this, and it was the reason why he was so respectful to teacher.

That’s right. This had to be the reason. With Mister Sun’s status, how else could he put forth his own treatment plan to be reviewed by teacher?

Moreover, this also explained why teacher chose her treatment plan. It was because with his strength, he didn’t need to care about it at all.

There were many other points that she couldn’t figure out. For instance, with teacher’s strength, why would he hide his status and join Sky Declaring Pavilion in such a low profile manner? But, the truth she saw with her own eyes was more effective than any guess she could come up with!

Looking at Yun Die’s shining eyes and her face that was flushed red with excitement, it wasn’t hard for Qin Yu to guess the reason why. But, since he couldn’t even figure things out himself, it was impossible for him to give an explanation for it.

“I have already prepared the medication. Divide each portion into three and feed it three times each day for three days. Do not disturb me in the meantime.” He put down three sealed jars. Then, he turned and walked back through the laboratory doors. The doors slowly closed and the isolating array formation reactivated.

“Yes, teacher!” Yun Die respectfully bowed. She looked at the three jars, her eyes solemn and earnest, as if she were prepared to go on a holy pilgrimage.

With teacher’s strength, if he used four days to mix this medication, then it had to be a top class existence.

Being able to look upon this legendary medication was already a stroke of good fortune for a beast trainer apprentice. Moreover, she could even feed it to the spirit beast herself…perhaps she could obtain a huge harvest from this.

She took a deep breath and stabilized her shivering hands. Then, she carefully picked up a jar and opened the seal.


With a loud shout, her eyes widened. What she saw inside was a thick and strangely-colored sticky mass. No matter how she looked at it, it seemed like gruel that had been roughly crushed together.

But as soon as this thought appeared, she suppressed it. How could she dare have such disrespectful thoughts of teacher?

Perhaps this was a kind of special mixing method she had never come into contact with before.

In the cage, the incomparably frightened and now honest Wonder beast suddenly sniffed with its nose. Then, it rose up on its legs. It stared tightly at Yun Die, its silver eyes full of yearning.

Roar –

The low roar frightened Yun Die so badly she almost dropped the jar. “You…you want this medication…” Looking at the restlessly pacing Wonder beast, Yun Die had a sudden feeling that she might be able to witness a miracle.

Holding the jar in both hands, she started moving towards the cage.

Depending on the difficulty level of the mission that Sky Declaring Pavilion passed out, one would be given either ten days, half a month, or one month to complete it. For newly joined beast trainers, the first mission they received would be generally of the same difficulty and limited to half a month.

Unless one could put forth shocking results that surpassed all expectations, no one would truly drag things out to the last moment. After all, if the standards were the same but one were to complete the mission earlier, this was also a way to show how strong they were.

Joining Sky Declaring Pavilion didn’t mean that one could rest easy. On the contrary, the more splendid one’s display was, the more resources they would obtain and the more chances they would have to attack a higher level.

So five days after the mission was handed out, of the seven newly joined beast trainers, one of them had already smoothly completed their task and had received a mission grading of medium-grade earth-step.

Heaven, earth, mortal – these were the three different steps one could achieve with their results. To obtain a medium-grade earth-step result was a very high appraisal. It meant that not only did they complete the most basic premise of the mission, but their performance was excellent beyond that.

On the sixth day, two people finished, and on the seventh day two more finished. The lowest appraisal result was a high-grade mortal-step. The outstanding strength of these newcomers left the older beast trainers sighing inwardly.

The eighth day began. Only two people had yet to turn in their missions – Ning Qin and Sha Liuhe.

Because of the amazing results of the five beast trainers who had arrived together, there was even more attention placed on the upcoming results of Ning Qin and Sha Liuhe. To be able to complete the mission first was indeed impressive, but everyone knew that if these two were willing to give up the advantage of time, that meant they were confident in their final result.

Not many people paid attention to the relatively unknown Sha Liuhe. Rather, many eyes were focused on Rising Lake and the peaceful testing building…the reason was simple. It wasn’t just the six other newly arrived beast trainers who were dissatisfied with Qin Yu having entered Rising Lake Manor. Everyone else wanted to know just how much ability he had!

Besides the ‘elder senior-apprentice brother’ who had been sent out by teacher to deal with other matters, and Yun Die who had entered the underground level of the testing building, the other secret disciples had gathered together.

After becoming secret disciples, when there were no missions active, they could sift through the foundational classics and also complete some experiments within their scope. The materials used would be reimbursed by the laboratory.

This was why many people were eager to become secret disciples of beast trainers. Otherwise, no matter how many texts one purchased, without a massive amount of experimental experience, it would be impossible to become a true beast trainer.

Right now the second floor of the testing building was silent. The secret disciples were all busy with their own work. Although the atmosphere was tranquil, it was actually flooded with a constrained feeling.

Pa –

A crystal tube crashed to the ground and shattered into pieces. Yao Jiao took a deep breath and looked up, “You don’t think anything will happen to teacher, right?”

As their teacher’s disciples, they could all sense the violent undercurrents flowing beneath the surface.

There were advantages to becoming a secret disciple. Correspondingly, they also had to pay a certain price. They shared both honor and disgrace with their teacher.

If something happened to their teacher, their future road would be equally as rough.

“Yan Jiao, what are you saying?” Li Hao was without expression. “No matter what rumors you hear outside, I have absolute confidence in teacher!”

“That’s right, teacher will definitely complete the treatment!”

“He might not have come out yet, but perhaps that is so he can obtain an even better result.”

“Yes, that must be the reason why.”

Everyone spoke out in unison. But, in contrast to their firm expressions, their hearts were far more complicated and unsure. There was a flaw in Yun Die’s treatment plan – this was an undeniable fact. Could it really be as outsiders said? That teacher was seduced and fooled by her beauty?

Sun Xiangzhang completed an extremely difficult experiment and the results were within his estimated range. His face was covered in exhaustion but he actually felt free and relaxed. He walked out of the laboratory and sat on a sofa, leaning back with his eyes closed. “Tell me what has happened these past days.”

“Yes, teacher.” His disciple was well aware of his habits. Without hesitation, he explained everything that happened recently.

As expected, when the disciple mentioned the missions of the seven newly received beast trainers, his teacher faintly rapped his fingers against the sofa. This was a sign that he was paying attention.

“Liu Yishan, Ye Feihua, and three other beast trainers have smoothly completed their missions. The highest ranking so far among them is a medium-grade earth-step, and the lowest is a high-grade mortal-step. The only ones that have yet to turn in their missions are Ning Qin and Sha Liuhe.”

Shua –

Sun Xiangzhang’s eyes flashed open, his face filling with surprise. “Mister Ning Qin hasn’t finished?” With grandmaster’s strength, while treating the Wonder beast might be a little complicated, he should be able to complete the mission in three days.

He feared the most likely possibility was that a flaw existed in the original treatment plan. If he wanted to achieve the desired result, it might be difficult.

“Yes, teacher.” The disciple wasn’t sure why Sun Xiangzhang would place Ning Qin in such high regards. He said, “Many people are waiting for the final result.”

He was deliberately vague.

But Sun Xiangzhang understood. “They spend all their time plotting and scheming. Rather than wasting their time and energy like that, they might as well experiment more to increase their strength!”

He thought for a moment and said, “Send some people to keep track of this matter. Once Mister Ning Qin hands in his mission, inform me immediately.” With grandmaster’s strength, completing the mission was possible. But since there was a flaw in the treatment plan, the final effect shouldn’t be too good.

At that time, he feared some people would leap out and use this incident to stir up a fuss. Thinking about this, Sun Xiangzhang’s frown deepened.

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