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Chapter 387 Two surprises on the same day (4-Last)

The kiss continued for several minutes.

Both, Xie Feng and Shen Xinya, seemed to have been possessed by the demon of lust as they became wilder and wilder.

It came to a point that even the normally quiet, calm, and demure Shen Xinya seemed to have gone mad. Her hands began to clutch at his shirt with the intention of yanking it open.

Fortunately, although Xie Feng was incredibly excited to feel the softness of the lovely body in his arms, he still had a shred of rationality left. Before things could get out of hand, he quickly stopped her.

“…What? Why!?”

Having suddenly lost the taste of his lips and the warmth of his hands, Shen Xinya felt that something important to her had been taken away. Her expression when she looked at him was filled with reproach, confusion, shyness, and a great deal of anger.

Obviously if he did not give her an explanation that would satisfy her he would have to suffer her wrath.

Seeing her act like this, as if she was a pitiful child who had her toy doll taken away from her and didn’t know how to release her sadness and frustration, Xie Feng couldn’t help but laugh.

Who in their right mind would ever think that superstar Shen Xinya, the most beautiful woman in all of Asia, the daughter of the richest man on the continent, was actually like a tigress in secret? Besides, Xie Feng could not help but anticipate her attitude and behavior on the day they finally had intimate relations; wouldn’t she go crazy in bed?

Seeing him laugh at her shamelessly, Shen Xinya became furious. Like a little female leopard, she leaped at him taking him by surprise, and bit down hard on his shoulder.

She really wasn’t holding back at all; if he were an ordinary man, her bite would have made him really bleed.

Of course, Xie Feng knew she had done it because she knew he was no ordinary man. Although he felt no pain from something so small, he decided to indulge the little beast.

“Ouch! Hey, are you a dog or what!?” Xie Feng feigned a grimace of pain and began to wrestle with her in an attempt to push her away.

“A dog!? I’ll bite you to death!” Even with her white teeth biting down hard on his shoulder, Shen Xinya growled words full of complaints.

She jumped up and wrapped both arms around his neck at the same time wrapping her soft shiny legs around his waist.

As much as Xie Feng tried and tried to push her away, Shen Xinya’s new position had put her at an infallible advantage so his efforts ended up failing miserably.

Their bodies were practically glued to each other so that even through their clothes both of them could feel each other’s warmth. Shen Xinya noticed his manhood completely rock hard, which made her calm down a bit from her anger and embarrassment; since he was in such a condition, it was obvious that he was as turned on as she was, and probably he had his reasons to push her away earlier.

However, she wasn’t about to let him go so easily therefore she clung to him tightly while biting him all over like a small wild dog that had its food taken off it.

Amidst laughter and wrestling, they both wandered all over the living room. Xie Feng’s attempts at wrestling became more and more obviously feigned as from time to time his pig’s feet touched her tempting body inappropriately.


As the two were engaged in a kind of pitched battle, the thud of something falling to the floor took them by surprise.

Like rusty machines that lacked proper maintenance and had been neglected for countless years, Xie Feng and Shen Xinya stopped dead in their tracks and slowly turned their heads in the direction of the sound.

Yin Yue observed the situation before her with a dumbfounded face; her seductive lips had opened slightly and her eyes flashed with a hint of disbelief as she especially looked at the prestigious superstar acting like an unrestrained animal. She was so shocked that the small purse she was holding had fallen straight to the floor.

In all her years of caring for her and throughout their friendship, Yin Yue had seen countless facets of Shen Xinya so she knew perfectly well that even the most beautiful woman on much of the globe had attitudes that society considered to be flawed. However, even in her moments of anger, Shen Xinya never completely lost her otherworldly demeanor and aura that made her seem like a fairy.

But now, right before her eyes, the aura that so characterized Shen Xinya was nowhere to be found and, as a consequence of her embarrassing posture, she only looked like a normal woman; if it were not for her extremely beautiful face and perfect body, Yin Yue would have even doubted whether the person in front of her was the same Shen Xinya she knew.

Seeing Yin Yue standing there, looking at them like a person would act if they saw the sun suddenly turn blue, Xie Feng and Shen Xinya had different reactions.

She turned red with shame and felt the urge to want to dig a deep hole to bury herself in. Her current behavior was no different from that of a teenager who was discovered by her parents reading about sexual matters.

Xie Feng, on the other hand, was calmer. The reason he had not noticed Yin Yue’s arrival was because she had no evil intentions, so he did not even bother with her.

With slow but skillful movements, he helped the woman who was still clinging to his body to gently lower out of his body. Then, he channeled a small gust of wind around his body and floated up to the second floor as he said, “Nice to see you again, Yin Yue. For now let Xinya show you around the house, I’ll go take a shower.”

Shen Xinya and Yin Yue watched Xie Feng disappear at lightning speed dumbfounded.

“Bastard!” Shen Xinya couldn’t help but swear at him when she realized that he fled the scene, leaving her to deal with the embarrassing aspect of the current situation.

Yin Yue coughed softly and slowly explained, “Actually, I knocked on the door several times but no one answered. Since you and I had talked just a few minutes ago, and you told me that you were waiting for me, I just walked in thinking that maybe you were in the kitchen… But I didn’t expect that actually-“

Before she could continue her monologue, Shen Xinya jumped forward and covered her mouth with both hands as she said, “Big Sister Yin Yue, what did you just see?”

Intangible sounds came out of Yin Yue’s mouth, unsuccessfully trying to speak.

Shen Xinya narrowed her eyes and asked again, “Big Sister Yin Yue, what did you just see?

In the end, she could only act as if she had seen nothing. Yin Yue shook her head and made a confused look as if she didn’t know what Shen Xinya was talking about.

* * *

About twenty or thirty minutes later, Xie Feng carefully went back downstairs and saw that Shen Xinya and Yin Yue were chatting as if nothing had happened before.

He let out an imperceptible sigh of relief and walked toward them while looking at the arrogant little tigress secretly.

Shen Xinya looked at him as if she wanted to eat him alive but said nothing. She acted as if everything was fine and the embarrassing moment earlier had never happened.

“So, did you choose your room?” Xie Feng asked. His hair was currently a bit wet because he had just taken a shower not too long ago.

Sitting on the sofa in front of him and while elegantly holding a cup of tea, Yin Yue smiled slightly and nodded, “I’ll stay in the room next to Xinya’s room. Really thank you for allowing me to stay here.”

“Don’t worry. Feel free to move around freely. From today onwards this will also be your home after all and it would be a bit awkward for everyone if you restrict yourself too much.” Xie Feng replied with a gentle smile.

Because of Yin Yue’s job, she had no choice but to be together with Shen Xinya as much of the time as possible. Even now was no exception.

As Xie Feng, Shen Xinya, and Yin Yue chatted with each other, he could not help but look at the mature beauty with different eyes after his earlier conversation with Shen Xinya.

It was impossible for Xie Feng to look at Yin Yue in the same way knowing that one of his lovers had actually asked him to think about making her his woman as well. Fortunately, he didn’t do anything strange and except for one or two extra glances, there was nothing strange in his attitude towards her so Yin Yue didn’t know anything about it.

Yin Yue also felt very comfortable talking to Xie Feng. He was not just kind, his magnetic voice had the strange effect of calming people’s hearts.

The three of them chatted for more than two hours until it was past eight o’clock at night. Usually, at this time the girls would leave the game to start preparing dinner.

“AH! What is this!?”

Suddenly there was a loud yell coming from the second floor.

Today, Xie Feng would not only receive the surprise of a possible new woman in his life, but he would also receive yet another surprise. Only this surprise was completely different and of much greater importance to him at that moment.

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