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Chapter 2215

Chapter 2215: Chapter 2018


“I’m not full yet. Let’s have another meal. “

Xu Youyou looked at Xu CI in disbelief. She smiled and asked, “you burped just now. “

“maybe my stomach has never been stimulated like this before. I burped a few times in protest. “

Xu Youyou was not angry. She just smiled and followed Xu ci out of the elevator. They stopped at the door of 1803 and opened the door.

The feeling when they walked into the house was cold and quiet.

There were not many things in the house. They were all furniture that should have been there. The furniture was very new, but it was very empty.

There weren’t even curtains in the living room. There wasn’t a single thing in the house. There were snack bags on the coffee table, and there was also the remote control. It was gone.

Xu Ci opened the shoe cabinet and pointed at a pair of black slippers. “wear that pair. Don’t wear the blue ones. Shen Qing has worn them before. “

She changed into the slippers as well.

“Are you the only one living here? ” Xu Youyou realized that there were no other people’s shoes in the shoe rack. Most of them were sports shoes that looked like Xu CI’s boat.

“Yes, ” Xu CI replied before entering the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator, took out the things from inside, and placed them on the counter one by one.

After waiting for a while, Xu Youyou didn’t say anything else. Xu Ci turned around to look at her. When she saw her serious expression, she couldn’t help but laugh. “Did you come up with a story about my parents getting divorced, no one caring about me, and being persecuted by my cruel brother? “

Xu Youyou saw that Xu ci didn’t care so much, so she knew that there wasn’t any melodrama, so she asked, “why do you live alone? “

“This house was a gift for my 16th birthday. My Dad said that I have an identity card and that I’m a man. I should have a house by now, so he bought it for me. “In the end, he chose a second-hand house on the 18th floor. I don’t know what he was thinking. Logically speaking, aren’t people in business superstitious? “

“It’s not bad to have your own house. Why do you sound so unhappy? “

“Well, because I want a Ferrari. My Dad won’t buy it for me. “

Xu Ci stretched her shoulders and started to wash the pot, preparing to cook.

“I moved in the day before I met you. The day before, Shen Qing and the others came to help me move in. They stayed at my place, so the three of US stayed together that day, ” Xu ci continued to explain.

“Oh, you were injured and no one came to take care of you? “

“FORGET IT! They sent my brother over. I wish I could just stay here and fend for myself. “

“You know how to cook? “

“Your only daughter? “

Xu youyou nodded.

“That’s why you can’t experience the feeling of having an older brother or sister. My brother bullied me since I was young. My parents were busy at home. When I first arrived at the counter, I had to cook for him every day. If the food wasn’t good, he would beat me up. At that time, I was almost beaten silly. I cried and cooked for him, and then I practiced.”

“Why didn’t you hire a nanny at home? ” According to Xu Ci’s description, this family should be very well-off. Wouldn’t it be enough to hire a live-in nanny?

“because my brother fell in love with the nanny’s daughter, our family never hired a nanny again. Then, my brother bullied me. “

It seemed to be a sad love story.

Xu Ci’s cooking was very simple. She bought a steak and fried it with a pan. The sauce was brought with her.

Then, she took out some vegetables and made a vegetable salad. After mixing it, it was ready.

However, when Xu CI was making Pasta, she still showed off her cooking skills. Xu Youyou subconsciously swallowed her saliva when she smelled it.

“You and your brother often fight? ” Xu Youyou stood beside Xu Ci and asked as she watched his clean and neat movements.

“No, not long after I entered the sports school, he stopped provoking me because he knew that he might not be able to beat me. The last time we fought, he was dumped by his girlfriend. I said that he deserved it. “

“You’re asking for a beating. “

“He deserved it! You can’t tell others about your family’s dirty laundry. I can’t say too much, but what my brother did was really not human. He was just a scumbag. I was deliberately looking for trouble. I just wanted to beat him up, ” Xu Ci said now She was still a little angry.

“You won? “

“I thought the beating was pretty good, but in the end, we both went to the hospital and stayed in the same ward side by side. My brother’s ex-girlfriend came to see me every few days and peeled apples for me. My brother was so angry that his nose was crooked, ” Xu Ci said “hehe. ” He laughed a few times and continued to make pasta.

“This ex-girlfriend is the nanny’s daughter? “

“Uh… Our old Yang family’s old men only have one characteristic, they are monogamous! My brother is stubborn, and even now, he still asks his ex-girlfriend to get back together, but she doesn’t even pay attention to my brother. “

“Didn’t you almost fall in love in the past, but later, because of the problem of impotence, it didn’t work out? ” Xu Youyou crossed her arms in front of her chest and asked with a smile.

Xu Ci instantly fell silent. His hands continued to be busy, but he couldn’t say a word.

He wanted to slap himself a few times for what he had said a while ago.

He was most afraid of the sudden silence in the air.

He was most afraid of his friends suddenly showing concern.

“Sports School is different from you guys. We are equivalent to those who went from junior high to senior high, so I have stayed in this school for a few years. “I was with that girl a long time ago. At that time, everyone around me was dating. I also wanted to try, but in the end, I don’t know who started to call me impotent. After that, I even annoyed all the girls in the school, ” Xu Ci explained.

“Oh, actually, I was just casually asking. ” Xu youyou actually didn’t care. She just wanted to mock Xu CI.

“Ask, you have to ask. The more you ask, the better. This proves that you care about me. “

Xu Ci’s Pasta was almost done, so she directly divided it into two portions and put them on a plate.

There were no knives and forks at home. The two of them ate the steak completely on their own with chopsticks. As Xu Ci ate, she looked up at Xu Youyou and asked, “how many pieces should I cut for you with a kitchen knife? “

“No need, it’s not that delicate. “

“drink some water and soak it in Goji Berries. I thought you were an exquisite girl. “

Unexpectedly, Xu Youyou shifted her body and took off her slippers for Xu Ci to see. “Two socks mixed together. “

Xu Ci glanced at Xu Youyou’s socks. One had a blue head and the other had a pink head. She couldn’t help but laugh. “I thought that was how it was. “

“No, the other one had a hole. I put them together and wore them together. ” After saying that, she continued eating.

“Come to my house to freeload in the future. Otherwise, I’ll feel sorry for you when I see how skinny you are. “

“No need, I’m used to it. Besides, if I don’t eat, my mother will be disappointed. My father says that my mother’s culinary skills have improved. “

Xu Ci suddenly felt especially sorry for Xu Mei’s father. How terrible was the taste of Xu Mei’s dishes in the past?

Gu Ruo never thought that she would run into Xie Hui while shopping.

Xie Hui was her ex-boyfriend. They broke up in junior high. Later on, Xie Hui had a girlfriend and they became strangers.

She thought that they would never see each other again.

In the end, when Xie Hui saw her, he pestered her and refused to give up.

“I. . . I don’t want to contact you anymore. ” Gu Ruo said these heartless words. She also had to consider if she would hurt the other party …

“I know I’m wrong. I’ve been dreaming about you recently and realized that I still like you the most. Can I pursue you again? ” Xie Hui said affectionately.

“Don’t… don’t, I don’t want to anymore. “

“Don’t be like this. Didn’t you used to like me very much? It’s fine for us to be together. It’s just that we’re in different schools. We can contact each other by phone. “

Gu Ruo wanted to run away, she did not want to reconcile at all.

She and Xie Hui did not manage to get into a high school. Xie Hui went to a boarding high school and would only come back on weekends.

The two did not have any means of contact. If they had not met at the mall, they probably would not have had much interaction.

“Have you eaten? It’s on me, ” Xie Hui asked.

“Forget it, I still have to go back and do my homework. “

“Is there a need to be so heartless? ” Xie Hui’s tone was not very friendly.

Gu Ruo could not understand. Xie Hui was the one who broke up with Gu Ruo. After the break up, Xie Hui had a girlfriend again. Now, she did not want to have anything to do with Xie Hui. Was She also heartless?

Back then, Gu Ruo did not know what crackling legs meant. Later, someone told her that Xie Hui had actually crackled legs. However, she still felt that it did not count. At the very least, Xie Hui had broken up with her and ended up with someone else.

When they had broken up, she had indeed been quite heartbroken. However, it would not take long for her to recover.

“I’m going back first. ” Gu ruo turned around and wanted to leave immediately. However, Xie Hui grabbed her wrist.

“Actually, I just felt that it was a bit of a pity that we broke up before we even slept together. ” Xie Hui suddenly said.

Gu Ruo’s eyes immediately widened in disgust. She wanted to shake Xie Hui off, but Xie Hui refused to let go.

“Let go of me. “

“What are you pretending for? Weren’t you quite wild when you were with me? “

“You… you’ve gone too far! “

Gu Ruo was about to curse when she saw a tall man walk up to them.

She looked at the man and saw that Shen Qing’s coat was leaning back, revealing his shoulders. He was dressed loosely. He was holding a cup of orange juice in his hand and was sucking it through a straw. He stared at them curiously.

Shen Qing did not look like a good person. Xie Hui subconsciously let go of Gu Ruo.

“Did he bully you? ” Shen Qing pointed at Xie Hui and asked.

Actually, Shen Qing had heard some of the conversation just now and had only asked on purpose.

Gu Ruo felt extremely wronged and immediately nodded.

Shen Qing passed the orange juice to Gu Ruo. He then put his arm around Xie Hui’s shoulder and led him towards the fountain.

Xie Hui instinctively struggled but was forcefully held down by Shen Qing. He was able to do it with one hand and then directly pushed Xie Hui’s head into the fountain. “You’re F * CKING disgusting. Girls are all little fairies, you know? Little! FAIRIES! FAIRIES! Do you understand? “

Xie Hui struggled as he was pressed into the water, causing a large splash.

A security guard quickly rushed over.

Shen Qing released Xie Hui when he saw the security guard. He then kicked Xie Hui’s butt and kicked him into the fountain before quickly running away.

He had originally wanted to run away and hide his achievements and fame. However, after running for a while, he realized that Gu Ruo was chasing after him. He subconsciously stopped and saw Gu ruo running until she was out of breath. She then handed him the orange juice.

She was running in a sorry state, but she did not spill the orange juice.

Shen Qing reached out to take it and said, “it’s alright, ignore that idiot. “

He was about to leave when he realized that something was wrong. He took a closer look and saw that Gu Ruo had started to cry. She was still bawling loudly, attracting the attention of the passersby around her.

Shen Qing looked like a typical delinquent. At the sight of this scene, it was as if he had bullied Gu Ruo. He quickly retreated.

He was a person who wanted to strike up a conversation with pretty girls whenever he saw them. When he saw a girl crying in front of him, he would also be at a loss.

He raised his hand and scratched his head. After a long time, he finally said, “Don’t cry outside. Your tears will freeze easily. “

Gu Ruo was in a sorry state from crying. She explained intermittently, “i… I’m sorry. I. . . I don’t want to cry either… but… but I can’t help it. How could he say something… so overboard? “

Shen Qing felt extremely helpless. He took out his phone and recorded a small video for Gu Ruoyun and sent it to Xu CI. He then sent a voice message, “father, we met on the way here. What do you think I should do? “

After waiting for a while, Xu Ci did not reply.

Xu Ci had sent a photo of Xu Youyou on his moments page today. In their sports school, it was as sensational as a celebrity announcing their relationship. After being bombarded with messages, Xu Ci turned on the silent mode and could not see any messages for a while.

He felt extremely helpless and reached out to grab Gu Ruo by the collar.

Gu ruo cried as she was carried away by Shen Qing. Her hands were still frantically wiping her tears.

Shen Qing brought her to the cold beverage shop and stood by the counter for a while. He looked at Gu Ruo who had basically lost her ability to speak and sighed. Finally, he bought a matcha flavor.

“I usually buy this to appease my father. You should try this flavor too. ” Shen Qing passed the ice cream to Gu Ruo and added, “Father Means Xu CI. “

Gu Ruo took the ice cream and began to eat with a SOB. She looked quite obedient.

After eating for a while, Gu Ruo was indeed much better. Shen Qing took the orange juice and prepared to leave.

“WAIT! ” Gu ruo called out to Shen Qing again.

Shen Qing turned to look at Gu Ruo. He saw that Gu Ruo was rummaging through his bag. He took out two baby warmers and handed a small baby warmers to Shen Qing. “thank you. “

“I don’t need these. ” Shen Qing immediately refused.

“I see that your ankles are blue from the cold. “

Shen Qing was smug. Not only did she not wear long Johns, but she also wore ankle-length pants and heels. It was indeed freezing cold. After some thought, she accepted the pink piglet’s baby warmers and baby warmers.

“Alright, thanks. I’m leaving. ” Shen Qing walked out of the door after she finished speaking. She was still sending messages to her friends. “I’ll be there soon. Wait a moment. “

After the tutorial ended, many of the students did not leave. They stayed at teacher Meng’s house to do their homework. If they encountered any questions that they did not know, they could ask directly. It was very convenient.

Xu Youyou stayed at teacher Meng’s house and continued to do her homework.

Xu Ci was bored from waiting. She took out her phone to look at the unread messages. She casually replied to a few people and saw a message from Shen Qing.

Shen Qing was like a lunatic. After being provoked by Xu Youyou, he changed his profile picture to “green to the point of opening the screen” . Every time he saw him, he wanted to beat Shen Qing Up.

He opened the message. The first thing he saw was a small video. When he saw Gu Ruo in it, he could not help but be stunned. Then, he opened the voice message to listen.

After Shen Qing and Gu Ruo had parted ways, Shen Qing sent another message, “alright, I’ve coaxed them. Now, I’m going to find Yiran and the others. “

Xu Ci nudged Xu Youyou with her elbow and showed the video to Xu Youyou, “do you want to greet your good friend? “

Xu Youyou was stunned when she saw the video. She quickly took out her phone and called Gu Ruo. At the same time, she stood up and went to the balcony, afraid that she would disturb the others.

Gu ruo first told her what had happened and then began to cry.

Gu Ruo was a very kind child and did not want to think badly of others. However, Xie Hui’s evilness was beyond her imagination. She had initially thought that Xie Hui was disgusting. Even when she had dated Xie Hui before, she had felt especially disgusted. Now, just thinking about it made her heart ache.

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