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Chapter 2216

Chapter 2216: Chapter 2019


Xu Youyou had never been in a relationship before, so she could only try her best to comfort Gu Ruo as she stared out of the window.

It was early in the winter and the street lamps had not been turned on yet. The outside was quickly darkening like a stage at the end of the curtain. It was so lonely that one could not find any traces of the hustle and bustle of the day.

There was no geothermal heat on the balcony. Her casual breathing could cause a layer of mist to fall from the window.

Gu Ruo said, “Youyou, you must see clearly whether a person is good or bad before you fall in love. Otherwise, if you’ve ever dated a SCUMBAG, it would be so disgusting that you would even despise yourself. “

“MM. ” She immediately agreed.

Xu Ci took Xu Youyou’s coat and walked to the balcony to throw it over her body. She then went to the water dispenser to fetch some water.

She tugged at her coat and turned to look at Xu Ci before continuing to chat with Gu Ruo.

“We’re all like this at our age. We yearn for love but we don’t know much. We don’t have a good eye and would like to try it out whenever we see a suitable one. SCUMBAGS ARE THE EASIEST TO MEET! How hateful! I’m so angry! ” Gu Ruo continued to cry as she spoke.

The call lasted for seven to eight minutes before she hung up. She returned to her seat and picked up her pen to continue writing.

Xu Ci was still chatting with Shen Qing. When Xu CI typed, she would deliberately lower her voice when she played Shen Qing’s voice message.

“Oh, by the way, thank Shen Qing on my behalf, ” Xu Youyou suddenly said to Xu CI.

Xu Ci nodded and typed to Shen Qing, “Mommy says thank you. “.

Shen Qing sent another voice message, “helping a little fairy is something we old men should do. What’s there to thank? “

After listening to it, Xu Ci played it again for Xu Youyou.

After listening to it, Xu Youyou reached out her hand and pressed the play button again. After listening to it again, she sighed. “Shen Qing’s voice is really quite nice. “

Xu Ci immediately pursed her lips. She almost pursed her lips to the other side of the world. She immediately took back her phone and muttered softly, “Nice Voice? It’s so loud. “

After muttering to herself, she started to pack her things. “I’m going to leave first. I’m going to have dinner with my brothers. Are you coming? “

“I’ll write a little more. I’ll send a message to my dad in a while. “

Xu Ci thought for a moment and sat down again. “I’ll wait for you for a while. I don’t want to freeload at your house just now, so I won’t send you off tonight. I’ll let your family misunderstand my opinion. “

“actually, it’s understandable if you have an opinion. “

“Forget it. You can continue writing your own. “

Xu Youyou was embarrassed to let Xu ci wait. She also packed her things and put on her coat. Just as she was about to pack her bag, it was taken away by Xu Ci. Then, the two of them left the cram school together.

The other students who stayed in the remedial class looked at each other. There was a knowing look in their eyes, and they had a tacit understanding.

However, they didn’t say anything. They were just classmates in the remedial class. They were not from the same school, so they rarely talked to each other.

In the elevator, Xu Ci stood behind Xu Youyou, holding her hair and studying how to tie her bun.

“Don’t move. ” Xu Youyou immediately dodged. Then, static electricity started to rise from her hair, causing Xu Ci to laugh shamelessly for a long time.

Xu Youyou was very unhappy. She gave Xu Ci a punch, but Xu ci did not care. He moved to a different position and said, “be more symmetrical. Give me a punch over here too. Otherwise, it’s easy to get big and small breasts. “

“according to the habits of the left and right hands, the left and right chest muscles are generally not symmetrical. The size of the chest is very normal. “

Xu Ci suddenly stopped talking and walked out of the elevator.

Xu Youyou did not care and just continued walking.

After sending Xu Youyou back to the door of the unit, Xu Ci walked out. After taking a few steps, he suddenly patted his head and said, “F * Ck, even talking about chest muscles can make you think otherwise. Are you suffocating? “

When Xu Ci arrived at the party hall, he heard Shen Qing’s smug voice.

He could not help but curse in his heart. What was so good about this broken Gong Voice?

When he walked in, he saw that there were more than ten people gathered in the party hall. They were all people who were very familiar with them.

Lu Xuehan and Deng Yiran were playing billiards while Shen Qing and the others were playing poker. The table was filled with wine bottles and ashtrays. There were also a few girls sitting at the bar counter chatting. In front of them were nail Polish, which they were applying to each other.

The smell of nail Polish mixed with the smell of cigarettes and alcohol. It was simply disgusting.

As soon as Xu CI entered, this group of people exploded.

“Yo! ” The group of people shouted with a long voice. Xu Ci also knew what was going on, so she didn’t care. She walked to Shen Qing’s side with a slight limp. A girl next to Shen Qing consciously made way for her. She had the demeanor of a lady of the palace.

As soon as Xu ci sat down, someone gathered over and asked, “Xu Ci, what’s going on in Wechat moments? “

The curious girl came over with her nail Polish.

It wasn’t a matter of just one word, so Xu CI couldn’t simply stamp it. Otherwise, this group of people would really run to Xu Youyou’s side and call her sister-in-law.

“classmate. ” When Xu CI answered, she couldn’t help but laugh. Her smile was so sweet that it was against the rules. It made Shen Qing cough.

“Yes, yes, yes. Classmate, don’t ask anymore. Otherwise, this innocent little boy will be shy. ” Shen Qing immediately said. Then, he threw the cards in his hand. “Three TWOS, clean your hands! “

“F * CK! ” No one could care less anymore.

He successfully diverted everyone’s attention.

Shen Qing was especially happy. He threw the other cards, and at the same time, he threw a warm baby out of his sleeve.

The scene fell silent, and then everyone burst into laughter.

“Shen Qing, what’s the situation? Are you starting to take care of your health? ” Someone asked Shen Qing.

Shen Qing was originally sticking it in his sleeve, but he forgot about it. He unconsciously threw it out, but he didn’t care. “My dad is wearing a face mask and jumping around. What’s wrong with me sticking a warm baby on it? “

As he said this, he took out a pink little pig’s warm baby from beside him and showed it to Xu CI. “Dad, do you think this can be charged by a data cable? “

“It should be. ” Xu Ci looked at it carefully and replied.

Shen Qing immediately went to charge it, and Xu ci followed him to Shen Qing’s side. “Don’t do anything to Xu Youyou’s friend, or you’ll easily ruin her impression of me. “

Shen Qing squatted in front of the row and studied it He casually replied, “Don’t you know me “I like Internet celebrities, or slap faces like my mother’s. It’s as solid as metal and has a round face. It even has bangs, making it look even shorter. “Besides, she cries a lot. When women cry, I soften up, so don’t worry. “

On Monday, when Xu Youyou was eating Xiaolongbao at the steamed bun shop, she received a message from Xu Ci: “where? “?

Xu youyou quickly typed: “At school. “.

Xu Ci: “Oh, then I’ll go eat something. “.

Not long after, the two of them met in the steamed bun shop.

When Xu CI saw Xu Youyou, she began to laugh. Her smile was especially sly. She did not say anything and ordered her own food. She sat opposite Xu Youyou and began to eat quietly.

Xu Youyou also continued to eat the steamed Bun. When she was about to get up after eating, Xu Ci immediately knocked on the table with her hand. “Can you do it? Can you just wait for three minutes? “

“Why wait? “

Xu Ci did not answer. Instead, she snatched Xu Youyou’s schoolbag and continued to eat it in her arms.

How shameless.

She was especially childish, just like a primary school student bullying a female classmate she liked.

Xu Youyou waited for Xu Ci for a while more. The two of them walked towards the station together. As soon as they reached the station, a car drove past. Because Xu CI could not run, the two of them could not catch up at all.

What about his ability to ride a bike?

Xu youyou rolled her eyes at Xu Ci in annoyance.

Xu Ci cleared his throat and fished out two one-yuan coins from his pocket. He gave them to Xu Youyou. “It’s my treat today. “

“thank you. ” In fact, she had a student’s monthly pass card.

It was unusually cold in the morning, and it was windy today. Xu Ci did not wear much and asked while shivering, “is it the end of the semester? “

“Yes, do you want to challenge the lowest score in the history of No. 1 Middle School? ”

“Don’t I know how to copy? This time, I’m very confident that anyone around me will get a better score than me. Just copy. “

“then you can do it. “

After waiting for a while, Xu Ci moved a few steps sideways and stood beside Xu Youyou. She leaned slightly on her body and whispered, “it’s cold. “

Xu Youyou moved away mercilessly and continued to wait on the side.

Xu Ci took out her phone from her pocket and took a photo of herself. Then, she sent it to her wechat friend circle, “the wind is blowing and the water is cold. A bus will be waiting for a year. “.

The photo was of his face that was red from the cold. Xu Youyou’s figure was also in the background. It was just a side profile. If one did not look closely, one would only think that it was a passerby.

After getting into the car, Xu Ci kept holding Xu Youyou’s shoulder, letting Xu youyou wander around in the car.

She was a little confused. Shouldn’t it be a boy holding the railing while she held him?

Why were they doing the opposite?

“Don’t you know how to hold onto yourself? ” Xu youyou turned around to look at Xu Ci.

Xu Ci said in a wronged tone, “cold hands. “

As she said this, she even raised her hand to show Xu Youyou. Afraid that she wouldn’t understand her coldness, she even placed the back of her hand on Xu Youyou’s cheek.

Xu Ci’s hand was indeed very cold. It was so cold that it was almost wooden. Xu Youyou couldn’t bear it, so she took off a glove and gave it to Xu Ci.

He immediately put it on and could only clench his fist. However, this was enough. It was as if he was resurrected on the spot as he held onto the railing on the car.

“This hand is still cold, ” Xu Ci said as she used the back of her hand to touch the back of Xu Youyou’s hand. Then, she simply grabbed it.

She wanted to pull her hand out, but Xu CI would not let go no matter what.

The car was very crowded. Not many people noticed that they were holding hands.

However, in the crowded crowd, Xu Ci’s height and heels were eye-catching, so when he could not help but laugh, he was still surprisingly eye-catching.

Xu Ci could actually be considered to have an exquisite baby face. If Shen Qing was the type who looked very difficult to get along with, then Xu ci was the kind of person who looked friendly and easily attracted people’s affection.

When such gentle facial features revealed a sweet smile, it was so dazzling that it was against the rules.

Xu Ci felt that the small hand in his palm was a little hot, bringing with it a warm current. From his hand to his internal organs, his entire chest was rippling with a disgusting sweet taste, which made him unexpectedly satisfied.

This feeling was like he had eaten a lot of food that he liked, or his father had bought him a Ferrari, or he had accidentally saved the world.

The car stopped again. Xu youyou moved to a place where there were no seats and stood in a corner.

Xu Ci stood beside her, holding her hand and leaning against the car window with the other hand.

She was sealed between Xu CI’s arms. She raised her head and glared at Xu Ci. When she saw Xu Ci’s beautiful smile, her face instantly turned red, and she quickly lowered her head.

Fortunately, she usually blushed easily, so Xu ci did not notice anything unusual.

Xu Ci suddenly bent down and whispered into Xu Youyou’s ear, “you’re really small. “

Xu Youyou did not answer, but she was obviously unhappy.

“But you’re so cute. ” He continued to smile.

“I’m getting out of the car. Move aside. “

“It’s okay, I’m getting out too. “

In order to take care of Gu Ruo, Xu Youyou had come to check on the sharing area by herself today. As soon as she walked out of class, she was followed by a follower who followed her to the sharing area. At the same time, she asked, “do you have to check every day? “

“Yes, ” she replied casually.

Xu Ci returned the gloves to Xu Youyou, put her hand into the pocket of her down jacket, and yawned as she followed her out of the school building.

Standing in the sharing area, Xu Youyou was taking notes when a group of people suddenly came from the sports school next door. They stood by the fence and looked at them. After confirming that it was really Xu CI, they exploded.

Then, someone started shouting, “OPPA! “

Soon, it was a group of people, “OPPA, SMECTA! Very, very smecta! “

“OPPA, don’t go. “

“OPPA, we miss you. “

Xu Ci looked at the group of lunatics opposite her. Each of them stretched out their arms by the fence, as if a Zombie tide was coming. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at them in disgust.

Some of these people had just met at the party hall two days ago, but now they were still possessed by the actors. They were so engrossed in their acting that they were exaggerating.

While Xu Youyou was recording, she glanced at the sports school and was amused by these people. She laughed as she walked to the next class.

Xu Ci followed behind Xu Youyou like a small tail. She made a “shh” gesture to the actors in the sports school, and the other side immediately started to jeer.

Previously, they were the only students in the class who had seen Xu Youyou from afar. Now, many students who were doing morning exercises had seen her.

First, it was Xu CI’s circle of friends, and now, Xu Ci appeared alone with Xu Youyou. It was as if they had completely declared their relationship, attracting many students from the sports school to come and watch.

Xu Ci had stayed in the Sports School for a few years. She was popular and popular, and she was the school’s most popular girl. It was natural for her to be in a relationship.

Xu Youyou had never seen such a scene. After checking the hygiene, she walked back. The students of the sports school who were doing morning exercises sang the same song together. It was the same song, “because of love. “.

There were hundreds of people singing. The “Zombie Group” had already dispersed, and they were doing morning exercises according to schedule, but they were singing together. Their voices were uniform and loud, just like the hundreds of people shouting slogans during military training.

Seeing that Xu Youyou was looking at them, they became more excited, waving their hands and singing even more happily. The tender songs were Sung passionately.

Xu Youyou couldn’t help but ask Xu CI, “why are they so excited? “

“The most popular boy in the sports school is finally going to dock. From now on, it will be their world. “

“there seem to be girls singing. “

“I think we are a good match. ” After saying that, Xu Ci smiled, her eyes full of joy.

Xu Ci’s eye drops must have been melted sugar. Otherwise, why would her smile be so sweet?

Xu Youyou and Gu Ruo sat in the dining hall in the afternoon and watched Xu ci eat opposite them with a wooden expression.

Xu Ci’s appetite seemed to be even better in the afternoon. He ate more than he did in the morning.

If he had been in the sports school in the past and exercised a lot, she could understand. However, in No. 1 High School, Physical Education classes were often snatched away by other teachers. Wouldn’t it be easy to overeat if he ate like this?

“Are you sure you’re okay with eating so much? ” Xu Youyou asked.

“I’m fine. I also poop a lot, ” Xu CI answered calmly.

“…”she shouldn’t have said anything.

Xu Ci had just arrived at No. 1 High School, and within two days, she was picked on by Shen Qing. It was like a fight between delinquents. It was very social, so many students didn’t dare to get in touch with Xu CI. Until now, Xu Ci didn’t have many friends.

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